Meet Joe & Bella, a One-Stop Shopping Site for Residents

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Apr 20, 2021

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After Jimmy Zollos grandmother fell one too many times despite in-home care, his family made the decision to move her into an assisted-living community. That evening, as his family navigated their new world, they were approached by Joe and Bella, two other new residents. With a touch of humor, they warmly introduced themselves and offered a helping hand.
As it turned out, Joe and Bella were widowed Holocaust survivors who found each other later in life. Two weeks later, Jimmy's grandfather, who was suffering from Parkinson's, moved into the same community. Joe and Bella were there again, offering reassuring smiles, plenty of advice, and some much-needed company. From that day on, and for the many months that followed, Joe and Bella ate every meal with Jimmys grandparents and quickly became a part of the extended Zollo family, joining them for holidays and special occasions.
As Jimmy explains, his family quickly realized that they needed all sorts of new things for his grandparents, but lacked a good understanding of what to buy and where to buy it. Coincidentally, his marketing-insights firm was in the midst of conducting a large-scale project for AARP, Procter & Gamble, and other clients to deeply understand caregivers needs.
Jimmys personal and professional lives intersected. So, together with a host of caregiving experts, Jimmys family launched as the first one-stop shopping site for older adults and those who care for them.
Joe & Bella offers everything from comfortable clothes to creative gifts, and from personal-care essentials to new tech that allows for safer and more effective caregiving. The shopping site features brands that understand the distinct needs of care recipients and caregivers.
Joe & Bella partners with care communities by donating a percentage of each purchase made by family members to their communitys Employee Appreciation Fund to recognize and reward their frontline workers.Heres more information about how Joe & Bella partners directly with care communities.
Noted aging expert Lori Bitter, president of the Business of Aging, explained that until Joe &
Bella, there was no single retailer that offered pretty much everything a familycaregiver needs.
As a reader of this newsletter, youre invited to use promo code QUIRKFIRST10 to receive 10% off your first purchase at including sharing this code with somebody special.
This article was submitted by Jimmy Zollo. Jimmy is the Founder of Joe & Bella and Collaborata and may be reached at

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Spring is a great time for cleaning and organizing. As the trees show their leaves and flowers bloom, it feels good to refresh your home by working on decluttering, organizing and cleaning. Because spring is also a time when people are starting to think about putting their home on the market, now is the perfect opportunity to start downsizing. Lets get started!  WayForth is your trusted, professional move management experts. Contact our team today for a consultation on moving, downsizing, storage, and more!  Plan ahead This job isnt something for a spontaneous weekend. Planning your cleaning and organizing takes a little bit of work to make it worthwhile. First, decide what your goal is. Do you want to clear clutter from every room? Are you trying to downsize for a smaller home or get the basement organized? Do you want to deep clean your entire home? Whatever your goal is, make sure youve considered all options. 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Qualities and Skills of a Successful Caregiver

Caregiving is a growing career option for many Americans looking for rewarding work. It gives people a sense of purpose and lets you see your works benefits in real-time. While there are many perks to working as a career, many qualities and skills set successful caregivers apart.Qualities of a Successful CaregiverA few innate qualities most caregivers tend to have that help them have a successful career include compassion, empathy, dependability, and drive. CompassionOne of the top qualities we look for in caregivers is compassion. Compassionate people go out of their way to physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually support others. Someone with compassion is also sensitive to others needs and knows how to make people feel comfortable in any situation. As a caregiver, you must put your clients needs first and do whats required to ensure they receive the proper quality care they deserve. EmpathyMany challenges come with aging; as a caregiver, its important to practice empathy when working with clients. There may be days when clients get frustrated with themselves for not being able to do something they once did, and they may take that frustration out on you. Try not to take reactions personally. Instead, put yourself in your clients shoes and let them know you understand where theyre coming from and that its okay to feel emotional about aging. Sometimes, that small act of empathy is enough to turn the situation around.DependabilityAs a caregiver, you must be dependable. You are responsible for showing up to shifts on time and performing all tasks to the best of your ability. Clients rely on their caregivers to help with daily tasks such as showering, dressing, grooming, and meal preparation. If you are not reliable, your clients likely wont feel comfortable with you caring for them and may refrain from asking for further assistance when they need it. However, showing up on time and providing quality care builds respect and trust so your clients can feel safe and comfortable in their homes. DriveCaregiving is a unique job in that youre responsible for your work without direct supervision from a manager. When youre working, its only you and your client. You need to have drive and take the initiative to complete your work. You should observe your client and step up and offer assistance without waiting for them to ask or for a care coordinator to ask you. Skills of a Successful CaregiverQualities of a successful caregiver are often something people have or not. The skills of a successful caregiver are learnable and tend to improve as you develop in your role. A few essential skills of a successful caregiver include time management, leadership, and communication skills.Time Management One of the benefits of working as a caregiver is the flexibility in scheduling. However, if you have a flexible schedule with non-traditional work hours, you must have good time management skills to ensure you are at each clients home on time. You also need to utilize your time management skills while working with clients. If you only have a few hours with each client, you should understand how to prioritize tasks and get everything completed in the given time frame. LeadershipLeadership is about your ability to influence others. As a caregiver, part of your job is helping seniors make healthy and safe choices. If you have good leadership skills, youll have an easier time convincing clients to eat more nutritious foods, be more active, or ask for help if they need it. Good leadership skills also help you build trust with your clients because theyll see you as an expert in their care and feel confident in your ability to help them. Communication Communication is about how you share and receive information. As a caregiver, you need to communicate with your clients effectively so they understand your role in their life. Strong communication skills also play an essential role in building relationships. The better you communicate, the easier itll be to connect and make a connection with your clients. Getting Started with Visiting Angels At Visiting Angels Grand Junction, were always looking for compassionate, dedicated caregivers to join our team. Were hiring part-time and full-time positions to help seniors in Grand Junction and the surrounding communities. A job with Visiting Angels comes with competitive hourly pay, paid training, flexible scheduling, bonus opportunities, and one-on-one client interactions. If youre interested in starting your caregiving journey, send us your application online or call 970-254-8888.

Roaring Fork Home Care

Locally owned and operated with 10 years in the industry, Roaring Fork Home Care assists our clients to remain in the comfort of their own home, by providing quality care up to 24 hours, 7 days a week; giving loved ones piece of mind.We Specialize inNon- Medical Personal CareHelping loved ones with more intimate personal tasks like bathing, dressing, hygiene, and more. Caregivers are experienced in understanding the personal nature of these types of support services.Companion CareCompanion care ensures your loved one has someone to talk to and interact with, and remains socialized.Homemaking CareCaregivers can assist with laundry, light housekeeping, and meal preparation.Respite CareShort term care is a great solution to preventing burnout as a family caregiver. Give yourself a break by bringing in a qualified care professional.Overnight CareA caregiver can be there to help throughout the night with things like getting ready for bed, using the bathroom at night, and getting up and ready for the day. For more information, please call us at 970-404-6353.