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Elite Concierge Nursing Services of Naples

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Dec 15, 2022


Florida - Southwest

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At Elite Concierge Nursing Services of Naples LLC, they provide private nursing care to Collier County, and the surrounding areas. Understanding that your surgery is an important life investment, they aim to protect your investment by promoting healing outcomes that enhance your holistic wellness. Call Linda for more information at 401-834-1146! https://elitenursingofnaples.com/

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Elite Concierge Nursing Services of Naples

Nursing Services/Care 12632 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, Florida, 34113

At Elite Concierge Nursing Services of Naples, LLC, we provide private elder care nursing services after surgery (cosmetic, orthopedic, cardiac, or general surgery) wound and drain care, as well as coordination of care/case management in the form of weekly wellness checks with the goal of keeping clients out of the hospital long term. We also offer Transportation and Monitoring after certain outpatient procedures. At Elite we believe quality care and proper education are key components of healing that have a positive impact on overall wellness.  We empower and support you along your personal healing journey through quality care, holistic wellness coaching, education, and recovery care services.