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Sep 14, 2011


Florida - Southwest

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Monitoring Solutions of SWFL provides GPS monitoring to the memory impaired, and those with other medical conditions. Services are available throughout the State of Florida, utilizing the S-911 bracelet - the most comprehensive tool available for caregivers and family members.
The S-911 is a watch-style bracelet which tracks location via satellite and cell phone signal. The S-911 software also has geo-fencing capability. This means the caregiver is able to create both inclusion and exclusion zones for the person wearing the device. If the wearer needs to stay within a certain area, the instant the boundary is crossed a text message is sent. Conversely, if there is a danger area such as a lake, a text will be sent when the wearer gets too close.
The S-911 is the only bracelet on the market featuring a built in cell phone. This is excellent for those in the early stages of memory impairment who find themselves lost, or when a fall occurs. The wearer presses the panic button & the bracelet will call for assistance right from their wrist. The S-911 also has an impact detector so that if the wearer falls, or is in an auto accident and is incapable of pressing the panic button, an alert is still sent & their caregiver will be instantly notified. We offer a solution to anyone who has an illness where precious seconds can determine whether someone receives the help they need quickly enough to save their lives, reports Zodia King, President of the company.
The S-911 bracelet is available for purchase or can be leased. There is a monthly service fee for access to the tracking website and data transmission. Monitoring Solutions also offers monitoring service for families whose loved ones are local but live out of state.
The highest level of service offered, which includes lease, website/voice and monitoring service is still less than $5/day making it a very affordable solution for many applications.
At Monitoring Solutions our mission is to assist families and caregivers by providing a dignified method of constant contact which enables prolonged independence at a low cost.
Editor's Note: This article was submitted by Monitoring Solutions of SWFL. For more information contact them at 239-738-6857

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