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Jul 19, 2012


Utah - Utah

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The Granny Starr Foundation (non-profit) was created to honor photographer, Rachael Collins grandmother, Evelyn Starr Cutler (Granny Starr). Evelyn was born in 1923, spoke seven languages and was ahead of her time. She lived in Indiana for many years and then finally moved to Utah. In 2007, she resided at the Sarah Daft Assisted Living in Salt Lake City. Rachael thought it would be fun to do a free photo shoot for the residents there. The experience wound up being heart-warming and an idea was sparked. Rachael could see the value in bringing this opportunity to a nursing home. The residents could feel loved and special while being photographed, and the families would forever have a photo of their loved one.
Evelyn Starr Cutler passed away in December of 2009. A year later, the foundation was born and over a hundred facilities in Utah have had their residents photographed. For some it was the last portrait ever taken. The foundation visits nursing homes, assisted living homes, senior centers and retirement communities to take professional photographs. The residents are then provided with a 5x7 photo. The part its all FREE.
Granny Starr has been featured numerous times in the paper and was featured on KSL Studio 5 morning show in 2011. It is Rachael's hope to eventually expand the foundation outside of Utah and reach as many seniors as possible.
Later in life as people age, it is less likely for one to go out and get photos taken, especially professionally. Granny Starr Foundation takes pride in being the first and only non-profit professional photography option for seniors. Capture the Wisdom.

For more information go to or 801-645-5790

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