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Jun 06, 2022



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Through our affiliation with medical care providers, we are able to offer consumers hearing aids at true wholesale prices. Our unique partnership with medical professionals allows them to sell directly to their patients without the expensive markup costs incurred by an Audiologist. This concept passes the savings on to the consumer saving them up to 80%.
RxHearing's parent company has been a Brand Name manufacturer in the hearing industry since 1954.  We stand behind our products 100% and we are proud to now offer the consumer the same quality and value that we have been providing to the hearing industry for many years.

With RxHearing you can feel confident with your purchase.  Our customers only receive medical quality hearing aids along with our outstanding service, warranties and money-back guarantees!

For more information on RXHearing Aids, please visit their listings found below under "Local Services By This Author", or visit their website directly at www.rxhearingaids.com

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