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Aid & Attendance was established in 1952 to provide financial assistance to wartime veterans and/or their surviving spouses who lack the funds necessary to pay for the care they require with routine activities of daily living.

Those who served our country during the following wars (whether overseas or stateside) are eligible for a special payment to assist them with providing care for themselves, a spouse or surviving spouse: WWII, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, or the first Gulf War.

This pension is designed to help the veteran pay for the assistance of someone to help them with the activities of daily living such as medication management, dressing, mobility, meal preparation, or bathing. Care can be provided at home, in an independent living facility, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home and the care can be provided by relatives, or professional staff.

A single veteran may receive up to $19,728 per year. While a married Veteran may receive $23,388. The benefit for a surviving spouse of a veteran is $12,672 per year. This pension is payable monthly and is paid directly to the veteran or spouses bank account similar to a social security check , it is completely TAX FREE.

Many veterans or their surviving spouses require the assistance of someone to come in to help them with things such as cooking, cleaning, driving to appointments etc. while at the same time helping them with some personal care. Many of these seniors prefer to stay at home but cannot afford to have someone help them with these activities. With this tax-free pension, they would be able to afford the assistance they need in home or move into a facility that provides them with the care they need.

If you served our country during a period of war, check out your eligibility for this benefit.If you require assistance at home, if you currently live in a senior retirement community or assisted living facility, or if nursing care is inevitable, you may be able to increase your standard of living or move into the type of facility where you can receive the care you need.

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Aid & Attendance was established in 1952 to provide financial assistance to wartime veterans and/or their surviving spouses who lack the funds necessary to pay for the care they require with routine activities of daily living in their homes, assisted living and nursing home care. Those who served our country 90 days active duty state side or abroad during a period of war, 65 and above may be eligible for this pension. Are you a war time Veteran? Are you a surviving spouse of a Veteran? If the answer to this is, yes, then you may be eligible for a separate pension through the VA called Aid & Attendance. The Veterans Aid and Attendance pension has been around since 1952. Most Veterans and or spouses have never heard of Veterans Aid and Attendance and sometimes find it hard to believe that it even exists. The Veterans Aid & Attendance pension is a separate pension set aside for those Veterans, spouses and surviving spouses who are aging and are at the point in their lives that they are in need of some assistance with their care. This care could be provided while living in your home, Retirement Living (with care coming in), Assisted Living or a Nursing Home. If you are in need of assistance with ADLs (activities of daily living) you may qualify. To determine eligibility for Aid and Attendance pension we look at these areas first: Did the Veteran serve90 days active duty, one day during a period of war state side or overseas and honorably discharged? Do you have expenses for care? Expenses such as a Medicare supplement, a caregiver or family members assisting with care, assisted living expense etc. Income such as Social Security, Retirement, Pension, Rental Income etc. Cash Assets- Checking and Savings, 401K, IRAs, Investments etc. Health- if you are using a walker or a cane, oxygen, meal preparation bathing, transportation, assistance, etc. If you feel you meet some of these criteria, you may qualify. This is a TAX FREE monthly pension directly deposited into your bank account. 2022 Amounts: Veteran- $2,050 Surviving Spouse- $1,318 Veteran & Spouse- $2,431 Dependent Spouse- $1,607 The pension is retroactive, meaning; you will receive monies back from the first day of the month after you apply. How long does it take to get the pension? 2-6 months. It will take longer to receive back pay when Alzheimer's or severe Dementia is involved due to an additional step that is required by the VA. These are the documents we will review first to determine eligibility for the Aid and Attendance pension: Military/separation papers (DD-214), Marriage certificate or license Death certificate for surviving spouses only Current Social Security statement letter Current bank statement all pages Any other asset documentation if any. By reviewing these documents we will have a fairly good idea if we need to pushforward with the process. Many Seniors have lost much of their savings due to the downward economy and many are outliving their savings. The Aid and Attendance pension has helped many Veterans, spouses and surviving spouses increase their standard of living either by helping them afford care in their home, or the possibility of moving to or staying at a Retirement or Assisted Living and a Nursing Home. Please call us to discuss the areas of criteria and to determine eligibility for the Aid and Attendance pension.