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You don’t have to spend tons of money to achieve a fresh new look in your bathroom space. Follow our guide to learn about affordable bathroom ideas and easy styling hacks that will make your space feel polished and rejuvenated.

You might not be ready to make a big change, but many avenues await if your goal is to spruce up your bathroom. A fresh coat of paint, affordable bathroom decor, bold wallpaper that makes a statement, a wood floor, or a healthy green plant. These are just a few simple boosts on a budget. Change is good, especially when it comes to decor and style. In this article, we look at a variety of inexpensive bathroom updates that will make your space feel brand new without hurting your bank account. Here are 17 affordable bathroom ideas you should try.

1. Painting Bathroom Walls

A white tub is surrounded by mint green bathroom walls

Putting a fresh coat of paint on your bathroom walls or trying a new shade can make the whole space feel polished. You can also put a coat of paint on your wood trim, so everything looks like it's practically brand new.

Picking the right color can make your bathroom feel more spacious. If you’re working with a smaller area, designers often recommend going lighter and brighter. White will obviously reflect the most light, and it gives an airy fresh look.

Another popular choice for smaller bathrooms is lighter, more neutral tones like soft taupe and light gray or spa-like pale blues and greens. These colors also help reflect light and make your smaller space feel a bit bigger. If you’re looking for a great bathroom idea on a budget, new paint can make a huge difference.

2. Swapping Out Your Hardware

classy black bathroom vanity with golden hardware

The impact you can make just by swapping out your cabinet knobs, pulls, and handles is astonishing. It’s another awesome bathroom-on-a-budget idea to consider. This whole job shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars with a large bathroom. It could cost even less than $100 if you’re working on a smaller area and choosing affordable options.

Hardware for cabinets comes in a variety of colors, styles, designs, finishes, and textures. You can find everything from chrome to wood or plastic, and even ceramic.

This is such a simple and satisfying change to make, and since you're just swapping out hardware, it requires very little effort. You just need your hands and a screwdriver when it comes to tools. You will want to make sure that whatever new hardware you choose, it's the same size as the ones you are replacing so the existing holes line up exactly.

3. Getting New Fixtures

close-up shot of a shiny bathtub faucet

Another bathroom-on-a-budget idea is to change up your fixtures. See your showerhead and knobs and faucets for your sink and tub. You can swap them out for a new material that will transform the look of your bathroom.

Combine this with painting, and you can make an even more noticeable difference when it comes to updating your space. For example, you could go from white paint and stainless-steel fixtures to a soft taupe with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, and you’d see a remarkable transformation.

4. Freshen Up Your Grout

person cleaning tiles and grout with a yellow brush

Not only can this simple idea make your bathroom feel new again, but it can also help make your space feel somewhat larger. Pre-made grout cleaners are available on the market; however, you can make your own, which is very easy to do.

Start by wiping down the grout with hot water to remove any dirt and grime that may be stuck to the surface. Next, mix your cleaning solution, which is two parts baking soda to one part hydrogen peroxide. Then, apply the paste to the grout, let it sit, and wait ten to 15 minutes. Lastly, use a soft brush and thoroughly scrub the grout. This is one of the best bathroom-on-a-budget ideas since it only requires baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and a brush.

This affordable bathroom-decor idea will make your grout shine and leave your bathroom feeling fresh and updated. And after you spruce up the grout, take time to clean your entire bathroom. Not only will you enhance its style, but you’ll also reduce the risk of infection and illness (viruses and bacteria can live on bathroom surfaces for up to a week!). Use products that clean as well as disinfect.

5. Try Daring Wallpaper

A green tropical bathroom with a white traditional tub and brown shower curtain

You can find tons of different wallpapers for a reasonable price. It just depends on where you look. This is an affordable bathroom decor idea that will leave everyone impressed with your new and improved space.

A bathroom is a perfect place to try bold wallpaper. There’s plenty of stuff in the room (mirrors, windows, shower, bath, cabinetry), which all help to break up the walls so the pattern doesn’t overwhelm the space. Stylish wallpaper is affordable bathroom decor that can transform any space.

6. Introduce an Indoor Plant

A potted plant is on the ground next to a white bathtub

Indoor plants add much-needed color to a neutral space. They bring a liveliness you can’t mimic with anything else. You can find affordable indoor plants and trees (even fake ones!) that will brighten your space and give you that perfect, tiny change you desperately need. If you’re looking for affordable bathroom-decor ideas, something as simple as adding a plant to the room can boost the overall ambiance.

Plants also increase humidity in the air, and humidity determines our thermal comfort. When humidity levels are low, our skin gets flaky and itchy and our eyes become dry and irritated. Low humidity also increases your chances of getting a cold, flu, and other infections. Some plants like the Peace Lilly can also reduce high levels of humidity.

7. Add an Area Rug

Rug is on herringbone bathroom tile in front of vanity sink

Adding a colorful or textured area rug to your bathroom can make all the difference. It adds a pop of color and character to the room. This helps make it feel bolder and more exciting.

A bathroom rug improves the floor’s appearance and protects it. It also adds warmth underfoot. It absorbs water from your body as you step out of the shower or bath, keeping it off the floor and preventing slips. A 100% cotton rug is the best option since cotton is highly absorbent and dries fast.

8. Get a New Shower Curtain

A cotton white curtain with a dotted design down the middle hangs off a shower rod
Photo by Joyful

A shower curtain is extremely practical. It prevents water and moisture from leaving the bathroom or shower area and adds privacy, but it’s also handy at keeping your bathroom looking pretty. A shower curtain can completely transform your space. And because of its size, it seems more like a wall than an accessory.

However, unlike wallpaper, paint, or tile, a shower curtain can be changed out in minutes. When choosing one, you can go as bold as you like. This affordable bathroom decor adds texture and balance to your bathroom. It’s the centerpiece of small bathrooms and can instantly upgrade any space.

9. Fancy Bar Soaps

A fancy bar soap takes up minimal space, produces little waste, and supplies a more tangible cleanse. It’s utilitarian luxury at its finest. If a bar of soap is infused with fragrance, it fills its surroundings with a lovely aura. Every time you enter the bathroom, the soap’s scent puts you in a good mood. And for every bar of soap used, there’s one less bottle in the landfill. To make your fancy bar soap stand out, get a beautiful soap dish.

10. Install a Clear Glass Shower Door

Clear glass shower door on a white tub

This is one of the trending, affordable bathroom decor ideas that will make your bathroom look luxurious on a budget. Nothing spells luxury quite like walking into your bathroom and being able to see directly into your walk-in shower. Lots of people like the textured glass options for more privacy while bathing, but there’s something eye-catching and chic about the look of clear glass. The only caveat is that you’ll have to frequently tend to it to keep it looking clean while making sure the inside of your shower is also tidy.

11. Add a Bench Inside the Shower

Top view of a shower with a bench

If you plan to replace your shower soon and start anew, put some thought into the design. Adding a bench to the shower is a great way to make your bathroom look and feel more luxurious.

A bench boosts safety in the bathroom since a lot of bathroom accidents involve slipping. It also provides a place to sit, which is important in case of mobility issues or injuries. Look for a sturdy bench with suction. Adjustable height and bars offer a nonslip grip.

12. Use Faux Marble

Lavender sits on a grey slab of marble
Photo by Dana DeVolk

In many cases, marble wouldn’t make the list of frugal bathroom ideas. But hold on. You could use faux marble and get the same effect as the real deal. Large, porcelain tiles that look exactly like marble are available. Faux marble is a great bathroom-on-a-budget idea. Make your space look incredible at an unbeatable price.

13. Add Towel Hooks

Farmhouse bathroom with towel hook

If you can, find some beautiful towel hooks that match the finish and style of your hardware. This can make things feel lush in your bathroom. Pair them with some fluffy, clean towels, and you’re sure to impress anyone who enters.

14. Roll Your Towels

rolled up bathroom towels in a wooden bowl

You may be wondering, “How can I make my bathroom look nice on a budget?” It’s not always about purchasing new things but using what you already have with a twist ... or a roll!

Roll your towels like you would find them in a nice hotel. Carefully place them on your shelves or countertop. It’s an elegant yet simple touch when it comes to making your bathroom space feel more lavish.

15. Ditch the Plastic. Swap it with Glass

This small change makes a massive difference in your bathroom. Ditch the plastic soap bottles and replace them with glass. This way, your hand soap isn’t an eye-sore on the countertop, it looks stylish.

16. Use Apothecary Jars

Cotton balls and cotton swabs are on display in clear apothecary jars.
Photo by Jen Theodore

You can use apothecary jars of varying sizes on your shelves or countertop instead of keeping boxes of cotton swabs and other toiletries in the drawer. This simple, stylish hack gives things a fancier appearance, and it isn’t expensive. This is one of our bathroom-on-a-budget ideas you’ll want to try.

17. Add a Eucalyptus Bundle

A eucalyptus branch is wrapped around a shower head

Nothing says luxury quite like the scent of a heavenly spa as soon as you turn on that warm, comforting water. Hang a eucalyptus bundle from your showerhead. It not only looks good, but it’s also useful.

The steam and heat from your shower help to release the soothing aromatherapy qualities of this plant, which can reduce sinus inflammation and help you breathe. Eucalyptus also possesses anti-anxiety properties, which make it an incredible addition after a long day. This is one bathroom-on-a-budget idea that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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In an age where technology is rapidly shaping our daily lives, its important to recognize that the benefits of digital innovation are not limited to a specific generation. Seniors are often overlooked in the fast-paced world of app development and technology. However, seniors are starting to discover the advantages of convenience apps designed to enhance their lives.These applications have the power to simplify tasks, increase access to essential services, and improve seniors independence. In this article, we will explore a range of convenience apps tailored to the unique needs and preferences of seniors, shedding light on the digital tools that are helping them lead more comfortable, connected, and fulfilling lives.Best Multifunctional Apps for Seniors A number of multifunctional apps have emerged as helpful tools for seniors. These tools offer a wide array of benefits that can enhance seniors daily lives. 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This ultimately contributes to a greater sense of independence and comfort in their daily lives.Amazon AlexaPhoto credit: Amazon AlexaThe Amazon Alexa and the accompanying app are a virtual assistant technology that simplifies seniors daily routines and enhances their quality of life. With voice-activated commands, seniors can effortlessly control smart devices, set reminders, and access a plethora of information. From playing music to providing health tips, the Amazon Alexa helps seniors maintain their independence while enjoying the convenience of a voice-activated digital assistant.Ride Hailing Apps for SeniorsRide-hailing apps have emerged as lifelines for seniors who no longer drive or do not have easy access to transportation. These apps offer a user-friendly and convenient way to secure reliable rides to medical appointments, social gatherings, or everyday errands. For seniors, this newfound mobility can significantly enhance their quality of life. Having a mode of transportation helps seniors access the essential services they need, and allows them to stay connected to friends and family. Socializing is key for seniors mental and physical well-being, and having access to transportation helps make that possible. Below are some apps seniors can use to find reliable transportation.Uber and Uber AssistPhoto credit: Phone ArenaUber is one of the most well-known ride sharing apps. It can be found in every state in the US along with 10,000 cities in 72 countries around the world. In 2021, Uber reported having approximately 100,000 drivers in the state of Florida. Seniors can enter their desired destination, and an Uber driver will come pick them up and bring them where they want to go.One tool for seniors who need more help is Uber Assist. This rideshare program provides special assistance for people who might need extra assistance, including those who are older, less mobile, or have disabilities. Drivers for Uber Assist have been specially trained on helping these riders into vehicles and loading and unloading assistive devices. Seniors can access Uber Assist in the regular Uber app, as long as the service is available in the area. After entering the desired destination, simply select Assist at the bottom of the screen. This service is also available for caregivers and family members who request a ride for a senior. And, you can even schedule an Uber Assist ride in advance on the app. Uber Assist is currently available in 40 cities.    Lyft and LivelyPhoto credit: LyftLyft is another major ridesharing app. Lyft works the same as Uber people can input their desired destinations, and a car will pick them up and bring them where they wish to go. Lyft is available in all 50 states as well as 72 countries. They also offer discounted rides for low-income families and seniors to access healthy food through their Lyft Up program. Lyft has partnered with Lively to create a service just for seniors who have Jitterbug phones. Seniors can simply dial 0 on their Jitterbug phone to be connected with an operator who will schedule a ride for them. This service is available anywhere Lyft operates.Grocery and Meal Delivery Apps for SeniorsGrocery and meal delivery apps can be life changing for seniors, ensuring they have access to fresh food and prepared meals without the challenges of in-person shopping or cooking. These apps allow seniors to conveniently browse, select, and order groceries or meals from the comfort of their own homes. With doorstep delivery, seniors no longer need to worry about transportation or navigating busy stores, which can be particularly taxing for some. In fact, seniors are using food delivery services at record-breaking rates. A recent study found that in 2020, 1 in 4 seniors ordered groceries or food delivery.This technology not only simplifies seniors daily routines but also contributes to their overall well-being, offering a lifeline for those who may have limited mobility or want to avoid crowded public spaces. Food delivery tools are another way seniors can maintain their independence and quality of life. Below are some of the most prominent.InstacartPhoto credit: InstacartInstacart is a grocery delivery service that allows you to shop from your favorite grocery stores with your computer or mobile device. Simply add items to your cart and schedule your preferred delivery time, which can be as fast an hour, or even several days in advance. Then, a shopper will gather your items and deliver them straight to your door.Instacart even has a special Senior Support Service for customers over age 60. With this service, Instacart specialists help customers who may need additional assistance to set up their accounts and place grocery orders. The Senior Support Line is available in the U.S. and Canada at 18449813433, daily from 8 a.m.-11 p.m. ET. Amazon Prime and Whole Foods deliveryPhoto credit: Food Business NewsWith over 200 million members, Amazon Prime has become an exceedingly popular service. Amazon Prime is a great tool for seniors to get household items delivered straight to their home. They can even schedule the items for repeat delivery so they never need to worry about reordering items. One useful feature that comes with Amazon Prime is Whole Foods delivery. For $9.95, Amazon Prime members in select regions can order Whole Foods groceries via Amazon.com or the Amazon app, and schedule them for same-day or next-day delivery to their home. Customers can also order Whole Foods groceries for curbside pickup at no additional cost. Grocery pickup is available at 500 Whole Foods stores in the US.UberEatsPhoto credit: UberEatsFor seniors who are already familiar with the Uber app, UberEats can be a great way to have meals delivered from their favorite restaurants. The companys food-delivery platform is similar to its rideshare platform, which can be helpful to streamline the experience for seniors. DoorDashPhoto credit: AllrecipesDoorDash is widely considered the most popular food delivery service in the US. Available in about 7,000 cities, DoorDash delivers food from more than 300,000 restaurants. It also saves your previous orders to make it easy for seniors to reorder from their favorite spots.GrubhubPhoto credit: GrubhubGrubhub delivers to about 8,000 cities in the US. In Florida, Grubhub delivers groceries and household items from about 260 restaurants and stores. The platform works the same way as UberEats or DoorDash, but some believe GrubHub has a wider selection of restaurants to choose from. Health Apps for SeniorsApps related to health and wellness are another beneficial technology for senior citizens. By enhancing health awareness and accessibility to care, health apps are valuable assets that enable seniors to maintain their health as they age. Below are some popular apps for senior health.MediSafePhoto credit: BridgingAppsMediSafe is the #1 rated pill reminder app by pharmacists and physicians. The app keeps track of your medications, reminds you when to take them, and tracks when you have or have not taken them. It also provides drug interaction warnings if they occur. And, it can alert seniors caregivers of missed doses.Medication management can be a challenge for some seniors, especially those who are experiencing memory difficulties. An app like MediSafe helps seniors keep track of their pills and prevent the dangers that can come with mismanaging medication.GoodRXPhoto credit: Medcity NewsThe GoodRX app and website provide coupons that can save customers up to 80% on their prescriptions. This service also allows customers to compare prices of prescriptions across 70,000 U.S. pharmacies. In Florida alone, there are over 1,300 pharmacies that accept GoodRx coupons and discounts. Overall, this service is a helpful resource for seniors to save money on necessary medications, which can quickly get expensive.ConclusionWhether seniors are aging at home or in a Florida assisted living community, convenience apps have proven to be invaluable tools for improving independence and quality of life. By making everyday tasks more accessible and efficient, these apps empower seniors to lead more full, connected lives, while also providing peace of mind to their loved ones. As technology continues to advance, the positive impact of convenience apps for seniors will continue to increase, creating a more inclusive and supportive digital landscape for our senior community.Need more senior guidance?Navigating the challenges that come with aging can be difficult. If you or a loved one could use no-cost guidance on finding the best senior living and care, give Florida Senior Consulting a call at (800) 969-7176.We help seniors find their perfect senior living communities, and we help with every step of the process along the way! Touring, packing, moving, unpacking, settling in we help with it ALL!Visit FloridaSeniorConsulting.com to learn more.

The Importance of Medical Alert Systems for Seniors Who are Aging in Place

Weve all seen the commercial with the infamous line: Help, Ive fallen and I cant get up! The advertisement itself may have been a bit melodramatic, but it raises an important question: what should seniors do if they actually fall and cannot get up?This is where a medical alert system can be critical.What are Medical Alert Systems?Medical alert systems, sometimes referred to as life alert devices, are emergency monitors for seniors to use as they go about their everyday lives. Many medical alert systems are used in the seniors home. These usually consist of a base unit and sensors that are mounted on the wall of the home. These types of systems can detect a fall in the home and trigger an automatic call to emergency services.Some systems also come with a portable option for the senior to wear wherever they go. The main feature of mobile options is the help button. When an emergency such as an injury or fall occurs, seniors can press this button to send out an alert and get the help they need.Oftentimes seniors wear these portable monitors around their neck like a long necklace, on their wrist like a bracelet, on their belt loop, or in their pocket. These monitors should be small and portable so the senior can wear them at all times, and waterproof so they can wear them in the bath or shower a common location for falls.How Do Medical Alert Systems Work?Most medical alert systems allow for real-time tracking through the use of voice, data, and GPS technology. This is important because it gives emergency services the seniors exact location in case of an emergency.With a mobile device, seniors can press the help button after a fall to alert emergency personnel. An in-home system will automatically alert emergency services when it detects a fall. Many basic systems simply alert emergency services once the help button is pressed. More elaborate systems are connected to a 24-hour call center that fields the emergencies and determines the next move. They are able to either alert the seniors emergency contacts (set up ahead of time) or send for emergency services if needed.Who Should Use Medical Alert Systems?All seniors could benefit from having a medical alert system, since you never know when an incident may occur. But, these emergency alert buttons are especially important for seniors who live alone or are aging in place. If a senior who lives alone has a fall and no one is there to help, a medical alert system is not just beneficial; it can actually be lifesaving.Additionally, wearing a medical alert system is one way for seniors to maintain their independence at home while still being prepared for an emergency. And it also provides peace of mind for family members and caregivers that their loved ones can access help in case of an emergency.Why Should Seniors Use a Medical Alert System?The main reason for seniors to use a medical alert system is to allow for fast action in case of a fall or other emergency. According to the CDC, around 36 million falls are reported among seniors every year. Falls can be caused by a number of reasons, such as certain health and cognitive conditions, loss of muscle mass, and weakened eyesight, reflexes, and balance. They can also be caused by unsafe footwear or safety hazards inside and outside the home, like steps, rugs, spills, and clutter.Falls should be taken seriously when they occur. Falls are the leading cause of accidents, serious injuries, and accidental deaths in seniors. To that end, emergency departments treat 3 million seniors for injuries from falls every year. That is more than 8,000 falls every day.The risk of falling can also be a major source of anxiety for seniors, as falls can threaten their independence, mobility, and physical health.Oftentimes when a senior falls, they need help from someone else to regain their balance and get back up. But, if they live alone or no one is around, they may not be able to get themselves up at all. Being stuck on the ground for a long period of time is extremely dangerous for seniors and prolongs their risk of serious injury. Therefore, getting help quickly after a fall is key. With a medical alert system, even a senior who lives alone can have peace of mind that help is available when they need it all at the push of a button. How Much Do Medical Alert Systems Cost?As with all technology, the price of medical alert systems can vary based on equipment, activation, monitoring type, extra devices, and additional features.Some companies allow you to rent their medical alert system equipment, and some require you to buy it. Buying the items may cost anywhere from $50-$350 depending on the type of equipment.In addition, many medical alert systems charge a monthly fee to use their service. This fee pays for access to the 24-hour emergency call center.Generally, the service cost for at-home medical alert systems is around $25 per month or $239 per year. The service cost for on-the-go-devices is slightly more expensive at around $30-$45 a month. Sometimes there is an additional one-time installation or activation fee that can range from $25-$100. However, this fee is often included in the package when you purchase and initiate a medical alert system.Are Medical Alert Systems Covered by Insurance?Usually medical alert systems are not covered by insurance. But, some options might be available to help you cover the cost.For example, your HSA or FSA may offer a deduction for medical alert systems. Medicare Advantage may also cover some of the cost of medical alert systems. You may be able to get coverage through Veterans benefits as well. However, make sure you check with your insurance provider or your states Medicare/Medicaid program, as benefits can vary by policy or state.If you need assistance funding a medical alert system, be sure to contact your local sheriffs office or Area Agency on Aging, which sometimes have grants or resources available. Best Affordable Medical Alert Systems for SeniorsThere are hundreds of companies that sell medical alert systems. Some of the top-rated, affordable options are as follows:MobileHelp - The National Council on Aging (NCOA) voted this company as Best All-Around System. Their monthly fees start at $19.95 and fall buttons are available for an additional $10 per month. They also offer a free trial period.Bay Alarm Medical - The NCOA voted this company as Best for the Price. Their fees start at $25 per month and fall buttons are available for an additional $10 per month. They also offer a free trial period.Lively - Voted Best Health Services by the NCOA, this companys fees start at $25 per month, with fall detection buttons for an additional $25 per month.Other options include Get Safe as a basic option, Medical Guardian MGMove as a wearable option, and Fast Help as an easy, quick option available on Amazon. Some other notable providers of medical alert systems are ADT Medical Alert and Life Alert.How to Help Your Senior Loved OnesMedical alert systems are one impactful way to gain confidence about your senior loved ones safety as they age. For some seniors, this is all the reassurance they need about their safety and independence. But, other seniors may need a little more support.Having a fall can reveal or trigger the need for additional support. Whether you are looking for support in a senior living community or are seeking home health care services, Florida Senior Consulting can help. Our expert senior advisors will find your loved one the care they need to lead a healthy lifestyle, stay safe and lower their risk of falls and injuries. With this peace of mind ultimately comes a better quality of life for seniors and their families.When the decisions become too overwhelming, our experts are here for you. And, we offer these services at no cost to seniors or their families.Senior living on your terms. The choice should be yours.For peace of mind, call us at (800) 969-7176 or visit us at FloridaSeniorConsulting.com.