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Welcome to Seniors Blue Book's new home page for Southern Connecticut. Here you will find the latest information on senior care, housing, resources and local events for your community. This site compliments our local Seniors Blue Book and our edition for professionals, the Discharge Planners Resource Notebook. Feel free to email us and let us know how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Carol Raitanen, Publisher

Connecticut - Southern

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Connecticut - Southern

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Mar 23, 2023 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Connecticut Assisted Living Association 28th Annual Conference & Trade Show

Join CALA for the biggest event in Connecticut for Senior Living Professionals. Bring your newest products and services to showcase them for regional managers, executive directors, nursing directors, marketing managers, operations directors, dining service directors and all the support teams that operate senior living communities. Sponsorships and exhibitor booths are currently available but are selling out quickly.  Act now to ensure your organization can exhibit at this event!  Visit the CALA website at or contact CALA Conference Manager, Jane Wisialowski at 860-575.1012 or

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Local Aging Options

UB Clinics: Chiropractic

Pain Management 60 Lafayette St, Bridgeport, Connecticut, 06604

The University of Bridgeport's Chiropractic Clinic offers a conservative, drugless, non-surgical approach to healthcare. We treat a wide range of conditions and injuries (those that involve interactions between nerves, muscles and the skeleton), including wellness, preventive, and health education services. Patient-centered care is provided by Chiropractic interns working under the supervision of licensed and experienced chiropractic physicians. Services include:Manual manipulation to restore normal joint motionHands-on soft tissue and muscle therapiesPhysiotherapy modalitiesExercise and rehabilitation servicesSpinal stabilization and balance therapiesErgonomic consultationStress managementPersonalized nutritional and dietary counselingCommunity health education and healthy lifestyle counselingScientific evidence supports the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for many conditions including low back and neck pain, headache, sprain/strain injuries, postural imbalances and others.Our holistic model of care that combines the best available evidence, the clinical expertise of the practitioner and the needs/desires of the patient. Your customized care management plan is formulated from an appropriate diagnosis that includes measurable goals to reduce/eliminate pain, restore function, and decrease future re-occurrence. Clinic services are provided for adults and children. Same day and next day appointments are available.Open to General Public.

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Masonicare Caregiver Support Groups

Caregiver Support Services 22 Masonic Avenue, Wallingford, Connecticut, 06492

Masonicare offers a range of caregiver and bereavement support. Contact us at 888-679-9997 for more information on locations and times.

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The Check In Service

Home Safety & Wellness 44 Russell St, New Haven, Connecticut, 06513

"An Ounce of Prevention...."If you would like to finally know how your elderly or disabled family members are doing, even if they live miles away, now you can. With a simple 15 minute home visit by one of our caring "servicers", you no longer have to worry if they are eating right, feeling ok, able to mange their day to day challenges, or if they are safe and secure. You can receive a per visit report with any suggestions, comments, or referrals that may be needed. Now you can feel at ease rest assured that they are ok!The Check In Service offers a limited range of home visit services in the US. Learn more about our specialized approach, talented staff and the benefits of turning to us for some of your eldercare and disabled care needs. Find out how we can fnally put your mind at ease.

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Visiting Angels of Middlefield & Madison, Ct.

Non-Medical 6 Way Rd, Middlefield, Connecticut, 06455

We are proud to be family-owned since 2009, serving Middlesex County and the beautiful Connecticut shoreline. Our mission has always been to be the agency that caregivers want to work for! We are also proud to be one of the few State providers for Title 19 Medicaid, thus creating a smooth transition from private pay to state-funded programs. Whether it's just 3hours or 24-hour care, we are honored to serve your family!

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Articles Written By Local Businesses


With the Medicare annual election period right around the corner its that time again when your mailboxes will be filled with fliers and ads from every insurance company you have heard of and some you may not have heard of; but the question is? What do I need to know?Oct. 1st - This is the time when brokers and insurance company representatives can tell you about their plans details, but no selling allowed!Oct. 15th thru Dec. 7th AEP, is the election period in which a Medicare beneficiary may shop around and make a change to their current MAPD plan, which stands for Medicare Advantage plan (HMO or PPO type Plan) with Prescription Drugs, or they may elect a plan for the first time if they hadnt done so previously. If a beneficiary is on a Medicare supplement and a stand-alone Part D drug plan, they may change their plan to a MAPD plan and vice-versa. It is important to know that the last plan you enroll in is the plan that will be in affect for Jan. 1st.Jan. 1st thru Feb. 14th is also an election period called the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment period. This period is a time where a beneficiary who has a MAPD plan can switch from the MAPD and go back to Original Medicare with a Medicare supplement and a Part D Rx Plan. Coverage would start on the first of the following month.How to pick a plan? What company? $100 vs $0 premiums?Words of advice: Be sure to find a plan your doctors accept, and make sure all your prescriptions are covered. Find a broker who represents all the companies who offer MAPD plans, and multiple Medicare Supp. plans so you can have choices.When shopping for MAPD plans take careful notice of your Out Of Pocket Maximum, this is the part where during one calendar year it is the most you are responsible for paying in co-payments and co-insurances for the medical expenses covered by your plan. Prescription co-pays and co-insurances have their own guidelines. Supplement or Medigap Plans vs. MAPD plans?Medigap supplement plans are going to run around $220 a month in premium but have little or no co-pays or coinsurance during the year for qualified Medicare expenses not fully covered by Original Medicare.Medigap plans do not have prescription coverage but must be purchased separately for around $25 to $45 a month.MAPD plans will have a co-pays for doctors and hospital visits and typically will have a network, so it is very important that you check with your doctors to make sure they except the plans. A plan that has no premium will have a larger out of pocket maximum, and a MAPD plan that has a $100 premium will have less of an out of pocket maximum.Can I get some help paying for all this?The answer is YES: Its called the Medicare Savings Program.If you are married and make under $3266 a month in income, or $2413 as a single, you will no longer have to pay the Part B premium that is deducted from your Social Security Check every month, and you will also get Prescription help.Paying less than $7 dollars a month for brand named drugs, and about $2 dollars for generics.If you make below 2,069.11 as a single and $2,802.08 as a couple, you are also entitled to extra benefits that will help you with co-payments and co-insurances in hospitals and doctor visits.More info can be found on the following information on,, and www.ct.govThis article was submitted byMarc Figlar, Certified Senior AdvisorMarc can be reached at 203-394-3447

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The Advantage of Having Rehabilitation Care Close to Home

When its time to leave the hospital following illness, injury or surgery, youll need specialized care to regain your strength and mobility. If these services arent readily accessible and convenient to your home, youll have to search for qualified care, and contend with travel to and from the rehab center for days or weeks, possibly in inclement weather. Family members wishing to be involved in your care may also find these logistics challenging. People who live in a retirement community offering on-site rehabilitation services have a much easier time transitioning from hospital to home.Short-term nursing and rehab services, right where you live:When you choose to live in a continuing care retirement community, youll enjoy an independent retirement lifestyle filled with cultural, educational and recreational opportunities. Some offer on-site rehabilitation services. So if the need for short-term rehab care should arise, or if you plan to have surgery at a specific time, you can dovetail these services to maximize your comfort and convenience, and improve the likelihood of a successful outcome.Rehab services at a good retirement community should be led by a Medical Director who is also a medical doctor. At a minimum, the program should include physical, occupational and speech therapies. The rehab team should monitor your progress and adjust your care plan as needed. The best service providers will meet with you ahead of time, review your clinical information, lead the admissions process, and guide you every step of the way. They should consult with your family and personal physicians as well. The staff might include:Medical DirectorDirector of NursingRegistered NursesLicensed Practical NursesDieticianSocial WorkerTherapeutic Recreation DirectorLicensed Speech, Occupational and Rehabilitation TherapistsAdditional considerations:Look for staffing ratios that exceed state and national standards. Inquire about the centers capacity to handle clinically complex therapies, such as post-surgery recovery, cardiac/pulmonary rehab, or joint replacement rehabilitation. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have a 5-star rating system. Ask about this and any other ratings your prospective rehabilitation center has earned. You should also ask whether therapy is available seven days a week, and if the center accepts direct admission or requires an entrance fee.Finding the right community that offers these high-caliber rehabilitation services on site can make living in retirement not only more enjoyable, but more convenient as well.This article was submitted by an affiliate of The Health Center at Meadow Ridge, 100 Redding Road Redding, CT.For information, call 1.866.780.0312 or visit

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A Campus of Care

Exploring options for an assisted living facility can be daunting. Potential residents and families often become overwhelmed with all the options that are becoming available. One may wonder what the differences are between a retirement community, an assisted living community, enriched housing, a memory care community and a skilled nursing facility. What do they all mean?A Continuum of Care community is one that partners with levels of care on their campus as people age or become more compromised. It often begins, but not exclusively, with a retirement community. Within the community will be an Assisted Living component and a skilled nursing component. As the resident needs more help, they are moving within the community with the support of a comprehensive healthcare team that knows them well. This has become the trend in long term health care.The advantage to living in such a community is the promise of caring for your loved one through their elder years. The care team is always available to provide help and support not only to the family and the resident, but to one another, so as to offer the best possible person centered care. Another advantage is that the residents care community remains the same. This is convenient for them as well as their family members.Many assisted living facilities that are not a part of a continuum or campus of care refer to particular skilled nursing facilities. Be sure to ask what their policies are in terms of criteria for discharge and support during the process. Do not be afraid to ask these questions as they pertain to the care and well being of your loved one. Most facilities arevery helpful and have staff that specifically help with transitioning.A Campus of Care or a Continuum of Care Community is the most convenient and often the best option when looking for a residence for your loved one. As people are living longer and healthier into their elder years, this safety net may be just what most offers the security families need.This article was submitted by Maria Scaros-Mercado, Executive Director at The Greens at Greenwich, 203-531-5500 and Ship Hajdari, Community Outreach Nurse Liaison at Greenwich Woods Rehabilitation & Health Center, 203-531-1335.

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Know How To Go, Mobility Resources for Southwestern CT

Welcome to Know How to Go, your one stop for information on all your travel needs in southwestern Connecticut. This program is designed to enhance peoples access to their communities by identifying the best transportation service to meet the unique needs of seniors, individuals with a disability, and veterans. Our purpose is to provide you with a host of valuable travel-related information about all transportation services in the southwestern region of Connecticut. From the public bus to accessible taxi service, we will let you know your transportation options along with special programs and discounts for each service. As the Regional Mobility Management team for southwest Connecticut, we are also tasked with gathering information about transportation challenges you face and helping to find solutions. Together with our community partners, the Regional Mobility Manager at The Kennedy Center will work with you to connect you with the best service available in your town and beyond.Funded by Federal Transit Administration and CT Department of Transportation dollars, the Regional Mobility Manager works closely with all local transportation providers including: Greater Bridgeport Transit; Norwalk Transit District; CTTRANSIT Stamford; Milford Transit District; Valley Transit District; CT rides; volunteer driver programs; taxi services; and rail transit providers to provide the most comprehensive service to meet your individual needs. We also collaborate closely with our network of human service agencies and other service providers in the region. The Regional Mobility Management programs service area includes the coastal towns between Greenwich and Milford and north to the Valley region. For a map of our service area, click on the Guidebook of Services on our website at, or contact the Regional Mobility Manager at the number below to request a hard copy of the Guidebook.The Kennedy Center, Inc., a non-profit agency that provides a wide array of services for people with disabilities, seniors and veterans, administers the Regional Mobility Management program. The program is guided by a Steering Committee whose members consist of a variety of stakeholders in the Bridgeport/Stamford Urbanized Area including representatives from the Western Connecticut Council of Governments, Greater Bridgeport Regional Council, Valley Council of Governments, Connecticut Department of Transportation, Greater Bridgeport Transit District, Norwalk Transit District, Valley Transit District, and others. Steering Committee membership is open and participation is welcomed and encouraged from all who are interested in improving transportation services and options for people with disabilities, seniors and veterans in southwest Connecticut.For more information about the Regional Mobility Management program or transportation services in your area, please contact Margaret Mixon at 203.365.8522 x. 263. Be sure to visit our website at, like us on Facebook at, and follow us on twitter at

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