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Aug 25, 2021

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As more and more Baby Boomers enter the geriatric ranks, interest in alternative health treatment options has skyrocketed. Leading the list of possible substitutes for traditional medicine is acupuncture, though there are still misconceptions and misunderstandings floating around. For many, just the incorporation of the term puncture in its name is enough to eliminate this therapy option from their vocabulary. Acupuncture is so much more than just pointy needles and may be a viable treatment option for sufferers of a variety of ailments.
Known as a traditional Chinese medical option now practiced throughout the world, the theory behind this method is to encourage the body to promote natural healing and improve function. As explained by Dr. G. Darryl Wieland, the Research Director for Geriatric Services and Palmetto Health Richland Hospital, The bodys life energy, Qi (pronouncedchee), flows through the body on channels known as meridians. These meridians connect all major organs. When this energy is stuck, people feel pain and other symptoms of illness. Acupunctures goal is to restore balance and make the bodys energy flow normally again. The mild discomfort that the acupuncture needles cause (though most patients report no awareness of discomfort from the needles) stimulates the release of endorphins and other naturally occurring pain-relieving chemicals from the brain.
While pain alleviation is one of the most frequently cited reasons for treatment, acupuncture can be used to treat many other ailments. Including sinus problems, tonsillitis, colds, asthma, bronchitis, certain eye disorders, fibromyalgia, toothaches, and other mouth problems. Also tennis elbow, sciatica, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, hiccups, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and other gastrointestinal problems along with headaches and other neurologic conditions.Acupuncture does not cure these ailments, but it can help relieve the pain and discomfort caused by these conditions.
A study published nearly a decade ago focused on assessing the effects of acupuncture as an adjunct to medical and physical rehabilitation specifically in geriatric patients (reference The study focused on several key elements of illness including pain control, restoration of bowel function, good sleep quality, appetite, generalwell-beingand returned to pre-illness physical capabilities. The study concluded that acupuncture had beneficial effects on elderly patients during their post-acute illness rehabilitation.
One of the most frequently asked questions by people considering acupuncture is whether the therapy is safe. According to Dr. Wieland acupuncture is very safe in the hands of a trained specialist. Overall, older adults experience far fewer side effects with acupuncture than with most medications. Those individuals who are afraid of needles may feel lightheaded or faint when first undergoing treatment and patients taking blood thinners may develop bruising. Further, patients with a pacemaker or heart rhythm problems should let the acupuncturist know before treatments beginning.
So, is acupuncture right for you? As with everything health related, you need to have this discussion with your doctor. Most physicians are familiar with the pros and cons of this treatment option and can help you understand how it may be beneficial for your unique medical situation. What might be a great option for one person may be may not be for another? Always check with your doctor.

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Mental Wellness Support During the Golden Years

As we age, we face significant life changes that can impact our mental wellness.Retirement, illnesses, or deaths of loved ones, changes to our physical health or mobility, isolation, and even some medications can impact the way we feel, sleep, eat, and interact with the world around us. Adults over 60 sometimes believe that depression and anxiety are a normal part of aging. Because of this, signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety can be misinterpreted in our golden years.North Range's senior peer counselors are 55 years old or older and trained to provide supportive counseling services to clients in the privacy of their homes or apartments, assisted living facilities, or nursing home facilities. We provide encouragement and support to help with coping through life stressors and emotional challenges.Take this Mental Wellness Check-In for the Golden YearsI feel sad or blue often.I get nervous and anxious often.I get easily overwhelmed.It's hard to make decisionsbig or small.I worry a lot.I often feel jumpyit's hard for me to feel settled.I feel lonely and alone.I have trouble sleeping.My appetite has changed/decreased.I feel tired often.I have little energy, motivation, or ambition.It's hard to find enjoyment or pleasure in things.I wish I had someone to talk with about my life, feelings, thoughts, and situation.Our golden years are not supposed to feel like this. These are not simply normal signs of the aging process and of "just getting older."North Range Behavioral Health's confidential, private Senior Peer Counseling Program may be able to help, at no cost to you.Established in 1976, The Senior Peer Counseling Program has consistently provided outreach and supportive paraprofessional counseling services to Weld County seniors 60 years and older. Our peer counselors are 55 years old or older and trained to provide supportive counseling services to clients in the privacy of their homes or apartments, assisted living facilities, or nursing home facilities. We provide encouragement and support to help with coping through life stressors and emotional challenges.All peer counselors work under a Licensed Professional Counselor with a focus in Gerontology. Senior Peer Counselors have a variety of education, knowledge, experience, talents, and skills in working with other older adults. In fact, peer counselors and clients may have similar lived experiences related to the aging process. We have found this is one of the many reasons why our program has been so helpful to people over the years."This program is amazingyou have been with me through so much. I trust you and I know you stand by me." Senior Peer Counseling ClientThe Senior Peer Counseling program is supported in part by The Area Agency on Aging (AAA.) This means there is no cost for working with a peer counselor. Although some participants choose to make a donation to the program if they can.Find out more about North Range Behavioral Health's Senior Peer Counseling Program or arrange for one of the peer counselors to visit with you or a loved one today!Call Dee McClure, Program Coordinator, Community Based and Peer Counseling, at 970.347.2125

Living Authentically

Basic human needs go beyond having clean water, fresh food, and a safe place to live. Our health and happiness depend on other key needs, too like love and belonging, self-esteem, meaning, and purpose in our lives.These latter needs evolve over a lifetime and involve embracing vulnerability, learning from mistakes, being true to ourselves, and living from a place of open-mindedness, compassion, and integrity.Throughout this process, we endure hardships and celebrate triumphs, face and overcome challenges, and confront insecurities and fears. We also have the chance to discover our voices and develop our own unique stories by living our lives to the fullest as our most authentic selves.We all need to be seen, heard, understood, valued, and appreciated regardless of our gender, our age, our profession, our culture, and even our language. Patty BeachWho Am I? Who Do I Want to Be?Living authentically is about granting yourself permission to be yourself.This takes practice and intention, like so many things in our life. Imagine a world where you are your most vulnerable and authentic self, with all the community support and no resistance, no noise. What would that look like?Consider asking yourself:What gets me out of bed and going? What makes me smile? What makes my heart happy?Am I living for myself, my dreams, my desires, and my goals or for someone elses ideas and expectations?Am I truly thriving or just surviving?Daily reflection can be a quick and simple way of checking in with yourself.Try practicing gratitude in whatever way feels recharging like writing down three things that youre grateful for at the end of each day, keeping a notes app to stay on track of goals or ideas, or making mental notes throughout your day of things that bring you joy or moments that glimmer. Consider therapy as a way of connecting to who you are and what you want.Living Your TruthLiving authentically starts with living your truth. Living your truth starts with being honest with yourself and others.Often in todays world, this is easier said than done. Sometimes we find ourselves dimming our own light or making ourselves smaller to fit or blend in with social pressures, fulfill expectations of success, and belong in a world that tells us what is normal or popular. This becomes even more complex when considering that many of us have online versions of ourselves through social media.Being your best self means making choices and decisions based on your beliefs and being open to the possibility of taking the road less traveled.We can live a meaningful and fulfilling life when we learn to embrace our personal values and hold them above the expectations society puts on us.Seek purpose and peace by doing daily activities that bring you happiness and joy.- Spend time in nature- Volunteer- Try new hobbies- Take a step toward connecting with others- Journal to help reflect and find patterns of joy in your lifeEmbracing Curiosity, Courage, and ConnectionFiguring out who you are and what you believe in is often a lifelong, trial-and-error process. We must explore the world to understand our own unique place in it, where we stand, and who we want to be.This means putting yourself out there, taking risks, meeting new people from different backgrounds, and learning from others.This can be both scary and exciting! It can be scary because it may mean letting go of patterns and relationships that no longer serve you, resolving grief or trauma, and addressing parts of your life that you dont like. However, it may also mean opening yourself up to a whole new world with a fresh perspective, a renewed mindset, deep healing, and freedom from stress, judgment, or fear.Take time to pause and reflect, so that you can be more in tune with your feelings. Use self-awareness and self-compassion to realize your full potential. Integrity, honesty, belonging, and love will all fall into place. Once you come to terms with who you are, the rest will follow.A happy, healthy life isnt an equation, but a journey through love, loss, learning, hope, and healing. By living authentically, we can find comfort, joy, fulfillment, pride, and community along the way simply by being who we are.Your lifes journey can begin today by embracing authenticity, vulnerability, and passion. Call North Range today for more information, 970-347-2120.