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Apr 25, 2023


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Knee Osteoarthritis and Golf

Viscosupplementation and Physical Therapy were able to help Betty return to golfing without knee pain in just a few weeks!

We recently worked with a patient who was complaining of knee pain that was preventing her from getting out on the golf course to play her favorite sport. Betty was in search of an alternative to surgery or painkillers and contacted Spruce Health Group in hopes of a less invasive solution to getting out of knee pain.

Like many of our patients with knee osteoarthritis, Betty had chronic knee pain that was gradually worsening over a period of years. After a few weeks of treatment combining Viscosupplementation injections with Physical Therapy and bracing for her left knee, Betty was feeling so good she “felt as though she never had a problem, to begin with.”

After completing her course of treatment with our Healthy Knee Protocol, Betty was delighted she could return to the golf course and play a full round of golf without knee pain. “I am now able to swing and rotate fully through my left leg, no longer feel any knee pain whatsoever, and my balance has significantly improved!”

How Our Healthy Knee Protocol Helps Patients Return to Golf Without Knee Pain

Viscosupplementation injections provide cushioning and lubrication for the knee joint to decrease the symptoms associated with Osteoarthritis. Patients often feel significant decreases in pain and improvement in function following a series of viscosupplementation injections. These provided Betty with the ability to move and exercise with decreased pain.

Betty received an Osteoarthritis off-loading Knee Brace for improved mechanical alignment of the knee, increased stability, and decreased pain during her activities. The knee is a joint which is highly affected by the joints above and below, as well as the coordination, strength, and endurance of the leg muscles.

Physical Therapy interventions taught Betty how to improve her hip mobility, and ankle stability, as well as the general strength, coordination, and endurance of her leg muscles to better support her knees.

The combination of these therapies are what helped Betty get back out on the Golf course and play the game that she loves pain-free.

We invite you to contact us today by calling 720-678-9867 for a consultation where our expert clinicians can discuss your needs and how our Healthy Knee Protocol can help YOU!

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