Best Ways to Pay for Senior Living & Live Worry Free - #5: Veterans Benefits

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Nov 13, 2023


Florida - Orlando , Florida - Sarasota, Bradenton & Charlotte Counties , Florida - Southwest

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The cost of senior living in Florida may be more affordable than you expect. Our expert senior advisors will teach you insider secrets and strategies to pay for senior living and live the stress-free life you've been dreaming of. In this video, we discuss another way to pay for senior living: Veterans Benefits. For more ways to pay for assisted living, watch the rest of our series and download our FREE e-book "8 Ways to Pay for Assisted Living & Memory Care" - If you're looking for senior living options or in-home care, contact us! We help seniors get the care they deserve to start enjoying their golden years. Call us: (800) 969-7176 Email us:


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In this podcast episode of "Senior Care Confidential," the host discusses challenges and opportunities in healthcare and senior care. The focus is on Veterans Administration (VA) benefits, particularly the Aid and Attendance pension and the Community Care Network (CCN) benefits.The host, Bryan, is joined by Eric vanGoethem from Amada Senior Care to shed light on VA benefits. The Aid and Attendance pension is a valuable benefit for wartime-era veterans and their surviving spouses. However, only 25% of those who qualify apply for it due to complex application processes and lack of awareness.Eric introduces the CCN benefits, which include home health aide, homemaker, and respite benefits. Unlike the Aid and Attendance pension, the CCN benefits involve a simpler application process, starting with VA healthcare approval, seeing a VA primary care physician, and having a case manager determine the hours needed for care. The VA pays approved agencies directly for the caregiving services.Eric emphasizes the need for awareness and encourages veterans and their families to explore these benefits. He mentions initiatives like Community Veteran Engagement Boards (CVEBs) and Veteran Community Partnerships (VCPs) designed to connect community organizations with the VA. Listeners are urged to reach out to Eric for more information and access to resources, including a comparison document detailing CCN benefits versus Aid and Attendance pension. The podcast aims to educate seniors, veterans, and their families about available support services.

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Funda Eisen, a dedicated caregiver with a heartwarming story that drew her into the world of elderly care shares her experience working at HarborChase of Southlake. As we delved into her journey, Funda shared her profound connection to the elderly, ignited by her experience caring for her mother-in-law who battled Alzheimer's and Parkinson's for two and a half years.Funda's journey at HarborChase of Southlake is not just a job; it's a calling. Almost five years into her tenure, she radiates passion and commitment to the community's core values: race, respect, attentiveness, integrity, and excellence. In our conversation, Funda paints a vivid picture of HarborChase of Southlake as more than just a care facility; it's a family where directors, residents, and their families unite as one.She emphasized the unique atmosphere, where the resident-caregiver relationship goes beyond the norm. It's a familial bond that turns daily routines into meaningful connections. Funda expresses her admiration for the diverse stories shared by the residents, from family anecdotes to professional experiences and cherished trips. It's these narratives that fuel her inspiration and make every day at HarborChase of Southlake an enriching experience.At the heart of HarborChases philosophy is the celebration of individuality. Funda highlights the importance of treating each resident as a unique individual, a policy that creates an environment where residents feel valued, secure, and truly at home. It's this personalized approach that sets this community apart, turning it into a haven of support and understanding.In Funda's words, what she cherishes most about her role is the collaborative spirit that defines HarborChase of Southlake. It's not just a team; it's a family working together with love for the residents and a genuine passion for what they do. Funda believes, this shared commitment creates an environment where residents not only receive exceptional care but also thrive within the embrace of a compassionate and understanding community. Her story serves as a testament to the transformative power of genuine care and the profound impact that a united community can have on the lives of those it serves.Located near beautiful Fort Worth, HarborChase of Southlake offers a warm and inviting community in the heart of Texas. Our Southlake community delivers all the convenience and opportunity of a big city with the personalized, welcoming touch of small-town living. With first-class amenities and unmatched hospitality, our community provides the best in luxury assisted living in North Dallas. Enjoy our state-of-the art fitness center, exquisite fine dining experiences, engaging social events, and much more.