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Idaho - Boise and the Treasure Valley

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Idaho - Boise and the Treasure Valley

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Local Aging Options

Care Patrol-Boise Area

Housing Placement & Resource Specialists , , Idaho, 83705

CarePatrol senior living advisors provide referral andconsulting services for clients in need of care accommodations such asindependent living, assisted living, memory care or nursing care. Families areguided through the daunting task of finding a quality and safe livingarrangement for their loved one. Our compassionate system helps determineexactly which care options are the right fit for each family. We strive toprovide seniors with housing and support solutions that allow them to live lifewith dignity, fulfillment and happiness.

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Grace Assisted Living - Meridian

Assisted Living 1960 N Lakes Place, Meridian, Idaho, 83646

Grace Assisted Living's mission is to deliver peace of mind for families, while providing safe and gracious living communities for seniors to enjoy excellent care, quality companionship, and the finer things in life during their golden years. With over 60 years of senior living experience, you can count on Graces leadership team to care for your loved one and know them by name! They frequently visit the communities to truly understand all aspects of the business and life at Grace. Grace offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care in Meridian, Idaho.

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Grace Memory Care - Caldwell

Memory Care 518 N 21st Ave, Caldwell, Idaho, 83605

Grace Assisted Living's mission is to deliver peace of mind for families, while providing safe and gracious living communities for seniors to enjoy excellent care, quality companionship, and the finer things in life during their golden years. With over 60 years of senior living experience, you can count on Graces leadership team to care for your loved one and know them by name! They frequently visit the communities to truly understand all aspects of the business and life at Grace. Grace offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care in Caldwell, Idaho.

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Assisting Hands Home Care

Non-Medical 5700 E Franklin Rd Ste 105, Nampa, Idaho, 83687

Quality Home Care You Can Trust, Assisting Hands provides professional in-home health care services allowing our clients to remain safely and comfortably in their own homes. Their Mission Statement: To offer our clients personalized non-medical support services in their homes, assisting the elderly, disabled and others needing assistance to maintain quality of life. Our services support the individuals choices and preferences in order to maintain their dignity and independence. We assist clients in a spirit of concern for their welfare, gaining satisfaction and a sense or pride for the value that we add to their lives.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

A Will or Trust: Which is Best for You?

When it comes to deciding whether a will or trust is best for you, it is important to understand your options and which one is most appropriate for your situation. Will A testamentary will (simply referred to as a will) is a legal document used to transfer an estate to beneficiaries after the death of the testator (the person making the will). Within the will, the testator usually names a personal representative (same as executor) for the estate. A will is revocable (it can be cancelled by the testator) or it can amended at any time by the testator. For a will to be valid in Idaho, it must meet specific requirements under Idaho law. Living Trusts A person, during his or her lifetime, may create a living trust whereby the settlor (the person making the trust), trustee (the person who has legal authority to manage the trust assets) and beneficiary (the person who makes use of the trust assets) are all the same person. After the settlor dies, depending on the trust instructions, the trust assets may be distributed outright, or held within the trust and distributed over time or upon the happening of a specific event. Living Trusts may be appropriate for persons who own real property in more than one state or have a blended family where spouses have children from prior relationships. Testamentary Trusts A testamentary trust is created upon the death of a person as specified in his or her will and holds assets within the trust instead of outright distribution such as when minor beneficiaries reach a specified age or graduate from college, or when a beneficiary is a person with special needs or disability who receives government benefits. A New or Updated Estate Plan Whether a will or trust is appropriate for you depends on your circumstances. If you already have a will or trust, it should be reviewed occasionally to make sure it reflects your current wishes and needs, or if you have relocated from another state, or upon any significant change in your life such as divorce or death of a spouse or beneficiary. This article was written by Donna A. Schuyler, Attorney, who practices in the areas of estate planning, elder law, guardianship and probate. Donna Schuyler Law, PLLC;; Phone 208-344-1947

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The True Blue Program

Sam is a very nice gentleman that lives alone, never asks for help and does not want to be a bother to anyone. Sam has some health issues and he is a Dual Eligible. This means he is eligible for both Medicare and Idaho Medicaid. Sam was recently diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. A couple of months ago, Sam heard about a new health plan called True Blue and he signed up. True Blue is a Special Needs Plan that is managed by Blue Cross of Idaho through a contract with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.As part of the True Blue Program, all Medicare and Medicaid services are covered and paid for through one place. Each member receives a Care Manager to help them access the services they need. Sams Care Manager met with him and learned that he was taking the bus to all of his Chemotherapy appointments. Feeling weak and fatigued after his appointment, he still would get on the bus and travel home. The Care Manager talked to Sam and told him that he could get a ride to his Chemotherapy sessions and that it was a covered benefit under Medicaid and that she would help him schedule his first ride. Sam was very happy that he was able to have a ride, get picked up and go right home after his session. Sometimes it is the little things that make the difference to people.Are you on Medicare and Medicaid, or do you know someone who is? Do you/they find it difficult to keep track of which programs pay for certain services? Do you wonder who to call with questions?If so, Blue Cross of Idaho's True Blue Program may be the answer. True Blue provides a care manager who can answer your questions and help you get the services you need. This program also offers medical, mental health, home and community based services, long-term care, dental and vision coverage.True Blue is available in most Idaho counties. Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries wishing to enroll need to be at least 21 years of age and live in the True Blue service area.You can enroll by calling Blue Cross of Idaho at 1-888-495-2583, or TTY users can call 1-888-377-1363, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven days a week.Enrollment is voluntary. There is no open enrollment period and members can opt-out at any time.

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Family Caregivers Matter!

Do you know that there are more than 40,000 Treasure Valley family members-- spouses, adult children, parents and grandparents who provide care and support to ill, disabled, or frail loved ones at home? These family caregivers are de facto care coordinators, medication managers, personal and medical care providers, fiscal and legal managers, planners and decision-makers for tens of thousands of chronically ill or disabled people in our community. Our health care and social services rely heavily on family caregivers to provide care but don't address caregivers needs for training, information and support. As a result, family caregivers experience stress, depression, anxiety, and often become isolated; they have to leave jobs or reduce their work hours; they spend much of their own money to care for others; and most sobering, they can die before the person they care for. Family caregivers are the backbone of our community's health care, and they deserve to be informed, prepared, and supported!Do you know someone who is a family caregiver? A great way to help is to encourage that person to say I am a family caregiver, and I deserve to be supported! Caregivers who self-identify are much more likely to seek information and support that can help them provide care AND they are more likely to take care of themselves too. Where can a family caregiver turn for information and support? A great resource is the Seniors Blue Book. Another great resource is a nonprofit agency called Friends in Action (FIA).FIAs services help family caregivers build a "toolbox" of resources, skills and strategies to navigate the challenges of caregiving, reduce stress, connect with resources, and build confidence in their abilities. FIAs education programs (Powerful Tools for Caregivers and Living Well in Idaho) teach caregivers how to manage stress and feel less overwhelmed. Our in-home support services (Legacy Corps Caregiver Support Program) gives regular breaks to veteran and military families. The JumpStart program works with caregivers one-on-one to connect them with quality information and resources to meet their unique needs and concerns. FIAs 4th Annual Family Caregiver Conference (January 31, 2015) is a one-day education event to connect caregivers with great information, community resources, and mutual support. Many of FIAs services are provided by amazing volunteers (more than 160 of them), who extend the expertise of professional staff and allow FIA to cost-effectively serve many more caregivers. Don't hesitate to reach out to FIA and ask how we can help any family caregiver you know. We believe family caregivers matter!Stephanie Bender-Kitz, Director, Friends in Action

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Out of Balance?

Poor balance and the fear of falling are primary reasons for declining mobility as a person ages. Mobility is an important factor in the quality of life. As balance worsens (increasing the risk of falling), it is more difficult to be mobile. Unfortunately, falling is the number one cause of hip fracture. Nearly 20% of all hip fractures in the elderly will result in death within the first year, and 50% of people will never regain their prior level of function. Physical therapy is a very viable and helpful resource in improving balance and mobility in order to maintain your independence. The key to helping someone improve balance is to understand why his/her balance is worsening in the first place. Determining the best intervention to address balance-related issues can be difficult and is typically multifactorial. Once the reason for the decline is determined, an effective treatment program can be designed by the physical therapist to address the issue. The following different body systems affect balance:Musculoskeletal System A person needs to have adequate strength and bone structure for mobility and balance.Somatosensory This system consists of all of the touch and nerve receptors in the muscles, tendons, and joints. A common problem affecting the somatosensory system is neuropathy. One very common form of neuropathy is from diabetes. Having numb feet makes it very difficult to balance!Eyesight We rely heavily on our eyesight for mobility and to know where we are located in our environment. Eyesight can be affected by eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, or even if you wear poorly fitting eyewear. Your eyesight is not just about the acuity at which you see, but is also how the eyes move. Gaze stabilization is how well you can stabilize on a target in your field of vision.Vestibular System Our vestibular system is located in our inner ears. It provides us with information on head movement. It works to process information on the heads position in your environment. The vestibular system is one of the more adaptable systems, and with practice, it can be improved.Central Nervous System The brain is responsible for coordinating all of the information gathered by the body's other systems. Damage from trauma or conditions such as Parkinson's disease, or a stroke can also affect balance. Other factors such as medications and dehydration can also affect balance.Physical therapists work with individuals to help improve balance and positively affect ones mobility (and ultimately, his/her ability to function independently). Editors Note: This article was written by Ben Shatto, PT, DPT, OCS, Director of Therapy Services at MultiCare Home Health, and author of the website

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