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Aug 15, 2023


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As a parent, you will give your children many lovely gifts. A lifetime of presents may include everything from a birthday puppy to a college education, a trip to Disney to relationship advice.

But the next time you want to give your children something special, consider pre-planning your funeral.

There are many benefits to planning in advance. We count down the top six reasons families tell us pre-paid funeral plans are the best gift they ever received from their parents.


6. You get to choose exactly what you want.

Pre-planning your funeral allows you to carefully consider your options and make the choices that ensure that your life is remembered and celebrated the way that you want. Even if you tell your family about your end-of-life wishes, they may not remember or agree. The only way to know for sure that you will get a cremation with a celebration of life by the lake or a New Orleans-style jazz procession is by planning in advance.


Senior couple embracing and looking over rest of family

My parents purchased prepaid funeral expenses many years ago. After all these years, when we went to use these services, everything was paid for, except the death certificates. (which was understandable.)

—Carol S., Medway, MA

5. Your children won't have to find a way to pay for your funeral.

You may not be able to shield your children from the emotionally difficult parts of a passing, but you can help ensure that they don’t have to worry about money at the same time. In the days immediately following your death, your assets may be unavailable and life insurance can take six to eight weeks to pay. Without a prepaid plan in place, your children will be expected to cover all of your funeral expenses before funeral services. Pre-planning—and prepaying—means relief from that burden. Learn about monthly funeral payment options here.


Father and son embracing

Having a burial arrangement is one of the greatest ways to let your loved ones know that just because you are no longer physically there you are still looking out for them and their well-being. It’s the greatest gift you can ever give.

—Rayette A., Kent, WA

4. Your family members won’t need to worry about getting it wrong.

Would Dad have wanted the hand-carved, solid mahogany casket? Would Mom have wanted every last member of her church to attend the funeral service? When plans aren't prepared beforehand, loved ones guess—and then worry that maybe they got it wrong. Save them from doubt and anxiety over getting it right by planning in advance.


A couple pre-plans on a tablet at a funeral home.

From experience, it is really important to pre-plan your wishes ahead of time. When my Mother died it was so hard & such a shock to our family. My Father & I went down to Greenoaks & made all his arrangements, paid for them so when the time came for him it would be taken care of and easier for my Sister & myself. It was a true blessing an actual gift he gave us.

—Monica N., Baton Rouge, LA

3. Your family won’t have to face quick decisions.

At the time of need, funeral arrangements are usually made in a couple of days. Even if you lay out your wishes in a will, your children can be left scrambling, since funerals often take place before a will is located or read. To protect your loved ones from facing hurried decisions during an already difficult time, plan your funeral in advance. Putting the details in writing not only ensures your wishes will be followed, but saves others from needing to make judgment calls on your behalf.

"My husband and I decided we will set up a pre-planning meeting for our desires when the time arrives. We would like whomever handles to have the same experience we had as its a very difficult time when one passes." —Janice L., Las Vegas, NV


Grandmother, mother, and daughter looking at a photo album together

Doing pre-need arrangements was a tremendous gift our dad did for us. At the time of dad's death, I was so heart broken and was so thankful dad had made all the tough decisions ahead of time. He didn't leave much for me to do. I was able to fall apart and grieve his passing.

—Debra B., Lakewood, CO

2. You lock in today’s prices and save money.

One of the more practical benefits of planning your funeral in advance is financial. As the cost of living rises, so do the costs of funerals and burials. When you plan and pay in advance, you essentially lock in a price guarantee. For example, if you plan today and choose a casket that costs $2,000, you will never have to pay more than that for that casket, even if it doubles in price. Paying for things at current prices protects you—and your children—against inflation. Learn about how much cremations and funerals cost.


Dignity Memorial female employee showing older couple options on tablet.

"Both my parents had purchased a pre-paid cremation policy in 1984, which saved me a considerable amount of money related to today's prices."

—Beth C., Houston, TX

1. Your loved ones can focus on remembering and healing.

Perhaps often forgotten, but the top reason families tell us that prepaid funerals are the best gift they ever received is the emotional value of prepaying for a funeral.

The days immediately following a death are emotionally difficult. Pre-planning your funeral, cremation or burial, documenting your wishes, and paying for arrangements give your loved ones the time, space and permission they need to grieve without having to make hundreds of funeral decisions. The time they might have spent making arrangements can be spent with family and friends, remembering a special life and beginning the healing process.


Mother and daughter walking in the park

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How to Grieve When a Funeral is Not Possible

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live, but perhaps even more heartbreaking, how we are able to grieve. Social distancing has prevented holding funerals or otherwise gathering to mourn the loss of our loved ones, and even a comforting touch or hug isnt safe.Other rituals have been disrupted as well. Jewish and Muslim religions state that there must be a disposition of a persons remains within 24 hours after death, but in many places this is not possible; there are delays as funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories struggle to keep up with the high number of COVD-19 deaths.We mourn the loss of loved ones, and also our many ways of saying goodbye: the Jewish tradition of sitting shiva, the week-long period in which friends and family visit those in mourning to offer condolences and provide comfort that dates back to biblical times; the Irish wake, simultaneously joyful and sad, when people share songs, drinks, and stories about the departed; the Islamic ritual washing of the deceaseds body; and countless others.Not being able to perform rituals [is] devastating for people, said psychologist Noe Kasali, director of the Bethesda Counseling Center. It prolongs their suffering.One family member expressed how unsettling the inability to gather in mourning his fathers passing is: It feels unreal, like it didnt happen.In response, funeral providers, communities, and families are finding alternative ways to be together to honor loved ones who have died.Technology is playing a big part. Mourners are gathering virtually via Zoom and Skype, the free video/audio communications platforms. Families are filming funerals live on Facebook, which allows not only loved ones to take part virtually, but also opens the experience to condolences from many in the shared experience of isolation. Some funeral homes are livestreaming services, so friends and family far away can participate.In a first-person story on cheddar.com, Max Godnick described a funeral held on Zoom for his grandmother, who passed away after complications from COVID-19, as the most meaningful, spiritual, intimate, and inspiring funeral Ive ever been to. The moment encapsulated the best of social media playing out in real-time. I was provided a window into my familys global network of love and support separated by distance but brought together by a single purpose and Zoom grid view.Just like so many other families around the world right now, mine learned just how hard it is to lose a loved one without being able to see them, be with them, or say goodbye in their final days, Godnick said.Others are creating new ways of honoring those theyve lost. In County Kerry, Ireland, neighbors lined the mile-long road from the church to the graveyard to say goodbye to their friend Betty Ryan, careful to maintain safe distance between one another. A beautiful tribute and great example of community spirit, one observer said.Closer to home, in Louisville, KY, a family held a drive-by funeral procession. One by one, cars stopped in front of the home of John Renn Jr. and tossed flowers, held signs at the car windows, and smiled and waved at the family.What a time were living in right now, said Renns nephew, Rick Obst. Everybody needs a hug, but throwing tragedy on top of it? These kinds of celebrations have to be done and can be done. Were trying to set an example, hopefully, of how we can do this the best way and still stay safe from the coronavirus.Many families who may have been debating whether to choose burial or cremation for a loved one are now choosing cremation already the choice of more than half in the US. This gives the option of scheduling a memorial service at a later date; also, in a tightened economy, cost has become a bigger consideration, since cremation is about one-third the price of burial.Its important to find connection in whatever ways you can, said Megan Devine, a therapist, grief advocate, and author. Even starting a text thread with close friends to talk about the person youve lost can be helpful.Other alternative mourning rituals:Talk to people. Reach out to your social support network family and friends through phone calls, emails, and video platforms. While physically separated, staying connected, talking and sharing stories about your loved one, can help alleviate the feeling of being alone in your grief.Create and express. There are so many ways to pay a personal tribute to your loved one, and art is both healing and a release. Write about or to them, or journal about how youre feeling. Cook their favorite meal. Plant a tree or flowers in their memory. Read their favorite book, listen to their favorite music, or watch their favorite movie. On social media, you can create a Facebook or Instagram page dedicated to them, and invite others to contribute or share their memories as well. Do an art or music project that youll be able to share with loved ones when youre together.Plan a memorial service for later. In a time of uncertainty, it can be deeply healing to make plans for what youll do in the future, when youll again be surrounded by family and friends who will join you in honoring this special person. Rather than thinking of a tribute as being canceled, you can use this extra time to plan something special.Ask for help. If youre struggling, there are grief resources you can go to for support. The Dougy Center, Grief.com and Grief Resource Network offer groups and programs; you can also subscribe to the Neptune Societys free bereavement series, 12 Weeks of Peace.Most important, dont deny your grief. Even if, in the time following your loved ones death, you cant mourn and celebrate their life in the way you wish, acknowledge your feelings of loss and sadness. In the midst of this larger crisis, when you may be overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, its not healthy to minimize or dismiss how this personal loss is affecting you. Its okay to cry. We all grieve in different ways, so be true to your own feelings, and ask for the emotional support you need.______________________________________________________________________________________________The Neptune Society is the nations oldest and largest provider of affordable cremation services. Whether you have an immediate need or want to plan cremation services in advance, we are always available to assist you and your family.Call 1-800-NEPTUNE (800-637-8863) today or contact us online to learn more.

What To Say In A Sympathy Thank You Note

When you experience a loss, people from all periods of your life will be there to help. Whether its old friends, family friends, or anybody else you didnt quite expect, youll want to write them a Thank you note for their assistance. The same goes for those that you knew would be there, like friends that are still around, or other family members. But, it goes without saying, if youve never written a note like this before, it can be tough to put your words to paper. Neptune Society is here to help you in your time of need by providing you with some tips on what to include in a sympathy thank you note, or funeral thank you card. What To Include In A Sympathy Or Funeral Thank You Card Writing a sympathy thank you note, or a funeral thank you card, may be easier than you think. The card and messaging doesnt have to be long its more ideal that its concise. Short and to the point is always more effective than long thank you notes. With all that youre currently experiencing, the last thing you should need to worry about is writing the perfect thank you card for someone whos assisted in the funeral of a loved one. Whats more important is to make this note or card personal. There are a number of reasons you may want to thank someone for help at a funeral. Whether this person provided food for the guests, sent flowers, or was simply there for you, its best to personalize the message accordingly. Not every card need to be personalized. Since most of the cards will be for simply attending the funeral or memorial serve, its fine to include similar phrases for each one. View some of the ideas below, and personalize where applicable. Thank you for attending (I, We) appreciate you attending (loved ones) funeral. Thank you for taking the time to come to (loved ones) funeral. It meant a lot to (us, me) to see you at (loved ones) funeral Thank you for sharing the celebration of (loved ones) life with (me, us). Follow-up (I, we) appreciate the effort you took in traveling such a distance to attend the funeral. The stories and memories you shared about (loved one) were one-of-a-kind. Your presence and words were a comfort for (me, the family) in this time. Your stories about (loved one) were special to us. You lifted our spirits with your words about (loved one). It meant a lot to us to hear how (loved one) touched the lives of others. You meant so much to (loved one) and I can tell (he/she/they) meant a lot to you. Celebrating the life of (loved one) would not have been completed without you. Closing line Your presence meant the world to (me/the family). Your support made a huge difference during this difficult time. Thank you for your words of support. Your kindness/support means more than words can possibly express. (I, the family) will always remember your kindness. You were a true friend to (loved one) and will always be an important part of the family. Now that youve got a few ideas about what to write in your thank you note, you can choose the best way to express your gratitude in just a few lines. Remember, the people on your list for thank you notes are there for a reason. They supported you and your family during a tough time, and they care. Before you go, check out some more general tips on writing your thank you notes.Dont Worry If Time Has Passed Since The Funeral: While its best to get your notes in the mail as soon as possible, people will totally understand if it takes a couple of months. Ask For Help If You Need It: After the funeral, there may be more people to thank than you initially thought. Dont be afraid to ask friends or family members for help. Include Other Family Members In The Signature: If youre sending a thank you note on behalf of the family, signing the card as The family of (loved one) allows the sender to express the gratitude of the whole family. If youre the only one whos been assisted, just sign your own name. Break Up Your List to Make it Manageable: Tackling the entire list at once can be overwhelming. Breaking the work up into manageable chunks or pieces can make it easier to get started, and get it done. Include Your Full Name And The Name Of Your Loved One In The Letter: Be sure to include your last name when thanking those who arent a close friend (for example, the office or workplace of your loved one). This is especially important if youre a bit late on sending out your acknowledgements. Short but Meaningful is the Goal: Creating a simple 1-3 sentence thank you note is the main goal here, and you want to make sure it comes from the heart. Additionally, if you choose to print your notes as opposed to hand-writing them, make sure to include a bit of personalization with a brief note and a signature. Writing A Sympathy Note Doesnt Have To Be Hard Youve dealt with enough turmoil in the past couple of months if youve recently experienced the death of a loved one. This blog post is intended to assist those that are writing a sympathy note for attendance of a funeral and have never done it before. At Neptune Society, we aim to be as helpful as possible, in all aspects, when you experience the death of a loved one. We hope this blog post was of assistance to you in your time of need. ______________________________________________________________________________________________The Neptune Society is the nations oldest and largest provider of affordable cremation services. Whether you have an immediate need or want to plan cremation services in advance, we are always available to assist you and your family.Call 1-800-NEPTUNE (800-637-8863) today or contact us online to learn more.