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Aug 10, 2021


Colorado - Denver Metro

When people move to Wind Crest, a continuing care retirement community developed and managed by Erickson Senior Living, they often say the same thing.

They talk about how this is such a great place to live, says Beth Brandenburg, a personal moving consultant at Wind Crest.
Current residents are often telling their friends, their former neighbors, people who go to their church, anyone in their community, says sales counselor Tony Stephenson. They tell them they should come to Wind Crest and check it out for themselves.

The Denver Real Estate Market is Hot, Hot, Hot!
One reason many are making the move to Wind Crest now is that the housing market in the Denver metro area is so strong. With low inventory and low interest rates, it's a sellers' market, says Stephenson.
More people are moving into the Denver area, and it's a lucrative market for people who want to sell their houses in a no-hassle way. People have been waiving inspections. They're giving large cash offers above the asking price, he says.
There's another important reason to move to Wind Crest now.
We have availability at Wind Crest right now that we don't normally have, says Stephenson. Historically, were at 99 percent occupancy. But for the first time ever, we've opened up four brand-new buildings all within 10 months of each other, offering unprecedented availability in terms of options whether it's one bedroom, two bedrooms, two bedrooms with a den, ground floor with a walkout patio, upper floor mountain views, and much more.
Stephenson adds, Right now is a fantastic time to be looking at Wind Crest although I don't think it's going to last another year as we fill up these apartment homes.

Need Help Moving?
When people need help moving, Brandenburg and other staff are here to help. When I visit prospective residents, I take a tour of their houses and do a furniture plan with them, which helps navigate the rest of their move, she says. Seeing the floor plan helps them to decide what items they'll bring to their new apartment home at Wind Crest. It helps make some of those broader decisions and simplifies the whole process.
Brandenburg adds that Wind Crest is currently offering $3,000 to help new residents cover the costs of moving. That takes care of most of the packing and unpacking that would happen, she says. We also have a company-wide Move on Us program with preferred Realtors. If they use a preferred Realtor to sell their home, prospective residents may receive an additional $2,000 to use toward moving expenses!
Wind Crests professional moving consultants can also help residents moving in with determining what to donate, auction, or consign and connect them with estate liquidators if needed.

New Amenities
In addition to all of Wind Crests great restaurants, fun clubs, and outdoor activities, the community continues to enhance the on-site amenities. Stephenson says that they're opening up their second all-season swimming pool, which is a full-length lap swim pool featuring an enlarged wading area for a lot of their aqua classes. It's also a nice feature for the grandkids, so when they come over, they have places to swim, he says.
Wind Crest also has a brand-new courtyard with a resort-style feel, featuring an outdoor amphitheater, a brand-new salon and spa (making it the third in the community), and its first barbershop. In addition, Wind Crest has added another fitness center with modern equipment as well as under-building parking.
The time to move, says Stephenson, is now!
Don't miss this unique opportunity to make the most of the investment in your home and start living the retirement you deserve at Wind Crest! Their experts are standing by to help with every step of the moving process. Request more information today.

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A pet friendly senior living community provides many opportunities to interact with animals, whether individual pets or therapy animals.Stress reductionInteracting with pets has been shown to lower stress levels and promote relaxation, which can be especially valuable for seniors dealing with the challenges of aging. Staff at a pet friendly senior living community can help older adults provide care for beloved furry friends when needed.Physical activityHaving a pet encourages regular physical activity, such as walking dogs or playing with cats, which can help seniors stay active and maintain a healthier lifestyle.Social interactionPets can serve as conversation starters, fostering connections between residents and encouraging social interactions within the community. 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At Country Meadows, residents often enjoy birding walks during which experts point out different birds, talk about their unique traits and educate residents about local habitats.Special activitiesPet friendly senior living communities like Country Meadows are able to offer unique interactions with various types of animals. At Country Meadows of Wyomissing, residents enjoyed a therapeutic puppy yoga session, which was more about cuddling than yoga. At the Forks in Easton location, residents spent their Valentines Day receiving pooch smooches from local shelter dogs, while at Country Meadows of Wyomissing, residents were invited to attend a doggie wedding.AquariumsHaving an aquarium in common areas or resident apartments can be therapeutic. Watching colorful fish swim can be relaxing and help reduce anxiety and stress. Aquariums often can be found regardless of whether or not a community offers pet friendly senior living.Pet friendly living at Country MeadowsWith research demonstrating that seniors benefit from regular animals, Country Meadows offers pet friendly senior living at each of its nine locations in Pennsylvania and one in Frederick, Maryland. Please contact us today to request information or to schedule a visit to meet our residents-human, canine, feline and avian! We look forward to meeting you.

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Wind Crest is an exciting alternative to the typical retirement community. At Erickson communities across the nation, Americans are redefining their retirement years. This 62-plus lifestyle is more about experiences and possibilitiesand less about slowing down and settling in. Wind Crest is situated on a scenic 84-acre campus in Highlands Ranch. Take in the areas natural beauty and stunning views while enjoying convenient access to a multitude of shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations. Discover an atmosphere of comfort and convenience, where a variety of services and fulfilling activities are just a short stroll from your apartment home.

Wind Crest

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Wind Crest is an exciting alternative to the typical retirement community. At Erickson communities across the nation, Americans are redefining their retirement years. This 62-plus lifestyle is more about experiences and possibilitiesand less about slowing down and settling in. Wind Crest is situated on a scenic 84-acre campus in Highlands Ranch. Take in the areas natural beauty and stunning views while enjoying convenient access to a multitude of shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations. Discover an atmosphere of comfort and convenience, where a variety of services and fulfilling activities are just a short stroll from your apartment home.