Yoga: Great for Seniors, Too

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May 11, 2021

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It can make you stronger, more flexible and better balanced on your feet. It reduces stress. It helps ease chronic back pain and arthritis symptoms. It can lift your mood and boost your energy. It can even help you sleep better. All this, plus you already have the necessary equipment to start this amazingly simple (and enjoyable) fitness regimen: your body.
It is yoga, an ancient group of physical, mental and spiritual practices that in a busy, stressful world can do you a world of good. Yoga exercises are good for both body and mindand, experts say, good for your spirit as well.
But wait. Isnt yoga for the young? Dont you already have to be in somewhat-good shape to do all those yoga poses, like sitting cross-legged on the floor (the lotus position) or the tree pose, where you stand on one foot with your arms raised over your head?
Benefits of yoga for seniors
Fear not. There are many varieties of yoga, ranging from gentle to vigorous and from using only your body to posing and moving with the aid of a chair or other props. (In fact, doing yoga while sitting, called seated or chair yoga, is a great option for those with limited mobility.) In short, older adults have many options when it comes to yoga. And the benefits are many, including being better able to enjoy an active lifestyle and connecting with a community of peers who, like you, are invested in improving their physical, mental and emotional health as they age.
We humans tend to lose muscle tone and our bones grow weaker as we age. Yet our bodies respond to exercise at any age, and even gentle yoga can help you build muscle and bone strength Even if you havent been to the gym in ages, yoga can help you ease back into a fitness routine. Your brain and body have worked hard all these years. Now its time to repay themand youwith the mind-body benefits of yoga.
How does yoga work, exactly?
Yoga increases flexibility and mental clarity through movement and meditation. Flexibility comes from various gentle stretching movements while focusing on breathing, which also enhances your physiological well-being. During yoga, while some muscles contract to allow movement, others are relaxing and lengthening to allow that movement. Stretching like this over a period of time allows the muscles to become more pliable and flexible, increasing movement patterns within your joints. Ultimately, stretching and breathing increase physical flexibility while improving overall health.
Now that you know more about how good for you yoga can be, here some basic yoga poses for seniors you can try right now:
Tree pose.Stand with legs together and your arms raised, palms folded together. Raise your right foot enough to touch your heel to your left ankle but with your toes still touching the ground. (Use a chair if needed.) Hold for 20-30 seconds and repeat with your left foot. As you gain confidence holding your balance, try raising either foot off the ground enough to touch heel to the inside of the lower leg and hold for 20-30 seconds.
Leg climb.Sit on the floor with one side of your body against a wall. Lower your back so it is resting on the floor. Lift your legs up the wall, climbing until the backs of your legs are flat against the wall. If you cant get them flat, try shifting your body away from the wall a few inches at a time. Hold for 30-60 seconds, then slowly lower your legs to the floor.
Cat-cow chair stretch.This pose gives you the benefits of the well-known cat-cow stretch without having to get down on the floor. Sitting straight up in a chair, inhale as you push your back against the back of the chair, drawing your navel toward your spine as you do so. (Think of a cat stretching.) Then, exhaling, push your stomach forward while arching your spine away from the back of the chair. Hold each pose for 10-15 seconds.
The other piece: meditation
Because your mind and body are so connected, yoga works on both. The practice of meditation ordhyanain yoga helps create mental stillness, allowing an individual to be at peace with their mind, body and spirit. There are several different ways to meditate in yoga, such as visualizing, gazing, breathing, or physical sensations (hot/cold temperatures):

Visualizingrequires one to picture in ones mind a peaceful object or channel, such as a god or goddess, flower, or a particular chakra (energy center).
Gazingis a different form of imagery that uses an open-eye focus on an object, such as a flower, candle flame or painting. (Gazing may be performed with both eyes open or one eye closed.)
Breathingin meditation is performed by focusing on the rise and fall of one's chest, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.
Physical sensationis similar to focusing deeply on breathing; however, it is redirected to a sensation such as the temperature of your lipsor nose, strengthening in your spine, or even observing an emotion.

An easy way to combine poses and meditation is to remember to inhale and exhale, gently but deeply, as you maneuver into a pose or as you hold it. Try to keep to a steady rhythm of breathing in and breathing out. Before long, you wont even notice youre doing itbut your body will, and it will thank you by growing healthier.

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Retirement offers a unique opportunity for seniors to enrich their lives by exploring new passions, hobbies, and interests. However, in some cases, health challenges and mobility limitations can create barriers to pursuing these activities. In these situations, the experienced in-home senior care providers at Gentle Shepherd Home Care in Colorado Springs can help.Our caregivers understand the importance of fostering engagement and independence for seniors and strive to assist them in discovering and pursuing new hobbies and passions.7 Hobbies to ConsiderBelow, we will explore 7 hobbies that seniors should consider pursuing in retirement:Consider Past PassionsMany times, past passions can provide valuable clues to what may bring joy in the present. Consider activities enjoyed in the past. Is there a hobby that was once loved but never had the time to pursue fully? Revisiting these interests can reignite passions and provide a sense of familiarity in trying something new.Explore CreativityWhen it comes to creativity, there is no such thing as an ae limit. Consider pursuing artistic pursuits such as painting, photography, pottery, writing, and more. Many communities have a senior center that offers classes tailored to seniors, providing a supportive environment to nurture creative talents. In addition to providing mental stimulation, these activities also offer a therapeutic outlet for self-expression.Physical ActivitiesPhysical activity is critical for maintaining overall health and well-being, especially as we age. Consider exploring a variety of exercises that cater to personal interests and physical capabilities such as yoga, dancing, tai chi, swimming, and more. These activities can help seniors stay active and energized. In addition, group classes and/or clubs can foster a sense of camaraderie while staying fit.Volunteer ActivitiesVolunteering is a great way to give back to the community, while also staying socially engaged. Consider volunteering with organizations that align with personal interests and values. Regardless of passions, there are plenty of organizations within the community that are looking for volunteers. Volunteering offers a variety of benefits including providing a sense of purpose and fostering meaningful connections.Embrace LearningLearning should be a lifelong pursuit. Consider exploring educational opportunities such as attending lectures, joining discussion groups, enrolling in online courses, and more. In some cases, local community colleges and universities offer special programs for seniors to expand knowledge in areas ranging from history and literature to science and technology.Connect with NatureSpending time outdoors can provide a variety of physical and mental benefits. Consider connecting with nature through activities such as gardening, birdwatching, nature photography, and more. Check with the local community center to learn about nature clubs and organized outings to explore the local parks, botanical gardens, and trails with others who share the same passions.Cultivate Social ConnectionsBuilding and maintaining social connections through retirement is critical for overall well-being. Look for opportunities to connect with others who share the same passions. Join groups within the community that are tailored for seniors. In addition, consider attending community events, cultural activities, religious gatherings, and more to connect with others and forge meaningful relationships.How Gentle Shepherd Home Care Can Help Seniors Find New HobbiesThe in-home elderly care experts from Gentle Shepherd Home Care in Colorado Springs can help seniors find new hobbies. We understand that everyone is unique and take the time to get to know our clients to provide personalized support and companionship, as well as encouragement and motivation. In addition, we can help seniors research and access community programs, classes, and events that align with their interests. Contact us today to schedule your care assessment with one of our highly skilled caregivers.

Home Care for Independent Seniors

Most seniors today prefer to remain in their own home for as long as possible. They dont want to give up their independence by moving in with family or into an independent living facility. This is known as aging in place and can be a viable option for seniors who need little to no assistance with activities of daily living.In-home senior care services from Gentle Shepherd Home Care in Colorado Springs can make this possible. Our caregivers are trained to handle an array of elderly care services from companionship to meal prep to medication reminders to transportation and more.In this article, well explain some of the benefits of in-home care for independent seniors.Who Needs In-Home Care Services?Gentle Shepherd Home Care offers a variety of in-home care services for all ages and needs. However, most of the time, patients who need home care are elderly. If youre unsure if your loved one needs in-home care, consider the following questions:Does your elderly loved one hear the phone when it rings?Do they understand how to safely store food and toss it when it has gone bad?Are they able to cook and clean up after eating?Are they attending social/family gatherings?Can they do their own laundry?If the answer to any of these is no, your loved one may benefit from in-home care.4 Benefits of In-Home Senior CareWhile it can be difficult to accept, nearly everyone will require some type of assistance after the age of 65. If the thought of moving in with relatives or a nursing home/assisted living facility is unappealing for your loved one, in-home senior care can help them age in place.Four benefits of in-home senior care include:Household MaintenanceThere is a lot of work that goes into keeping a household running smoothly. Caregivers can help stay on top of household chores such as laundry, handyman services, housekeeping, and more. They may also help with financial and healthcare management, as well as appointments and financials.TransportationFor many seniors, transportation is an issue, especially at night. Unfortunately, public transportation is not always safe- especially for elderly people. However, one of the services offered by caregivers includes transportation.Personal CareMany seniors need assistance with activities of daily living including meal prep, bathing, dressing, and more. In-home senior care providers can be in the home to help with these activities.Health CareAging usually brings a variety of health concerns as well. Some caregivers are trained to help with these concerns including taking blood pressure, blood glucose readings, medication reminders, and more. Many times, health insurance will cover a portion of these services.Schedule Your Care Assessment TodayIf you believe that you or your loved one may benefit from elderly care services, schedule a no-obligation care assessment. Gentle Shepherd Home Care offers care services for all ages and needs. We can offer companionship for your loved one, and many of our caregivers are able to provide medical care as needed.

Identifying Medicare Scams

Research shows that seniors are common targets of scammers. One of the most common ways that criminals try to get information is through Medicare scam calls. In fact, your Medicare number is often more valuable for criminals than your social security number or credit card numbers/banking information.The caregivers at Gentle Shepherd Home Care in Colorado Springs can help you identify these scams. We offer a variety of in-home senior care services from companionship to medical care.In this article, well explain what you need to know about common Medicare scams.Does Medicare Ever Call Recipients?There are only two reasons that Medicare will ever call you, according to the Medicare website:Health/drug plan provider may call if you are already a member or the agent who helped you join may contact youCustomer service representative may contact you if youve left a message or received a letter stating that you will receive a phone callTop 7 Medicare ScamsFraudsters are getting smart with their scams. However, if someone calls you claiming to be from Medicare with the following pitches, its a scam.Your old Medicare card is invalid- you will be getting a new cardThis is one of the most common Medicare scams. The fraudster will inform you that in order to issue a new card, they will need your social security number and/or your Medicare card number.Truth: Medicare will not call you if there is an issue with your card. They will send a letter to arrange a phone interview.Your Medicare plan is about to be canceledThe caller will claim that in order to prevent your Medicare from being canceled, you will need to verify your current Medicare number, full name, address, banking information, birthdate, and social security number. This is also a common Social Security scam.Truth: Medicare representatives have your Medicare number on file- they will never ask for it. Additionally, Medicare representatives never ask for details such as your social security number to verity your identity.You are eligible for early access to vaccinationsThe COVID-19 pandemic spawned many pandemic-related scams such as being sent at-home testing kits or special access to vaccinations. These offers require that you provide information such as your Medicare number, social security number, and other personal details. Most of these start out as text messages or robocalls. The caller will offer you special access if you pay out of pocket.Truth: Medicare will never ask for you to pay out of pocket to get special treatment.You must confirm your appointment for genetic testingIn some cases, scammers will call offering free genetic testing to screen for a variety of health conditions. When you agree, they will steal your information and will bill Medicare for the test. In some cases, you may be sent an at-home test to complete along with a request for your information.Truth: Medicare will not call or send an at-home kit to offer you testing that you have not requested.You are eligible for free medical suppliesIf a scammer is aware of a specific health condition, such as diabetes, they may offer you free medical supplies or medications. They use this offer to get your Medicare number and other personal information as well as your credit card number so that you can pay for shipping. Your information will be used to over-bill Medicare.Truth: Medicare is not likely to call you to offer free medical supplies/medications. They will never ask for you to pay for shipping or provide financial information. Never pay for anything without seeing an invoice that can be confirmed with Medicare.You overpaid and are due a refundOne of the most common scams fraudsters use is to contact you via a phone call or text offering a refund on overpayment.Truth: Medicare will not call you to verify your personal financial information before issuing a refund. If you are due for a refund, a paper check will be sent out or it will be sent to the bank account on file.Youve been pre-approved for a cheaper/better planSome scammers will try to convince you that you are eligible for a cheaper/better plan than you are currently on. These are most common during open enrollment.Truth: Medicare will not call you without sending a letter first. You should never follow up on any unsolicited calls, visits from people claiming to be Medicare reps, or brochures.What to Do if You Are ContactedScammers can be persuasive, aggressive, and even threatening. However, its important to stay calm- they wont be able to do anything if you dont give them your information.Also, keep in mind that Medicare will not cold-call you. They will contact you via postal mail first to set up a phone interview.If you or a loved one is contacted by a fraudster:Never give out personal informationHang upReport the scam to MedicareWarn loved onesIf you or a loved one is in need of in-home elderly care, contact Gentle Shepherd Home Care in Colorado Springs. We offer a variety of services from simple companionship to medical care.