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New Jersey - Bergen and Passaic Counties

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Sunrise of Wayne

Assisted Living 184 Berdan Avenue, Wayne, New Jersey, 07470

At Sunrise of Wayne, you will enjoy and celebrate our true sense of community. We are a family and will quickly welcome you into our home. We will get to know your likes and dislikes, what motivates and inspires you, and what you need to be healthy and happy. All of this will be incorporated into a plan for success developed for you in partnership with you, your family, and your physicians. Our approach to your personal wellness is holistic, with services and amenities that support your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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Sunrise of Old Tappan

Assisted Living 195 Old Tappan Rd, Old Tappan, New Jersey, 07675

At Sunrise of Old Tappan, we believe in choice and independence. You will select your suite from multiple styles and spend your day pursuing passions and exploring interests. Our resident-focused programs ensure that you will always have access to a full slate of engaging activities, and you will quickly find yourself among friends. Our dynamic and respectful team of senior living caregivers and professionals are singularly focused on meeting your individualized needs and will work with you and your family to develop a customized plan that does just that.

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Sunrise of Franklin Lakes

Memory Care 728 Franklin Ave, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, 07417

At Sunrise of Franklin Lakes, residents like you enjoy living in a 4.7-acre green community that mirrors American Colonial style and architecture. Our beautiful residences boast large windows that welcome natural light and showcase the inspiring views of our forested surroundings. Our community is designed to promote your comfort and safety, with your health and well-being in the able hands of our professional caregivers. Our team works by your side to create an ideal plan that caters to your likes, acknowledges your preferences, and meets your needs.

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Sunrise of Cresskill

Memory Care 3 Tenakill Park Dr East, Cresskill, New Jersey, 07626

In our sprawling three-level mansion at Sunrise of Cresskill, we offer a full range of senior living options in a highly desirable setting and location. Residents enjoy beautiful foliage-rich viewsoccasionally spotting deer in the woods. Our housekeeping services provide our residents with an enjoyable, chore-free lifestyle, while the 24-hour bistro-style caf and formal dining room offer a variety of menus and homemade meals made from fresh, local ingredients.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

Auctions vs. Estate Sales: Which is Best For You?

Selling your items is a big commitment, but you can get cash for your things. There are a lot of options out there, but this article will focus on three separate ways to get your possessions sold: Online sales Auction salesEstate sales Online SalesFrom Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to Next Door and Ebay, there are a variety of ways you can sell everything from furniture to clothing. You have to do the work which includes posting your items with photos and a description, setting a price and dealing with questions from interested buyers. This takes some time and you should be cautious about who you are meeting if you agree to sell something to a stranger.  Auction SalesAuctions sales are an easy way for someone else to do the work for you. You can choose to have an auctioneer come to your home and hold a sale on your property if you have enough possessions. The advantage to using an auction house is that they have experience with what is popular and sells well. Plus, people follow certain auction houses which can bring an automatic audience for the sale.  Estate SalesEstate sales are a way to clear almost everything out of a home. Typically, estate sales are used when someone needs to move out quickly or after a death of the homeowner. Estate sale professionals can charge you several different ways such as one price for the entire sale or a portion of the proceeds. Make sure you understand all the terms upfront and look for someone who is bonded and insured since people will be on your property.  WayForth can help you or a family member with our comprehensive moving solutions including downsizing, space planning, packing and moving, and unpacking, and settling in your set-up in a new home, contact our moving professionals today at 817-697-4478 or go to our website to learn more! 

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The Beginners Guide to Space Planning

Moving to a new home can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. With all the other things that need to be taken care of, its easy for space planning to get pushed off until after you move in. But taking the time to thoughtfully plan the layout of your new home before making the move has numerous benefits, ranging from convenience and cost-effectiveness through improved coordination and decreased stress levels.  WayForthsmove professionals will help you with space planning, packing and unpacking, downsizing, and more!Contactour team today to learn more about how we can help you!  Advantages of Space Planning Before Moving There are many advantages to space planning before moving, such as being able to identify what items are necessary to bring, what can be donated or thrown away, and where everything will fit in the new space. How to Analyze Your New Home and Plan Out the Perfect Layout Consider the function of each room and how you want to use it. This will help you determine the best layout for each space. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a home that not only looks great but also works for your lifestyle. Tips for Optimizing Space and Maximizing Storage Solutions Utilize vertical space with tall bookcases and shelves or opt for multi-functional furniture like a storage ottoman or bed with built-in drawers. Dont be afraid to get creative with organization repurpose items like mason jars or tension rods for unique storage solutions. With a little careful planning and clever thinking, your space can be both functional and stylish. Making Room Arrangements to Create a Harmonious Balance in Your Home When it comes to creating a harmonious balance in your home, the placement of furniture and dcor can play a major role. One of the first things to consider is the size of your space and how much floor plan layout flexibility you have. A well-balanced room should feel open and inviting instead of cramped and cluttered.  Consider Space Planning with WayForth To take the stress out of moving and make sure that your space is planned perfectly for you, use WayForths space planning services today! Whether youre seeking extra storage space or are looking for ways to create more room for entertaining friends and family, our experienced team has your back every step of the way from packing up your old place right through to setting up furniture in your new abode. Dont wait any longer;contactWayForths team for help with your next move!  Read more about space planning benefits here! 

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Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey

As a leading provider of pilonidal treatments, the Pilonidal Treatment Center of New Jersey (PTCNJ) is a unique medical practice with pilonidal surgeons solely focused on the treatment and cure of pilonidal disease. Our pilonidal treatments include antibiotic management, emergency surgical drainage, surgical removal, laser ablation, and more. PTCNJ is the only center in the state dedicated to the treatment and cure of pilonidal disease. We treat our patients with an emphasis on compassion, competence, and professionalism. Contact us today to find out what a pilonidal cyst doctor can do for you.Our pilonidal surgeons are specialized in pilonidal cyst surgery, simple pilonidal cystectomy, antibiotic management for pilonidal disease, emergency surgical drainage and pit picking. Visit our website to learn more about pilonidal diseases, symptoms and treatments.More information!Business email: info@ptcnj.comPhone number: (862) 267-0388Hours operation:Monday-Wednesday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM ; Thursday - Friday 9:30 AM - 4:30 PMSocial media:Facebook | Blog

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The Journey Through Grief

At some point in our life each of us will experience the loss of someone we love dearly. With loss comes grief. Although grief is a universal emotion it may be one of the most intimate and personal feelings we ever experience. Losing a loved one evokes anxiety and feelings of loneliness that we may have never known before. Even though we may be lucky to have family and friends to support us, we feel alone in our grief.There may be times when grief seems everlasting and the pain and discomfort feels like it will never dissipate. It is true that grief has its own life span, but there are identifiable stages of grief that can help individuals navigate through their journey. Immediately following a loss you may feel numb. The responsibility of focusing on medical care for your loved one, making final arrangements and managing the paper work that comes after a death may sometimes shadow the reality of your loss. When all of the housekeeping is complete you may even experience a feeling of disconnection wondering if your loved one is really gone. When the realness of the situation begins to seep through, an extreme sadness may overcome you. This stage is often the most difficult and most frightening. It may also be the longest lasting stage. Over time this sadness will decrease and you may feel a reluctant acceptance of your loved ones death. As this acceptance takes hold you will realize that life does move forward and you can return to living even without him/her present each day. Life will be different, but you will experience joy again.Our society has made great strides in understanding end-of-life issues as they relate to the patient we still have a long way to travel to understand the impact of loss on those who are left behind. Friends and family members may suggest you move on or get over it. Grief is not something you have control over. Sometimes the loneliness of grief causes us to forget that help is available. Supports groups and individual counseling are available. It is when you are experiencing your lowest moment, that reaching out is most important. With time and support you will be able to look forward to the future once again. Editors Note: Judith Pilchik Zucker, LCSW, is a Bereavement Coordinator and Counselor with the Saint Barnabas Hospice and Palliative Care Center (SBHPCC). For information about bereavement programs and services offered by the SBHPCC, please call 973-322-4817 or visit

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