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Feb 09, 2021


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Its never been more important to improve your health and well-being
The idea of going to a gym after spending months of social distancing and staying at home may feel odd. But atthe Healthy Life Centers, safety and disinfecting protocols are our top priority.
The Healthy Life Centers stay up to date with the latest guidelines from theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)to protect you so that you can continue to improve your health and wellness during these unique times.
COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future, saysDr. Alex Daneshmand, Chief Patient and Safety Officer at Lee Health. As we continue to talk about respiratory hygiene, such as covering your cough, washing your hands and masking, we need to remind our staff, providers and community about healthy hygiene.
This kind of hygiene includes eating right, exercising and taking care of your mental health. COVID-19 has reminded all of us to take care of ourselves especially since the virus can disproportionality affect people who are obese or have uncontrolled hypertension.
Safety is our priority
The Healthy Life Centers continue to prioritize your health and safety:

We perform temperature checks of all staff and HLC members at check-in.
All Healthy Life Center team members are required to wear facial coverings.
Front desks feature protective Plexiglas barriers that protect both members and staff.
Healthy Life Center employees consistently clean and disinfect all surfaces, areas and spaces.

Our dedicated cleaning staff part of Lee Healths Environmental Services Team performs additional sanitation.

Weve limited the number of spaces in our group fitness classes to meet social distancing precautions.
Weve limited our pool lap lanes to one person at a time.
Because were all part of the same equation to ensure everyones health and safety, members are asked to disinfect equipment before and after each use. Sanitizing stations located throughout the facility make it a simple and convenient task.

Because keeping you safe, healthy, and comfortable is our priority, the following services are unavailable until further notice:

Organized team sports (such asbasketball and pickleball)
Steam rooms
Swim lessons
Cafe You

We can support you in-person or at-home
The Healthy Life Centers offer a wide range of amenitiesincluding cardio and strength equipment, a pool, group fitness and yoga classes, physical therapy, and educational seminars.
Weare alsoproviding members with options for wellness support that they can use from anywhere. Members can meet one-on-one through video chat with a health and nutrition coachand a personal trainer can come up with a plan that works for them with their comfort level, personal goals, and resources they have available.
Our coaches provide support with at-home nutrition strategies, stress management, sleep support, and exercise planning to meet members wherever they are on their personal health journey.
The Healthy Life Centers can help you stay happy and healthy during these challenging times:

Whether youre a longtime member or a new one, you receive a yearly health assessment and custom plan that addresses exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle based on your specific goals, included in your membership.
Our fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle experts take a team approach to your care. Were confident we can help you along your health journey, and we back it up byoffering new members a 30-day money back guarantee.

Join the Healthy Life Center today!
To get started on your complimentary new member package that includes a custom health plan, plus a 30-day money back guarantee, stop by for a tour or call to learn more:
Healthy Life Center - Cape Coral
609 S.E. 13th Court Cape Coral, FL 33990
(239) 424-3220
Healthy Life Center - Babcock Ranch
42880 Crescent Loop Babcock Ranch, FL 33982
(239) 343-3540

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There is just something about being around people you really like and love. Having good friends around who listen and lift you up on a daily basis. And modern science concurs that good company is good for your mental, emotional, and physical health. Its one big reason why socialization for seniors is so important and why senior living communities thrive on it.Socialization for seniors - Together is better!The pandemic has reminded us all that isolation is the bad guy, especially when it comes to seniors. In a study by the National Academy of Sciences, lonely and isolated seniors showed higher rates of poor physical and mental health. They were more likely to suffer from hypertension, coronary heart disease, cardiac failure, depression, anxiety, and dementia.    There are so many benefits of socialization for seniors:Plenty of activities and socialization reduces cognitive decline. The Alzheimers Association reports that remaining socially active may support brain health and possibly delay the onset of dementia. One study found that cognitive abilities in seniors declined about 70 percent slower in individuals who had frequent social connections and socialization   compared to those who had little social contact with others. A quality senior living community offers the perfect environment for making connections, sharing ideas, and creating a purposeful, interactive experience that helps keep you engaged and living your best life. The right recipe for creating socialization for seniors.Lowers stress. Ongoing stress can lead to heart disease, depression, obesity, gastrointestinal problems and other unwanted conditions. Socialization increases a hormone that decreases anxiety levels and makes us feel more confident in our ability to cope with stressors. This same hormone encourages us to seek out others and helps bring us closer together. At New Perspective, someone is always close by for conversation and support. This is especially beneficial when older adults often experience loss and changes in health and mobility.     Keeps you active. Socialization for seniors, especially in a senior living community, can be in the form of opportunities to join others for activities and events. Examples are a walking club. Helping other residents decorate a commons area for the holidays. A Zumba class. Getting together to watch a big game. Learning a new hobby together. Being with others stimulates you to move more physically, which is good for your health and helps protect you from a sedentary lifestyle.  Encourages healthy habits. When youre living at home, its a lot easier to have that second piece of pie or skip walking around the block. Thats why socialization for seniors is so good for youliving in a senior living community, youre around a group of like-minded friends and neighbors who can help keep you on the path to wellness. Youre more inclined to join an exercise class, participate in special events, or focus on good nutrition because youre seeing others do just that.Gives you a sense of purpose. Having a reason to get up each morning does wonders for your energy level and your mood. Your feel-good hormones rise and fight off stress when you know youre going to be greeted by friendly faces and spend quality time with friends. Theres even evidence that having this sense of purpose can help you walk faster and have a firmer grip and greater body balance and controlindicators of how fast you are aging. Improves coping skills. Life has its ups and downs. And, as Bette Davis once said, Getting old isnt for sissies. A few more wrinkles and a bit less hair, some new creaks in the knee joints and other challenges are a whole lot easier to deal withand laugh atwhen you can share them over lunch with a friend. Socialization for seniors, particularly in a senior living community gives you ample opportunities to leave worries behind and make the most of what life has to offer.George SmithThe Right Senior Living Solution(941) 705-0293

Veranda Club

At Veranda Club, we offer several different senior living options to ensure that our residents can enjoy the amenities they want and the assistance they need. We eliminate unwanted chores and home-related obligations like yard work and home maintenance so that our residents have the freedom to experience life both inside and outside of the community. Veranda Club senior living offers upscale independent living for seniors alongside our more attentive and personalized assisted living lifestyle options. To learn more or to schedule a free tour, call our Senior Lifestyle Counselors at (561) 448-4321.Visit our business at: 6061 Palmetto Circle N, Boca Raton, FL, 33433, USAHours of operation: Monday-Sunday: 8AM6PM, Appointments are encouraged for toursLearn more: Retirement communities in Boca Raton Florida Supervised independent living Senior assisted living Veranda Club assisted living Veranda Club independent living

8 Ways for Seniors to Feel Fit and Fabulous

Fitness is important for all ages and is one of the best tools to help combat chronic diseases. Even a single session of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity can boost your mood, sharpen your focus, reduce stress, and improve sleep. When it comes to senior health specifically, doctors recommend getting at least 2.5 hours of moderate exercise every week, which averages out to about 30 minutes a day.Research shows we need four specific types of exercises: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. We created a list of activities that check off all four categories. As with any new fitness routine, be sure to consult with your doctor before trying these exercises.Walking: Experts agree that walking is probably the best exercise for seniors, as its one of the most accessible ways to get your heart pumping. For many, a goal of 10,000 steps per day is advised. Start tracking the number of steps that feels comfortable and work toward increasing that number over time.Dumbbell Strength Training: Dumbbell exercises are some of the best ways to strength train. Holding dumbbells in each hand allows you to isolate and strengthen specific muscle groups that can help with improving balance and flexibility.Resistance Band Workouts: Resistance bands are stretchy strips of lightweight rubber that add resistance to a workout with reduced stress on your body.Bodyweight Workouts: Bodyweight workouts are a great way to build strength and counteract the effects of muscle atrophy as we get older.Chair Yoga: Chair yoga is a style of yoga that doesnt put as much stress on muscles, joints, and bones as more conventional forms of yoga. Its performed seated in a chair and consists of low-impact poses, gentle stretching, and breathwork. The intended outcome is improved muscle strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility.Pilates: Pilates is a popular low-impact form of exercise developed over a century ago. It concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. Similar to yoga, pilates focuses on posture, balance, and flexibility.Dancing: Moving to the rhythm of music can be an extremely satisfying activity. Its also highly beneficial as it helps you burn calories, build muscle, and enhance your flexibility and endurance.Gardening & Yard Games:  Gardening is a great way to get fresh air, sunshine, and vitamin D. Plus, the added benefit of enjoying the nutritious fruits of your labor. Editors note:  This article was submitted by Chartiers Bend Retirement Resort. Contact them today to discover the benefits of all-inclusive retirement living at 412-206-1500.