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Jul 07, 2022


Texas - Dallas, Collin, SE Denton & Rockwall Counties

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Join Seniors Blue Book & The Caregiver Support Program, as we explore some of the physical and psychological aspects that effect intimacy as we age. Learn ways to increase intimacy, when sex is no longer an option in your relationship.

Event Speakers:

PAM MICKENS, MS Long-Term Care Ombudsman | The Senior Source
TANGINIKA-SIMONE CUASCUD VEGA, PHD Clinical Sexologist, Sexual Health Consultant
EMILIJA ROSENTHAL, FNP-C Nurse Practitioner | Prism Health North Texas

Intimacy refers to a close feeling shared between 2 people, based on knowledge of and familiarity with the other person. It includes emotional, social, and physical intimacy. Our desire for intimacy does not decrease with age, and there is no age at which intimacy, including physical intimacy, is inappropriate.

Physical, emotional and psychological changes that may occur as we age, can interfere with developing and maintaining intimacy in our relationships. Ultimately changing the way intimacy is expressed.It is important to note that sexual intercourse is not the only way that we express intimacy. Behaviors, such as touching, hugging and kissing, trust, respect and compatibility become equally and at times more important as we age.Additionally, intimacy in a relationship, can assist in preventing depression, as well as improve self-esteem and physical health.

We have a great panel of speakers today with expertise in the area of older adults & intimacy.We thank you forjoining Seniors Blue Book & The Caregiver Support Program, as we explore some of the physical and psychological aspects that effect intimacy as we age, and learn ways to increase intimacy in our relationships, especially when sex is no longer an option.

I'd like to share a little about each of our panelists with you.

Pam Mickens will be the moderator for todays program. Pam has been a Long-Term Care Staff Ombudsman in Dallas County for over seven (7) years. The Long-Term Care Staff Ombudsman Program for Dallas County is housed at The Senior Source. Pam advocates for frail, elderly, disabled and residents with mental illnesses in Dallas County nursing home settings.She attended the University of North Texas at Denton where she earned her Masters Degree in Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation Counseling. Her background also includes many years in the public & private sectors as a manager of social service programs. Shes a strong advocate for quality services for persons with mental health challenges. Pam is also a proud Great-Auntie of Caleb & Bryson, thanks to her niece Eboni!

Emilija Rosenthal will share her expertise on the physical aspects that affect intimacy. Emilija is a certified family nurse practitioner who specializes in HIV medicine. She received her bachelor of science in nursing degree from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2010. Emilija then worked as a registered nurse for eight years prior to going back and attaining her master of science degree from Texas Womans University. She is about to celebrate her three year anniversary working at Prism Health North Texas.

Dr. Tanginika-Simone Cuascud Vega (Dr. Tangie) will share her expertise on the psychological aspects that affect intimacy in aging adults. Dr Tangie is a clinical sexologist, sexual health educator and surrogate partner therapy facilitator; and founder and principal of Texas Sexual Health in North Texas.She is board certified by the American College of Sexologists, is a member of the World Association on Sexual Health and an ambassador of the American Sexual Health Association.She has been a media commentator and a contributor for several print and online publications and her works about sexual health have been translated and published all over the world.Dr.Tangie is an advocate for sexual rights, including the right to sexual satisfaction, throughout the lifespan.

I want to thank each of our panelists for joining us today. 

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