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Hello, I am Cody Freston, Publisher. Thank you for supporting the Seniors Blue Book of Idaho. We are your local Senior Resource Specialists. Whether it it is Assisted Living, Home Health or anything in between, we are happy to help you find what you need. Enjoy our new local homepage! Look for current Articles, Specials, Education, and view the current edition of the book and so much more. To our local healthcare professionals see how we can help you with networking, education, events, and see how you can showcase your services for seniors in the upcoming edition of the Seniors Blue Book of Idaho. Contact us today! Thank you and enjoy! 

Idaho - Boise and the Treasure Valley

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Idaho - Boise and the Treasure Valley

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Local Aging Options

Care Patrol-Boise Area

Housing Placement & Resource Specialists , , Idaho, 83705

CarePatrol senior living advisors provide referral andconsulting services for clients in need of care accommodations such asindependent living, assisted living, memory care or nursing care. Families areguided through the daunting task of finding a quality and safe livingarrangement for their loved one. Our compassionate system helps determineexactly which care options are the right fit for each family. We strive toprovide seniors with housing and support solutions that allow them to live lifewith dignity, fulfillment and happiness.

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Grace Independent Living - Nampa

Independent Living 1610 Sunnyridge Rd, Nampa, Idaho, 83686

Grace Assisted Living's mission is to deliver peace of mind for families, while providing safe and gracious living communities for seniors to enjoy excellent care, quality companionship, and the finer things in life during their golden years. With over 60 years of senior living experience, you can count on Graces leadership team to care for your loved one and know them by name! They frequently visit the communities to truly understand all aspects of the business and life at Grace. Grace offers Independent Living and Assisted Living in Nampa, Idaho.

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1AA Premier Home Care Caldwell

Non-Medical 3814 Bismark, Caldwell, Idaho, 83605

Premier Home Care's Mission: It is to keep their clients living comfortable and happily in their homes for the rest of their lives. They strive to do this by offering a variety of services that their clients have challenges or cannot do on their own. Premier Home Care received top honors for exceptional home care giving in Caldwell, Idaho for delivering dignity and respect to all our clients. There is no higher praise than the smile of a happy patient, the thanks of a relieved client, or the revitalized embrace of an engaged resident. 

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Edgewood Spring Creek Plantation Place

Assisted Living 3921 Kessinger Lane, Boise, Idaho, 83703

Located in the heart of northwest Boise, Edgewood Plantation Place offers breathtaking views of Plantation Country Club, yet the views are just the start of everything our award-winning community has to offer! Edgewood Plantation Places superior service, dedicated, caring staff and ample amenities have secured our status as the superior choice for Assisted Living services in the Treasure Valley. Plus, our residents also enjoy the benefit of having on-site Therapy Services, Home Health and Hospice provided by Edgewoods healthcare services divisions, CaringEdge and All Care.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

Out of Balance

Out of Balance? Poor balance and the fear of falling are primary reasons for declining mobility as a person ages. Mobility is an important factor in the quality of life. As balance worsens (increasing the risk of falling), it is more difficult to be mobile. Unfortunately, falling is the number one cause of hip fracture. Nearly 20% of all hip fractures in the elderly will result in death within the first year, and 50% of people will never regain their prior level of function. Physical therapy is a very viable and helpful resource in improving balance and mobility in order to maintain your independence. The key to helping someone improve balance is to understand why his/her balance is worsening in the first place. Determining the best intervention to address balance-related issues can be difficult and is typically multifactorial. Once the reason for the decline is determined, an effective treatment program can be designed by the physical therapist to address the issue. The following different body systems affect balance: Musculoskeletal System A person needs to have adequate strength and bone structure for mobility and balance. Somatosensory This system consists of all of the touch and nerve receptors in the muscles, tendons, and joints. A common problem affecting the somatosensory system is neuropathy. One very common form of neuropathy is from diabetes. Having numb feet makes it very difficult to balance! Eyesight We rely heavily on our eyesight for mobility and to know where we are located in our environment. Eyesight can be affected by eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, or even if you wear poorly fitting eyewear. Your eyesight is not just about the acuity at which you see, but is also how the eyes move. Gaze stabilization is how well you can stabilize on a target in your field of vision. Vestibular System Our vestibular system is located in our inner ears. It provides us with information on head movement. It works to process information on the heads position in your environment. The vestibular system is one of the more adaptable systems, and with practice, it can be improved. Central Nervous System The brain is responsible for coordinating all of the information gathered by the body's other systems. Damage from trauma or conditions such as Parkinson's disease, or a stroke can also affect balance. Other factors such as medications and dehydration can also affect balance. Physical therapists work with individuals to help improve balance and positively affect ones mobility (and ultimately, his/her ability to function independently). Editors Note: This article was written by Ben Shatto, PT, DPT, OCS, Director of Therapy Services at Multi Care Home Health, and author of the website

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Private Duty Home Care Buyer’s Guide

Private Duty Home Care Buyers Guide. We understand that budget is a primary consideration when you are making arrangements for home care and it is our expectation that you will shop around to find the best provider at a manageable cost. As you do, please consider the following points in order to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected and receive the best care possible. 1)Do your homework. Before you make your first phone call, thoroughly consider what your care needs are. Make sure that you paint an accurate picture of the patients needs so that the right caregiver match can be made. *Do you a need a companion, or someone who can provide hands-on care? *Do you need assistance with cooking and light housework? *Do you need skilled medical assistance for things like blood pressure, blood sugar testing? Medication administration, wound care, tube maintenance? *Do you need a caregiver who can drive you to social events or appointments? *Is a memory loss diagnoses a factor or is the patient becoming confused? *Do you need a caregiver trained in a specialization such as hospice care or mobility needs? *Do you need a caregiver that speaks a particular language or is versed in sign language? 2)Interview the agency. -In order to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential liability, be sure to consider the following when selecting a home care agency: *What levels of care are available? Are you licensed for medical care or only companion care? *Are your caregivers supervised by an RN? *Are all caregivers employees that are licensed, bonded, and insured? What happens if a Worker is injured in my home? *If there is a personality conflict or other problems, can a change be made? *What are your rates? Is there a minimum number of hours that I have to commit to each day/week/month? *What happens if my caregiver calls out sick or has an emergency? Will you send another caregiver of equal skill and experience? *Can I interview the caregiver before I commit to using your agency? Do you check references and can I get details of the caregivers experience and background? Can I get someone that has worked on similar cases? *What happens in case of an emergency? Can your caregiver provide hands-on help or do they need to wait for emergency services? 3)Helpful Hints. *Before a new caregiver starts, write out a basic daily and weekly schedule. Include a list of likes and dislikes for food and activities. *Remember that you are the customer, do not hesitate to express your needs and give feedback, especially if you are dissatisfied or concerned. Caroline Moore, owner BrightStar of Boise.

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Senior Real Estate Specialists - Agents who Understand Seniors Needs

The real estate market is always changing, and one of the largest recent shifts is the way in which homes are marketed! In the past, agents specialized in fairly small geographic areas, such as the Boise Bench or North End Boise exclusively. This was essential because there was no Internet, and new listing information came via the fax machine and weekly or biweekly paper copy updates. Today, listings are put on the local Intermountain Multiple Listing Service (IMLS) electronically with tons of information available to anyone with access. Millions of people can now view your listing! In the past, most sellers expected their listing agent to put ads in the local newspaper, host open houses & bring the buyer to their home. Today, an exceptional listing agent understands that although there are still great ways to market through print ads, statistically, OVER 90% of buyers look for homes online via their computer, smart phones, tablets, etc. Furthermore, 40% of buyers find the home by themselves online, compared to only 2% using print ads! Your agent must understand this statistic and market where buyers are looking!Preferably, the listing agent will have a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation as well. This designation means the agent understands the unique situations Seniors face in buying or selling their homes, including: loss of loved ones, trusts, 401Ks, IRAs, down-sizing or right-sizing, community requirements, emotional attachments to the home, etc.A great agent can also assist their clients in preparing their home for sale to maximize profits by helping the seller stage their home, make necessary repairs, take professional photos, create a website for the home, etc. A SRES agent understands that Seniors may want to buy in a community that features specific amenities that are most desirable to Seniors, and also may consider proximity to health care professionals. Being near a local hospital could mean the difference between life or death. Be sure your agent has the SRES designation and is FULL-time, and do not be afraid to ask how many homes they sell annually. Everyone knows someone who sells real estate, but having a professional & caring agent will make a huge difference.By Sean Taylor Boise SRES Realtor & Top Producer

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Legacy Corps is now available in southwest Idaho!

Legacy Corps is now available in southwest Idaho! Legacy Corps is an award-winning national service project that provides volunteer-powered caregiver support for veterans and military families. A growing and specialized need for caregiver support exists among veterans and military families. Research indicates that caregivers of veterans report more than twice the emotional stress of caregivers of adults nationally, almost three times the level of physical strain, and almost four times the level of financial hardship. Legacy Corps was launched by Friends in Action in 2012 to help address these caregiving needs. Legacy Corps programs operate in 15 cities across 10 states, and all Legacy Corps programs partner with the University of Maryland and the Corporation for National and Community Service to provide support services to many veteran and military families. Legacy Corps volunteers provide weekly, quality assistance to veteran/military families who care for a loved one at home. Volunteers serve as companions with the veteran being cared for so the family caregiver can have a weekly break; volunteers provide transportation and prepare light meals; and volunteers help connect families to other community support services, peer-to-peer support groups, and other related services. Volunteers are well-prepared as a result of 90 hours of pre-service and ongoing in-service trainings! Legacy Corps volunteers commit to 450 hours of service over a one year period, which means every volunteer serves 10-12 hours per week helping 3 to 4 families each. Legacy Corps volunteers become a close-knit team who make a huge difference in the lives of many, many families across the Treasure Valley. All volunteers must complete an application, agree to criminal and sex offender back ground checks, participate in a national research study and have mid-year and end-of- year evaluations. Legacy Corps volunteers receive many benefits from their service. In addition to life-changing experiences helping others, volunteers receive a monthly taxable stipend and are eligible to receive an Educational Award of nearly $1,500 when they complete their year of service. For volunteers age 55+, the education award can be given to a child or grandchild. The Educational Award may be used to attend classes at most colleges/universities or to repay qualified student loans. Legacy Corps volunteers assist many veteran and military families who care for a chronically ill or disabled adult at home. This service project helps family caregivers maintain their own health and well-being; it helps volunteers develop new skills and knowledge; and it fills a growing need in our communities. For further information about Legacy Corps, please contact Friends in Action ( at 333-1363. Friends in Action Friends in Action is a unique volunteer-powered program serving family caregivers and those they care for. We are a program of the nonprofit Mountain States Group. Highly trained volunteers lead award-winning education programs; provide caregiver respite and support/ and assist with the annual southwest Idaho Family Caregiver Conference.

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