Invite to Virtual Event: How kcmoHomeBuyer eliminates the hard parts of selling a house

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Mar 07, 2023


Kansas/Missouri - Kansas City

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The team at kcmoHomeBuyer is hosting a short virtual presentation to explain how we help eliminate the hard parts of selling a house for your, your loved ones, or clients. If you or anyone you know has a house they need to sell, but the task of cleaning it out and getting it ready is just too large. The thought of multiple strangers walking through the house is scary. And after getting the contract, it's just too much to sweat out the inspections, requested repairs, appraisal, and the buyer's loan approval. There is a better way, join us to find out more about how we buy houses across the Kansas City Metro: Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 at 10:30 am - on Zoom Register at Everyone who registers attends will receive a free digital copy of our book Paying for Long Term Care: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Funding Senior Care

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