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Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a condition that can lead to serious health problems, such as coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, and other health problems.
Most people with high blood pressure are unaware, since the symptoms can stay below notice for years at a time. For this reason, its important to visit your doctor regularly for a general medical check-up.
When blood pressure reaches life-threatening levels, the following symptoms may be noticeable:

Dizziness or lightheadedness
Pounding in the head or chest
Sharp chest pains

Elevated blood pressure may be inherited or related to other factors including:

Being overweight
Diet high in saturated fat and/or sodium
Excessive drinking
Physical inactivity
Being male
High stress levels

You can manage your hypertension and lower your risk of stroke with lifestyle changes and medications prescribed by your cardiologist. So don't hesitate! Get checked for hypertension today.

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Seniors Guide To Improving Heart Health

Your heart is definitely one hard worker! Beating anywhere between 60 to 90 times per minute, it is crucial that we take care of it. In fact, since we depend on it to circulate necessary oxygen and nutrients around our body, the thought of it failing can be extremely scary.Heart health, like other forms of health, can be protected by taking care of yourself. We have compiled some tips for you to better care for your heart and to live a healthier life!Maintain Blood Pressure Levels in Normal RangesBlood pressure refers to the force of your blood when it is moving through your different blood vessels. This means that when you are having high blood pressure, your blood is moving in a forceful manner through your body and your heart. Having prolonged high blood pressure can cause many problems within your heart and it shouldnt be ignored once discovered. In fact, it is easily treated.A healthy blood pressure should be 120/80, or at least somewhat close to this reading. It is important to check it at least once to twice yearly to monitor any sudden changes, doing it more often if you are recording numbers outside of a healthy range.If you are coping with high blood pressure, it is important to make some lifestyle changes like reducing your salt and fried food intake, exercising more, and cutting out alcohol.Keep a Look Out for Your Cholesterol LevelsIt is important to first note that cholesterol isnt all bad there is both good and bad cholesterol and it is important to keep both of them at optimal levels. When you go for a full physical check-up with your doctor, they should do a fasting blood test to ensure that they are where they should be. Otherwise, this can significantly increase your chances of having a heart attack or heart disease.Maintain a Healthy WeightYou should love your body no matter what size you are, but research has shown that it is harder to have healthy blood flow throughout your body and to your heart when you are overweight or obese. When your blood flow is obstructed or changed, it can cause a build-up of plaque in your arteries and increase your risk for diseases relating to the heart.Quit SmokingSmoking is highly addictive and can come with many adverse health effects. More importantly, it can have a severely negative effect on the health of your heart and increase the risk of heart conditions.Get the Best of Senior Living with Aston Gardens At Pelican MarshIf you have concerns about your heart health or any existing heart conditions, it is always important to consult your doctor or any other appropriately-licensed physician for professional medical advice. This is why we include comprehensive round-the-clock medical care here in our assisted living community. In fact, it is only one of the many amenities that are available to all our residents.For more information on how our dedicated team can support you and your loved ones, contact us today.

Jeff Weinberg from Caregiver Champion's New Book published in October 2022

Jeff Weinberg's new book, which is designed to provide caregivers with real life solutions, resources, and a call to action, was just published!The title of the book is: The Emperor Needs New Clothes: Or Why The Caring Disappeared from Health Care_____For a preview of Jeff's new book, click here!_____To purchase:Available on AmazonClick here to add it to your Amazon Cart!Available on Barnes and NobleClick here to add it to your Barnes and Noble CartStay tuned for announcements for in person events