Legacy Corps is now available in southwest Idaho!

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Dec 16, 2014


Idaho - Boise and the Treasure Valley

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Legacy Corps is now available in southwest Idaho! Legacy Corps is an award-winning national service project that provides volunteer-powered caregiver support for veterans and military families. A growing and specialized need for caregiver support exists among veterans and military families. Research indicates that caregivers of veterans report more than twice the emotional stress of caregivers of adults nationally, almost three times the level of physical strain, and almost four times the level of financial hardship. Legacy Corps was launched by Friends in Action in 2012 to help address these caregiving needs. Legacy Corps programs operate in 15 cities across 10 states, and all Legacy Corps programs partner with the University of Maryland and the Corporation for National and Community Service to provide support services to many veteran and military families. Legacy Corps volunteers provide weekly, quality assistance to veteran/military families who care for a loved one at home. Volunteers serve as companions with the veteran being cared for so the family caregiver can have a weekly break; volunteers provide transportation and prepare light meals; and volunteers help connect families to other community support services, peer-to-peer support groups, and other related services. Volunteers are well-prepared as a result of 90 hours of pre-service and ongoing in-service trainings! Legacy Corps volunteers commit to 450 hours of service over a one year period, which means every volunteer serves 10-12 hours per week helping 3 to 4 families each. Legacy Corps volunteers become a close-knit team who make a huge difference in the lives of many, many families across the Treasure Valley. All volunteers must complete an application, agree to criminal and sex offender back ground checks, participate in a national research study and have mid-year and end-of- year evaluations. Legacy Corps volunteers receive many benefits from their service. In addition to life-changing experiences helping others, volunteers receive a monthly taxable stipend and are eligible to receive an Educational Award of nearly $1,500 when they complete their year of service. For volunteers age 55+, the education award can be given to a child or grandchild. The Educational Award may be used to attend classes at most colleges/universities or to repay qualified student loans. Legacy Corps volunteers assist many veteran and military families who care for a chronically ill or disabled adult at home. This service project helps family caregivers maintain their own health and well-being; it helps volunteers develop new skills and knowledge; and it fills a growing need in our communities. For further information about Legacy Corps, please contact Friends in Action (www.fiaboise.org) at 333-1363. Friends in Action Friends in Action is a unique volunteer-powered program serving family caregivers and those they care for. We are a program of the nonprofit Mountain States Group. Highly trained volunteers lead award-winning education programs; provide caregiver respite and support/ and assist with the annual southwest Idaho Family Caregiver Conference.

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While most of us hope our loved ones will be around to support us when we reach our senior years, this is not the case for many people. Seniors often live far away from their relatives. Even if long-distance loved ones are providing support from afar, these seniors can feel lonely and isolated without people around to provide assistance or offer valuable opportunities for socialization. If you want to give back to your community, reaching out to local seniors is a great way to make a difference in peoples lives. Here are some suggestions from Assured Senior Living.Offer Tech SupportTechnology offers numerous ways for seniors to connect with people and engage in their favorite activities from home. Here are some ways to offer tech support to local seniors.Research and recommend devices that will allow them to navigate the internet easily, like an iPad. Just remember to protect it with a good case!Show them how to order groceries and other essentials online.Teach them how to use video chat services and social media to communicate with long-distance loved ones.Teach them how to use a website to find and connect with former Denver-area high school students they went to school with.Help Out Around the HouseSeniors can have a hard time keeping up with housework. Whether youre good in the kitchen or you have a knack for landscaping, offer to lend a hand!You could even help them hire people to keep their homes neat and tidy. Cook up a batch of freezer-friendly meals that they can pop in the oven for dinner.Offer to help with general home maintenance to repair or spruce up parts of the house.Help them develop healthy morning habits such as light stretching, hydrating, and meditating.Make Aging-in-Place UpgradesAging-in-place can be much easierand saferwith a few basic home upgrades. Offer to help a local senior make home improvements to better meet their needs.Install grab bars in the bathroom and bedroom.Replace doorknobs with lever-style handles.Increase the lighting throughout the home, especially in stairways and dark hallways.Apply non-slip rugs and runners to reduce their fall risk.Reaching out to seniors in your neighborhood is a great way to lend a hand to those who need it. For people aging-in-place without relatives nearby, neighbors and other community members can provide a significant source of assistance and support. Get in touch with a local senior and find ways to help them navigate the challenges of daily life.At Assured Senior Living, our goal is to provide an environment with cutting-edge senior care. For more information, please visit our website or contact us today!

The Benefits of Volunteering

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Ways We Help Older Adults

To learn more about Assisted Living Locators Omaha Metro, CLICK HERE.Assisted Living Locators Marks Older Americans Month with Senior Care Advisors VolunteerismEvery May, the Administration for Community Living leads our nations observance of Older Americans Month, recognizing our growing population of older Americans and their contributions to our communities.Assisted Living Locators, a leading senior care placement firm, will mark the event by celebrating its senior care advisors volunteerism in communities nationwide. In honor of this years Older American Months theme, Connect, Create and Contribute, the company is sharing inspiring ways their advisors support older adults.Connecting with A Single Rose Shannon Avazian, an Assisted Living Locators Santa Clarita senior care advisor, has a special place in her heart for each senior she meets, knowing they need extra care and compassion. Shannon brought a single rose to her very first senior she helped find long term care and it brought tears to both her and the seniors eyes. She still continues this special service today as her way to give back to seniors in her community.Creating Art to Raise AwarenessA long-time committee member for the Alzheimer's Association Art Canvas Drive, Assisted Living Locators Omaha senior care advisor Nikki Wulff reaches out to her local care partners to donate canvases painted by their residents with Alzheimer's or Dementia. Nikki collects the art canvases from dozens of communities for the Dementia Care Conference silent auction, raising funds and promoting awareness of Alzheimer's and Dementia in her community.Contributing in Small Ways Can Make A Big DifferenceBJ Bounds, an Assisted Living Locators Southeast Dallas senior care advisor, started her own volunteer organization in 2004 to teach adults and children how to prepare for disasters and now helps local first responders assist older adults in times of disasters. Her volunteer group also provides and installs window air conditioning units to seniors in need. BJ provides an annual safety/ID theft class to senior citizens and teaches classes on how to pay for senior living.For five years, Assisted Living Locators North Georgia senior care advisor Greg Santini has worked with his church's homebound ministry. Once a month, he visits a group of seniors that cant make it to Sunday mass. Greg brings them communion, listens to their stories, or sometimes just lets them tell him how bad they feel. Recently, he became involved with Meals on Wheels, a volunteer program that delivers food to seniors that have no transportation to buy groceries. Greg enjoys working in his community to support his seniors in any way he can.Assisted Living Locators has an outstanding community culture, said Angela Olea, Assisted Living Locators CEO RN. Our senior care advisors go above and beyond to serve seniors and their families. Their compassion and problem-solving skills are the biggest asset of our company. Were dedicated to providing no cost help to seniors and their families to find the right care options.