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May 05, 2023



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We’ve seen an increase in the demand for different services for older adults. Local nonprofits and government agencies play a critical role in providing essential services that let seniors maintain independence, health, wellbeing, and happiness. In this article, we’ll talk about some popular long term care services for seniors, how to find these different agencies, the most requested services for elderly, and how GoGoGrandparent can help. 

What are some of the different services for older adults? 

Depending on where you live and what you’re looking for, there are a lot of short and long term care services for senior citizens. Here are some different services for older adults that you might consider: 

  • Adult daycare functions like an assisted living facility in that it has planned programs in a community setting, but seniors usually return to their own homes in the evening. Many of our clients use GoGo’s rides for seniors to safely get to and from their adult daycare centers.
  • Community advocates are counselors that help connect seniors to local nonprofits and government programs.  They can be an excellent resource for seniors who are not sure what kind of long term care services they need, don’t know how to access services for seniors, or have concerns about the cost. 
  • Elder abuse prevention programs: Many states offer these programs to keep seniors safe from scams, cons, exploitation, neglect, and caregiver” not offering proper care. If you feel mistreated in any way, we highly recommend reaching out to your local elder abuse prevention advocate. 
  • Financial assistance: Some state and local governments offer subsidies and low-cost programs for services for seniors. You’d be surprised how many free or discounted things are available for seniors. For example, did you know that a lifetime senior pass to all the U.S.’s National Parks is only $80? That’s the same as an annual cost of a park pass for those under 62.
  • Home health services: Local services for seniors may be able to connect you to affordable home healthcare in your area, like part-time, full-time, or live-in home health aides or therapists. 
  • Local transportation: Some counties and states offer public transportation specifically for seniors or ensure their public transport is ADA-compliant and accessible. Some nonprofits provide transportation routes, like transporting seniors from assisted living facilities to nearby grocery stores. 
  • Legal assistance: There are a lot of legal needs to address as we age, from estate planning to preventing exploitation. Get a legal representative on your side that you trust. 
  • Nutrition services: Dietary needs frequently change, particularly if you have medical conditions. Your government or a local nonprofit may subsidize free nutrition services to help curate a nutrition plan for this next stage of your health. (GoGo can help with meals for seniors and grocery delivery for seniors). 
  • Respite care and caregiver services: If you have a primary caregiver, whether a family member or a home aide, you may want to research respite care and other caregiver services to keep your caregiver happy, comfortable, and supported. 
  • State health insurance counseling: Navigating health insurance can be tricky. It’s hard to know what Medicare/Medicaid will and will not cover. Insurance counseling can help you understand which plans are right for you and explain the details of your coverage, so you don’t end up paying a huge bill out of pocket. 

There are so many different services for older adults that we can’t list them all here! If there is something you need but you’re not sure how to find it, contact your local community advocate. It’s their job to help you find services for seniors that will improve your lifestyle and enhance your quality of life at a price that works for you. 

How to find local services for seniors 

There are three key types of services for seniors: government resources, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses. Depending on where you live, your financial situation, and what you’re looking for, you’ll want to consider all three when looking for long term care services. 

How to find nonprofits and organizations that offer services for seniors

Along with government websites, consider searching for the most requested services for the elderly through senior care organizations. Some of these include: 

  • The American Associated of Retired Persons (AARP) helps people over 50 find resources, services, and education programs through their network of partnerships. 
  • Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) is a state-run program that offers different services for older adults, like meal programs, transportation, legal and insurance counseling, caregiver support, and more. 
  • The National Council on Aging assists people ages 60+ to find local senior programs, specifically regarding wellness and finances. 
  • HealthFinder is a website run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that helps connect seniors with local agencies and nonprofits that provide long term care services. 

What are the most requested services for elderly? 

1. Transportation 

Many older adults choose not to drive for medical or personal reasons. Driving can be a hassle, from the traffic to wild drivers to dimly lit roads in the evenings. That’s why one of the most requested services for elderly is transportation.

Here are some common options for transportation services for seniors: 

  • Public transportation is an option for some seniors who live in safe, urban areas with solid transportation infrastructure. Some cities may have a separate public transportation line just for senior citizens. Although public transport is affordable, public transport can be reliable, inaccessible, physically demanding, and time-consuming.
  • Some towns offer local transport routes through nonprofits, government programs, or assisted living facilities. These are specifically for senior citizens, so they’re safe, accessible, and reliable. They’re also a great way to meet new people. However, you can only visit those places on the transportation route and are locked to their schedule, which doesn’t leave much room for independence, autonomy, and freedom of movement. 
That’s where GoGo's rides for seniors and people with disabilities come in. With GoGoGrandparent, you get the flexibility and independence of owning your own car, the economic and convenience aspects of public transport, and the safety, reliability, and accessibility of senior transportation routes. You can go where you want, when you want, traveling safely and in style.

Plus, our expert care with GoGoGuardians means we are working around the clock to vet drivers, screen cars for accessibility, broker communication, and ensure a positive and professional experience every time you ride with us. Calling a ride with our friendly operators has never been easier.

2. Meals

Tired of cooking? Want nutritious meals without all the hassle? That’s why meal preparation is one of the most requested services for elderly. 

Here are some of the different services for older adults looking for help with their meals: 

  • Meals on Wheels is a national program offered in most major communities that delivers healthy meals to seniors.
  • The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) is a federal government program that provides monthly food boxes to low-income, eligible seniors. 
  • Local food banks may offer senior food box programs that deliver essentials like juice, cereal, and canned foods. They may also have special shopping hours for seniors. However, these generally offer ingredients, not pre-made meals. 
  • Your town may offer a senior farmer’s market. You can buy fruits, veggies, and some pre-made foods fresh. This is a great way to get healthy groceries and get acquainted with some local long term care services providers. 
However, these aren’t options for everyone. You may not be eligible for these programs, or you may want healthy meals that are easier to obtain. So consider takeout! But not just any takeout. GoGo’s meals for seniors lets you order meals from your favorite local restaurants while ensuring your dietary needs and preferences are met. All you have to do is dial our telephone number at 1 (855) 464-6872 and let us know what you want. Our GoGoGuardians are behind the scenes requesting your order, confirming your preferences, and tracking your meal delivery so it arrives hot and fresh to your door. The beautiful part about GoGo’s meal delivery for seniors is that it’s completely tailored to your nutrition plan, schedule, and lifestyle. 

3. Health and wellness programs 

Some of the most requested services for elderly are nutrition, exercise, and wellness programs. Taking care of your health is critical to living a long, vital life. Depending on where you live, you may find government programs like free health counselors and nutrition services for seniors. You may also have different local agencies that offer exercise classes, continuing education courses, preventative checks, and more. 

The local YMCA  is a popular, well-known program that offers different services for older adults. They offer senior-oriented fitness classes, social clubs, blood pressure monitoring, and preventative programs.  

Once you have a nutrition and exercise plan in place, you may need additional long term care services to help achieve these goals. For example, GoGoGrandparent offers grocery delivery for seniors, so you never have to worry about going to the store to get food in the house. This frees up your time to focus on stretching, meditation, socializing, or any other part of your wellness plan.  

4. In-home support services

Long-term care services in-house are essential for many seniors. This includes everything from health aides and therapists to handymen and housekeepers. However, with age, it can be harder to maintain your house like you used to. 

Many local agencies focus on in-home healthcare services or part-time health aide. If you’re looking for part-time or full-time help in the home, you may want to consider working with an advisor or local advocate to see what kind of support services will be right for you. Use Google to search for local home care agencies, and read plenty of reviews and testimonials. You may even want to host an interview before ensuring that the agency you choose will fit best with you and your lifestyle. 

At GoGoGrandparent, one of our most requested features is home services for seniors. You just call up GoGoGrandparent, tell us what you need, and we’ll connect you with professional, reliable, screened homecare professionals. We offer this for any service, including landscapers, furniture assemblers, snow shovelers, dog walkers, pet sitters, housekeepers, laundry cleaners, handymen, hair stylists, and so much more. We can even help you find reliable caregivers for part-time healthcare.  No matter what you need help with around the house, GoGo’s home services for seniors can help make their lives easier, streamlined, and more comfortable.  

5. Financial subsidies 

Paying for long term care services can get expensive. Finding financial help is important, but it’s not always easy. Many government programs and nonprofit organizations offer financial grants or subsidies for food (like SNAP), employment, transportation, home costs, utility expenses, and more. Check out Grants for Seniors to find more help finding financial assistance in your area.

We also recommend chatting with a financial advisor. You may be able to find low-cost or free financial advisors through your state or county. You want someone you can trust, so:

  • Ask for referrals from friends and neighbors,
  • Check industry databases like Certified Financial Planners and the Financial Planning Association,
  • Make sure they are a fiduciary (which means they are legally required to work in the best interests of their clients),
  • Find out what different services for older adults they offer,
  • Be wary of titles, as there are many fake and misleading credentials out there,
  • Meet in person to get a good sense of who they are. 

How to find different services for older adults 

There are a lot of avenues to find local long term care services for seniors. Government groups, national nonprofits, and local businesses are all available to help you find different services for older adults that will enhance your quality of life. 

If you want more long term care services that you have complete control of and are affordable, register with GoGoGrandparent. We offer transportation, grocery and prescription delivery, meals, and home services that simplify and improve your life.  

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