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Sep 12, 2022


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Seniors struggle to stay active due to disabilities, health issues or reduced flexibility. Daily physical activity is critical for one's health. Why is it important for seniors to remain active?

Like everyone else, seniors benefit a lot from maintaining active lifestyles. However, reports have found that one in three aging men and one in two aging women do not participate in any physical activity. If your senior loved one is not active, they could be at a higher risk of developing health issues in the future.

Here are three ways seniors can remain active:

Take daily walks

Walking is a good form of cardio. This kind of cardio is low intensity and perfect for seniors. Walking is beneficial for older adults because it helps maintain a healthy weight, strengthen bones, reduce blood pressure and anxiety.

Participate in daily activities

With many more people spending time alone, it can be tempting for seniors to sit on the couch all day. Moving around the house and doing daily activities helps seniors remain active. They can get into the habit of doing daily chores like cleaning, laundry or cooking.

Starting an at-home exercise routine

Did you know that exercise helps seniors improve their balance and increases their independence?  The first step for seniors to start working out is finding one that accommodates their needs. If a senior has limited mobility, look at a routine they can do while seated. Seniors who have more mobility could also join a Pilates or yoga class online.

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How To Embrace Aging In A World That Is Obsessed With Youth

Nearing retirement, many elderly adults start to worry about the changes that come with aging as they become older. There are times when you may feel as though your body is failing you or that your thoughts are no longer as keen as they once were. You could even feel as though you are losing control of life. It might be depressing when you glance in the mirror expecting to see a younger version of yourself but instead see someone with wrinkles and fine lines. However, aging does not have to be a bad thing. In truth, there are several ways to enjoy the latter years of life and embrace aging.Focus on the PositivesOlder persons are often happier, less anxious, and more at ease than middle-aged and younger ones. The reality of aging is not as dreadful as stereotypes would have us believe. While you might not be able to do all you used to when you were younger, there are ways to make up for it by engaging in rewarding activities. Find a goal to strive for, whether it is carpentry or tennis. You can try concentrating on assisting others, particularly children.Get Rid of Outdated IdeasDont associate yourself with antiquated notions about aging adults. Just because youve reached a significant age doesnt mean you need to stop being involved or active. People today take better care of themselves than people in past generations did, and they work longer. More individuals used to keep their ages a secret back in the day. Many older people nowadays feel confident enough to embrace their age to let their hair gray, proving that life experience is not something to be embarrassed about but rather a strength.Be PreparedMany of the issues that individuals experience as they age have nothing to do with the typical aspects of aging. Your latter lifes quality is somewhat within your power to influence. The consequences of so-called secondary aging can be influenced by lifestyle and behavior decisions. The same amount of planning should go into your retirement life as you did into raising a family or assisting a youngster to become independent.To assist you to adjust to changes in your income and budget for the costs of healthcare, you may need to seek financial guidance. Talk about your expectations for old age and the sort of lifestyle you want with your family and friends.Choose a PassionWhatever your passionsgardening, swimming, or spending time with the grandkidsembracing them might make you feel younger. Put more emphasis on what you love to accomplish rather than on how old you are. Find something that makes you excited, and go for it with all of your might.Have Both Young and Old FriendsPeople tend to feel younger than those whose pals are all their own age when they have friends from diverse generations. Younger companions could encourage you to explore new things or question ingrained notions. Friends that are older than you can serve as examples of how to age well. Start surrounding yourself with healthy, joyful elderly people who are still active. You will often discover that there are lots of people who are older and more wrinkled than you yet they dont let it bother them.Take Notice of Your EnvironmentYou may enhance both your mental and physical health by practicing mindfulness. Spending more time in the present moment can have the same positive effects as meditation. Simply seeing new things will bring you into the present and make you perceptive to context and viewpoint. It raises your level of involvement and is quite enlightening both physically and figuratively. At any age, people find you captivating and beautiful when youre aware.Adjust Your AttitudeYoure only as old as you feel. Feeling younger has benefits for preventing depression, dementia, and other conditions. Having good self-esteem also helps to make you feel younger and this can have a good effect on your mental health. The secret is to alter your perspective, give yourself permission to have a good attitude regarding aging, and continue to be active in the ways that are important to you. Moving into a retirement community like Discovery Commons At Bradenton gives you a chance for a fulfilling retirement regardless of the senior living option you choose. 

Benefits of Increased Independence

Social connection in the form of family and friends is highly important for anyone. However, learning how to be independent is equally essential. It is all about being confident and secure with who you are and what you do. Being in control of your life and making your own choices can be highly empowering and increases the ability to belong, contribute, and participate fully in life.Here are some benefits of being increasingly independent.Develop Life SkillsIndependent living helps you develop life skills. This could include simple daily things like basic housekeeping, cooking meals, or managing your finances sensibly. It will make you physically capable of taking care of yourself despite disabilities or difficulties in the environment around you.Increase Self-ConfidenceIncreased independence means you trust yourself with your decisions and believe you can confront any situation. This will boost your self-confidence and help you have a positive outlook on life. Discovering your abilities can also help you increase your self-worth and live happier and much more fulfilling lives.Can Help Other PeopleEveryone needs help at some point in their lives. When you are self-sufficient, you can care for yourself as well as those around you who require support. People will begin to trust you and regard you as a valuable resource for help and guidance. Furthermore, when you lend a helping hand, you feel confident and begin to like yourself more.Reduces StressSometimes, depending on others becomes tricky and can make you anxious and stressed. Though having an inner circle of support is vital for every human being, being independent and self-confident makes you handle situations better and deal with difficult things efficiently.Helps Find Your PassionIncreased independence allows you to develop an identity as an individual by allowing you to explore new things and work towards your goals. It gives you a chance to explore your passion and find purpose in your life. It creates opportunities to learn something new, helps you find out what makes you happy, and allows you the freedom to make choices. You Feel FreeWhen you are self-sufficient, you can travel to any location, explore new places and things, and even learn new hobbies. This will allow you to think more freely and become more creative and innovative. It will help develop your versatility and make you a powerful asset to your employer or your own business.Being independent does not imply being able to do everything on your own, but instead having the skills and resources to deal with life's challenges on your ownas well as the confidence that comes with knowing you can. We at Mobility City of Southwest Florida are on a mission to help senior and people with disabilities become more independent and have a better quality of life by providing mobility solutions. We are spread across thirty locations (and growing) in the US and are always ready to assist you with all your mobility needs. Find your closest Mobility City location to take a step toward independence or contact us for more details.

Socialization is the Best Medicine

There is just something about being around people you really like and love. Having good friends around who listen and lift you up on a daily basis. And modern science concurs that good company is good for your mental, emotional, and physical health. Its one big reason why socialization for seniors is so important and why senior living communities thrive on it.Socialization for seniors - Together is better!The pandemic has reminded us all that isolation is the bad guy, especially when it comes to seniors. In a study by the National Academy of Sciences, lonely and isolated seniors showed higher rates of poor physical and mental health. They were more likely to suffer from hypertension, coronary heart disease, cardiac failure, depression, anxiety, and dementia.    There are so many benefits of socialization for seniors:Plenty of activities and socialization reduces cognitive decline. The Alzheimers Association reports that remaining socially active may support brain health and possibly delay the onset of dementia. One study found that cognitive abilities in seniors declined about 70 percent slower in individuals who had frequent social connections and socialization   compared to those who had little social contact with others. A quality senior living community offers the perfect environment for making connections, sharing ideas, and creating a purposeful, interactive experience that helps keep you engaged and living your best life. The right recipe for creating socialization for seniors.Lowers stress. Ongoing stress can lead to heart disease, depression, obesity, gastrointestinal problems and other unwanted conditions. Socialization increases a hormone that decreases anxiety levels and makes us feel more confident in our ability to cope with stressors. This same hormone encourages us to seek out others and helps bring us closer together. At New Perspective, someone is always close by for conversation and support. This is especially beneficial when older adults often experience loss and changes in health and mobility.     Keeps you active. Socialization for seniors, especially in a senior living community, can be in the form of opportunities to join others for activities and events. Examples are a walking club. Helping other residents decorate a commons area for the holidays. A Zumba class. Getting together to watch a big game. Learning a new hobby together. Being with others stimulates you to move more physically, which is good for your health and helps protect you from a sedentary lifestyle.  Encourages healthy habits. When youre living at home, its a lot easier to have that second piece of pie or skip walking around the block. Thats why socialization for seniors is so good for youliving in a senior living community, youre around a group of like-minded friends and neighbors who can help keep you on the path to wellness. Youre more inclined to join an exercise class, participate in special events, or focus on good nutrition because youre seeing others do just that.Gives you a sense of purpose. Having a reason to get up each morning does wonders for your energy level and your mood. Your feel-good hormones rise and fight off stress when you know youre going to be greeted by friendly faces and spend quality time with friends. Theres even evidence that having this sense of purpose can help you walk faster and have a firmer grip and greater body balance and controlindicators of how fast you are aging. Improves coping skills. Life has its ups and downs. And, as Bette Davis once said, Getting old isnt for sissies. A few more wrinkles and a bit less hair, some new creaks in the knee joints and other challenges are a whole lot easier to deal withand laugh atwhen you can share them over lunch with a friend. Socialization for seniors, particularly in a senior living community gives you ample opportunities to leave worries behind and make the most of what life has to offer.George SmithThe Right Senior Living Solution(941) 705-0293

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