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My name is Nancy Fenimore, and I am the Publisher and your local partner in our mutual quest to share all things senior.  We are thrilled to provide this ‘go-to’ resource, geared toward offering you a myriad of options from Housing to Health at Home and everything else A-Z.  Want to know what’s happening around town?  Looking for a local networking meeting?  Curious about learning more about a Boulder County senior community or service? We hope you will check out all the  features this page offers.  You have my absolute commitment to keep it fresh, relevant and educational. If you know of a business or service that should be added to the Boulder County guide, please email me  and as always, feel free to reach out to me at any time and for any reason.

Colorado - Boulder County

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Nov 12, 2024 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Senior Seller and Downsizing Seminar - 11/12

Please RSVP at least one week prior to the event by scanning the QR code on the flyer or call 970-518-7019.


Sep 13, 2024 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Bowl-4-Brains 2024

For more information email Adam -


Aug 24, 2024 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Medicare 101 Seminar August

Phone: 303-554-9005 RSVP by calling the above number or by calling Jen at (303) 478-4157 or emailing 


Aug 20, 2024 05:30 PM - 06:30 PM

August Medicare 101 Seminar

Phone: 303-554-9005 RSVP by calling the above number or by calling Jen at (303) 478-4157 or emailing 

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Local Aging Options

Talem Home Care & Placement Services

Non-Medical 80 Garden Center, Broomfield, Colorado, 80020

Your Family is Our Family No family should experience the stresses of aging without the needed information to make the  best decision.Our Certified Senior Advisors are dedicated to providing compassion, dedication, professionalism, and advice to give the reassurance we all need when helping our loved ones.   Our vision is to Empower People to Experience the Full Joy of Living. That statement defines who we are as a company. Our duty is to help our staff, our clients, and our community partners achieve their goals and dreams by giving those we work with every opportunity possible to be successful.We recognize that our staff, with all their hard work and dedication, is the single most important key to our success and we strive every day to find better ways to support and show appreciation towards our staff. Our employees enjoy a family-friendly office environment that offers flexibility in a low-stress, low-pressure environment. Which in turn, allows our clients to experience the best in customer service.Our clients experience greater self-confidence, freedom, and our support allows them to enjoy their life on their own terms.Talem Home Care - Broomfield has a strong reputation as a responsible community citizen and has long been committed to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.Talem Home Care - Broomfield recognizes the importance of balancing both work and a family life.At Talem, we have a strong appreciation for the variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds that shape us into the unique individual we are today.It does not matter if your needs include Home Care, Free Care Management, Senior Placement services, Veterans Care, Alzheimers Care, Hospice Support, Medical Equipment, Assisted Living, or someone to shovel the snow, we are here to help!   

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Synergy HomeCare - Boulder

Non-Medical 8771 Wolff Court, Westminster, Colorado, 80031

At SYNERGY HomeCare, "CARE" stands for Coordinated And Responsive Engagement. We provide an integrated total solution to meeting your specific care needs. Whether for family members, friends or for yourself, you can be assured of the very best and highest quality care available. As loved ones experience the physical and emotional effects of aging, such as memory-related disorders (dementia and Alzheimers), chronic or acute illness or physical injury; our highly skilled caregivers are there to provide safety, comfort, and dignified assistance. We provide peace of mind and ensure that life at home will continue to be as independent and safe as possible.Call us now, at (303)465-HOME, to learn how our comprehensive CARE approach can help those with supportive needs, continue to live in their own home for as long as they like.

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Dignity Hospice of Colorado

Hospice 400 East 84th Avenue, Denver, Colorado, 80229

Hospice affirms the belief that it is important to make every moment of life as fulfilling and meaningful as possible, from the first days of a life-limiting illness to the last; it is a special way of caring for people who are in the final stages of life. Dignity recognizes that a terminal illness can be an emotional and frightening experience for everyone involved. For this reason, we utilize an entire team to provide comfort and assistance to you and your loved ones. Dignity Hospice's dedicated and experienced staff share common values, vision, and purpose for each patient we have the honor of serving. Preparation, education, and support with Dignity's care team helps bring peace of mind during this difficult time. We strive to be exceptional partners in care with a focus on an individuals unique needs.

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Golden Lodge Assisted Living and Memory Care

Memory Care 1111 Newstar Way, Golden, Colorado, 80403

We offer a whole-person approach to memory care focuses on meeting Residents needs while creating an inviting family atmosphere. We offer three secured neighborhoods with a total of 36 studio apartments and a secured courtyard to enjoy the outdoors. The community is overseen by our experienced Director of Care Staff and is staffed 24/7 with team members who are trained in Dementia Care.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

What is a Professional Fiduciary?

A Professional Fiduciary is an experienced professional who performs decision-making tasks for another. This may include serving as Guardian or Conservator as well as trustee, agent or as a contract services provider for case management and financial services. Colorado does not license or register Professional Fiduciary's but most fiduciaries belong to a national organization that has a code of ethics and conduct; for example the National Geriatric Association of Care Managers (NAPGCM) or the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM). In addition professional fiduciaries may be bonded, or have liability insurance.You can designate a professional to serve as your financial agent or medical agent or in other estate planning roles. This can come in handy when you don't have family close by or family members are unable to serve or are simply not a good choice. A professional is interested in carrying out your wishes and directions and has no interest in benefiting from your estate plan, as a family member might be, which can cause a conflict of interest for that family member. The professional is focused on you in the most efficient and supportive manner. When our body's age, our mental abilities decline as well. Sometimes this decline is mild and sometimes severe. You do not have to wait until decline occurs to take advantage of the services of your agent. Perhaps you are going on an extended trip to visit family in another state and you don't want to worry about paying your bills or the security of your home while you are gone. Or perhaps you are going into the hospital for a procedure and want to have an experienced professional on hand to advocate for you, your medical agent can temporarily assist you with this support. Your agent can assist you before or as you decline to the degree you request of them. It is a collaborative relationship. A professional fiduciary will keep accurate records, save all receipts and make transactions or decisions for your benefit that are consistent with your wishes and in your best interest. If incapacity occurs the agent can step in completely, but in the mean time you can use the services they provide to make life easier, and more enjoyable, as well as to provide peace of mind, which after all is the whole point of retirement.This article was submitted by Sally Hirsh, Professional Fiduciary Alternatives Financial Services, LLC. Sally can be reached at 303-776-0585 or by email at

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How do you Know if You Have Impacted Ear Wax?

What is earwax? Earwax is a substance produced by the body to clean, protect, and lubricate the ear. It is made up of dead skin cells, hair, and oils secreted by glands in the ear canal. While earwax is beneficial, too much of it can cause problems. impacted ear wax occurs when the earwax becomes too hard and dry, or is pushed deep into the ear canal. This can block the ear canal and cause pain, itching, and hearing loss.Impacted ear wax is a common problem. It is more likely to occur in adults over the age of 60, children under the age of 2, people who wear hearing aids, and those who clean their ears frequently.Earwax removal is a simple process that can be done at home or by a healthcare professional. impacted ear wax can be removed using a candle, ear drops, or irrigation. If the impacted ear wax does not respond to home treatment, you may need to see a healthcare professional for further treatment.If you have impacted ear wax, it means that the ear wax has built up and hardened in your ear. This can cause problems with hearing, pain, and even infection. Impacted ear wax is more common in older adults, but anyone can get it. There are several ways to tell if you have impacted ear wax.Signs of Impacted EarwaxIf you have impacted ear wax, you may notice that your hearing is muffled. You may also feel like your ear is full or plugged. You may also have pain in your ear, itchiness, or drainage. If you have any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor. They can safely remove the impacted ear wax and help you feel better.Smelly earwax can be a sign of an infection. If you have smelly earwax, you should see a doctor. Yellow, brown, or bloody earwax can also be a sign of an infection. If you have this type of earwax, you should see an audiologist to have your ears checked.Will impacted ear wax fix itself?Impacted ear wax usually does not go away on its own. In fact, if you leave impacted ear wax untreated, it can lead to more problems. impacted ear wax can cause hearing loss, pain, and even infection. If you think you have impacted ear wax, its highly recommended that you seek medical attention to ensure that your ears are clean and free of dirt and foreign objects.What happens during professional earwax removal?An audiologist or healthcare professional will use a special instrument to remove the impacted ear wax. This is usually done in a doctors office or clinic. The procedure is quick and easy, and you should feel better right away.A  small, curved tool will be used to remove the impacted ear wax. This tool is called a curette. The curette will be inserted into the ear to gently scrape out the impacted ear wax. In some cases, suction may also be used to remove the ear wax. The whole process usually takes less than 15 minutes.If you have impacted ear wax, it is important to see a healthcare professional for treatment. impacted ear wax can cause hearing loss, pain, and even infection. With proper treatment, you can remove the impacted ear wax, feel better, and hear better.If you have any questions, please call Longmont Hearing & Tinnitus Center at 303-651-1178.

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Medication Safety Tips

Homewatch CareGivers Offers Medication Safety for SeniorsMedication management is an important aspect of senior care. The elderly is likely to develop at least one, if not multiple chronic conditions that require different prescription medications to manage often from different health care providers. To keep your loved one healthy, Homewatch CareGivers can help manage your loved ones medications, so they never miss a dose, accidentally double a dose, or take with the wrong foods.Here are some medication management tips our caregivers use:Keeping a detailed list of medications, including doses and dosage times. Include over-the-counter medications such as vitamins or any herbal remedies for your elderly love ones health care provider.Use a pill dispenser as a medication management system.Store medications properly in a cool, dry place, or any other place where they must be stored.Write a journal of any changes in the patients mood or behavior when new medications are introduced, dosages change, or certain pills are eliminated, to communicate to the clients physician.If you or your loved one needs assistance with medication management or medication safety, contact Homewatch CareGivers today at (303) 625-9365!

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Top 10 Volunteer Opportunities for Retirees

Loneliness and a lack of purpose is a common complaint among retirees. Once you finally dont have to go to work anymore, some seniors are surprised to experience feelings of depression and emptiness after retirement. Work can also provide an important social outlet that leaves a hole in its absence. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to address these feelings and enjoy your retirement. One great option is volunteer work. Here, we will explore the top 10 volunteer opportunities for retirees. Youll be able to find more meaning and social interaction in your life, while making a positive difference in the world. Mentoring and TutoringTeach others your skills by spending time mentoring and tutoring! Local schools, community centers, and adult education programs are often looking for volunteers to help out. Even if you dont consider yourself especially gifted in any one area, you probably have the skills to help a student with math or English homework. You could also help someone in your neighborhood learn a productive hobby, like making jam or crochet. Nonprofit OrganizationsWith all the nonprofit organizations out there, youre sure to find one that aligns with your passions and interests. Some examples include animal shelters, food banks, homeless shelters, or environmental conservation groups. You can take a more hands-on role by volunteering directly with the animals or community members. For seniors in more remote areas, or those with mobility challenges or health concerns, you can try finding online ways to volunteer with these nonprofit organizations. They may need help with grant writing, making phone calls, or answering emailsall of which can be done remotely. Hospital and Healthcare FacilitiesFor healthy and agile seniors, you might consider offering your support and companionship to patients and their families by volunteering at hospitals, hospices, or senior care centers. For example, some hospitals have volunteers who hold premature babies when their parents have to be away at work. You can make a meaningful difference in peoples lives when you volunteer in healthcare. LibrariesMany libraries are understaffed and underfunded. See if you can assist with library programs or help organize events. For example, you could host a childrens music hour or read local children's books at story time. You can also provide support to library staff by running book clubs or literacy programs.National Parks and ConservationIf the outdoors is your passion, volunteer with national or state parks! Volunteer as a park guide, help maintain trails, or assist local conservation organizations.Disaster Relief OrganizationsUnfortunately, there is no shortage of disaster in this world. There is always someone who needs help. Get involved with disaster relief organizations to assist in disaster response efforts, provide support to affected communities, or participate in emergency preparedness initiatives.Community GardensContribute your gardening skills by volunteering at community gardens. If none exist near you, try starting your own! You can teach others about getting started with gardening, sustainable gardening practices, and helping maintain the gardens. Museums and Art Galleries Share your passion for arts and culture by volunteering at museums or art galleries, guiding visitors, assisting with exhibits, or conducting research. Business MentoringThe skills you spent decades learning in the workforce can go on to help others who are just starting out, or who need a little help along the way. Offer your business expertise by mentoring entrepreneurs, startups, or individuals seeking career advice through organizations like SCORE or local business development centers.  Community Service OrganizationsJoin local community service organizations that address a variety of needs in your community, such as United Way or Rotary Club. You could also try organizations like the Red Cross and assist with things like blood drives. Many seniors enjoy volunteering with their local church service organization, too.  Retirement doesnt have to be a bore. With these top 10 volunteer opportunities for retirees, your life can be full of friends and meaning long after your workdays are over. If you have any questions, please call The Gallery at Broomfield at 303-656-3738.

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Local Business Videos

Introduction to AltaVita Senior Residences

Welcome to AltaVita Senior Residences. Enjoy this brief introduction to the AltaVita community. We hope to see you soon! AltaVita Senior Residences is family oriented with your loved ones in mind. Our approach is comprehensive, careful, and kind as we honor everyone. The communities are locally-owned and conveniently located in Longmont, Colorado, with easy access anywhere along the Front Range. AltaVita Senior Residences was designed to be respectful of seniors and the aging process. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional dining, housekeeping, and care services. AltaVita services are tailored to each individual and their needs.For more information, please visit us at

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Senior Care Spotlight: Introducing Donny Sepin of BrightStar Care - Boulder!

Check out this episode of #SeniorCareSpotlight featuring Donny Sepin, Owner of BrightStar Care Home Care. By choosing BrightStar, families receive support that includes specially trained caregivers, skilled home health care, therapies, companionship, medication reminders, respite care, and individualized care plans. BrightStar Care takes to heart the task of matching the right professional to the individual needs of each client. Donny says he is in awe of his amazing caregivers and shares about a national award his corporation won (for the 9th year running!).Tune in to hear about this Joint Commission Enterprise Champion of Quality award, and how BrightStar Care can help you or your loved one to remain safe in their home. To contact Donny, call 720-890-7777

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Understanding Dementia - A deeper dive into their world

Join AltaVita for another webinar by Dr. Haleh Nekoorad-Long as we take a deeper dive into understanding Dementia. We will cover various topics through this free educational seminar such as: Proper physical approach and why its important How to speak dementia best ways to communicate with individuals while protecting their dignity Therapeutic lies, when and how to use them Understanding their reality vs our reality.For more information, please visit us at

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