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My name is Nancy Fenimore, and I am the Publisher and your local partner in our mutual quest to share all things senior.  We are thrilled to provide this ‘go-to’ resource, geared toward offering you a myriad of options from Housing to Health at Home and everything else A-Z.  Want to know what’s happening around town?  Looking for a local networking meeting?  Curious about learning more about a Boulder County senior community or service? We hope you will check out all the  features this page offers.  You have my absolute commitment to keep it fresh, relevant and educational. If you know of a business or service that should be added to the Boulder County guide, please email me  and as always, feel free to reach out to me at any time and for any reason.

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Jun 29, 2023 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

June Beneficent Free CE Educational Class

BENEFICENT: HELPING SENIORS PAY FOR LONG-TERM CAREWe know that applying for long-term care financial programs can feel like a maze.We quickly navigate seniors and disabled adults to the best financial program to help pay for:assisted livingadult day carehome carenursing homesenior living BENEFICENT MAINTAINS 200+ FIVE STAR REVIEWS ON THE BBB AND GOOGLE WE MAKE THE COMPLICATED SIMPLE. BENEFICENTS 4 STEP PROCESSSchedule a FREE initial consultation - call 719.645.8350Make a plan for your circumstanceChoose from several optionsBeneficent will complete an application to approval INVALUABLE INFORMATION FOR INDIVIDUALS WORKING WITH SENIORSBeneficent offers a completely FREE educational course on long-term care programs impacting your business and your clients! Schedule here.We know about the critical updates, stay current and take the class annually. June Class DatesWednesday, June 21, 2023 @ 10 11 AMThursday, June 29, 2023 @ 12:00 1:00 PM I just wanted to thank Beneficent for all the good work you do. I have been asking my clients to keep me updated as they go through your services. The feedback has been 100% positiveI am not sure what we would do without you and your staff. - Senior Services Coordinator - Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging Individuals eligible to receive an Continuing Education Credit:Case ManagersSocial WorkersCertified Senior Advisors


Feb 21, 2023 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Coffee and Conversation for People Living with Parkinson’s

Come enjoy the expertise, knowledge and fellowship of members of our community with Parkinson's Disease. In a relaxed atmosphere with coffee and snacks this group elicits topics from attendees for shared and open discussion. Topics may include medications, feelings, doctors, accomplishments, challenges, research or other topics of interest.No speakers,just group members, here for each other. Contact Ilse at for more information.  


Jun 13, 2023 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

CMSA Meeting: Case Managers: How To Lead The Way

"Case Managers: How To Lead The Way"Presented by: Kelly Behrendt, RN, MSN, RN-BCWhen: June 13th, 2023, 5:00 pm-6:00 pmWhere: Virtual (Webex link to come via registrant email address prior to the event)Cost: Free for current CMSA Members-must have a valid membership #. $15 Non-membersRegistration: Online at: (registration ends June 12th)Details: Call-in starts at 4:45, Program begins at 5:00CEU: 1.0 CE contact hoursAbout the Speaker:Kelly Behrendt has recently retired as the Director of Professional Development at Sky Ridge Medical Center with 25 years in education and organizational development. She specializes in competency management, leadership development, and shared governance in the healthcare setting. Kelly is a Registered Nurse who is certified as a Nurse Executive and Nurse in Professional Development. Kelly uses that experience to coach young leaders to challenge themselves and identify who they want to become as a leader.Learning Outcomes:1. Participants will be able to describe ways to challenge themselves and identify who they want to be as a leader.2. Participants will be able to identify new, innovative ways to develop and manage people.3. Participants will be able to demonstrate strategies to decrease employee turnover, increase engagement, and create a strong team.


Jun 15, 2023 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Boulder County Area Agency on Aging Recognizes World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Please join us as we celebrate 20 years of AARP ElderWatch on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.REGISTER HERE

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Local Aging Options

Golden Lodge Assisted Living and Memory Care

Assisted Living 1111 Newstar Way, Golden, Colorado, 80403

Nestled at the base of the foothills Golden Lodge is a new senior living community committed to providing a comfortable and secure lifestyle. Programs and services are matched to the needs of individuals requiring assisted living and those who need extra support due to memory loss. We support each residents' individuality and preferences by creating a warm, inviting atmosphere where residents choose how to spend their days, all while getting the assistance and care when and if they need it. We welcome you to call the Lodge your home and enjoy all we have to offer, including peace of mind.

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Helping Hands Consulting- LLC BC

Medicaid Planning 6931 Broadway, Denver, Colorado, 80221

At Helping Hands Consulting, we specialize in assisting individuals find their way through the complicated maze of rules and regulations involved in obtaining government benefits. We streamline and simplify this process for you while working to promote maximum eligibility and approval rates. Our Eligibility Consultants have a combined 31 years of experience with long term care Medicaid at the State and county level, along with experience interpreting and implementing Long Term Care policies and procedures. Our clients are our most important asset, and we strive to develop lasting, trusting relationships by providing a unique and creative level of service that respects the dignity and integrity of our clients.

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Golden Lodge Assisted Living and Memory Care

Memory Care 1111 Newstar Way, Golden, Colorado, 80403

We offer a whole-person approach to memory care focuses on meeting Residents needs while creating an inviting family atmosphere. We offer three secured neighborhoods with a total of 36 studio apartments and a secured courtyard to enjoy the outdoors. The community is overseen by our experienced Director of Care Staff and is staffed 24/7 with team members who are trained in Dementia Care.

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Talem Home Care & Placement Services

Non-Medical 80 Garden Center, Broomfield, Colorado, 80020

At Talem Home Care, our goal is to empower people to experience the full joy of living. We enable our clients to take control of their well-being as we lead them though the complicated health care system so they can achieve their goal of staying independent and healthy for as long as possible. Care coordination and advocation is included for free.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

Understanding the Cost of Care for Aging Adults

Senior care should be about meeting individual needs. But we understand that for families who are considering care options for aging adults, the cost can be a major worry. Selecting the right care is important and you want to ensure its the best fit and value for your unique situation.Find Care That Enhances the Quality of LifeEvaluating Cost of CareWhen evaluating the cost of care, you should weigh the outcomes of care, beyond pricing alone. Its important to consider the persons safety, well-being, need for companionship and quality of life. Care is something that should be put in place to, not only to keep the person safe and healthy, but to enhance a persons enjoyment of life.Tailor-Made Care Plans & PackagesIn-home care services can help people at any point within the aging process. But care needs rarely fit neatly into a standard package. We start with the needs of the individual and develop a personalized care package and plan.Your Options for Paying for Home CareToday, you may be able to take advantage of many programs to make personalized in-home care a reality for your family. Contact our office so we can discuss cost and coverage options that best support your needs. Home Instead is here to help you make an informed choice that is right for everyone involved.Family-funded careVeterans (VA) assistanceLong-term care insuranceDementia Care Grant through our partnership with HFCHome equity line of credit

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Living a Full Life with Parkinson’s Disease

April is Parkinsons Awareness Month. The second most common neuro-degenerative disease in the country behind Alzheimers, Parkinsons disease affects millions of Americans. While there is no cure, it is possible to live a full life with the disease.Commonly known for its movement or motor-related symptoms, such as tremors, abnormally slow movements, shaking, lack of facial expression, involuntary movements or freezing, Parkinsons disease also has non-motor symptoms like apathy, depression, sleep behavior disorders, loss of sense of smell and cognitive impairment.One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with Parkinsons is that everyones disease progresses differently. Symptoms can develop slowly over years and the order in which they appear can vary from person to person. That often makes it hard to diagnose, which can be very frustrating. Symptoms to be aware of include slowness of movement and rigidity; difficulty with balance, swallowing, chewing, and speaking; cognitive impairment and dementia; and mood disorders.The good news is that there are ways to slow the progression of Parkinsons and preserve a high quality of life. As a gerontologist someone who specializes in aging and owner of a non-medical homecare company, Ive made it a point to help spread awareness of Parkinsons and share ways to help people with Parkinsons. SYNERGY Homecare has an educational partnership with the Parkinsons Foundation and we are fortunate to have access to tremendous information and resources.One of the most important things to know is that exercise and activity are key. According to the Parkinsons Outcomes Project, the largest clinical study of Parkinsons disease through the foundations Centers of Excellence network, increasing physical activity to at least 2.5 hours a week can help slow decline in quality of life.People living with Parkinsons disease should also keep up with their therapy regiments. Caregivers can help them stick to prescribed physical therapy exercises, occupational therapy, recommended daily living modifications and speech exercises. This can include gait and balance training, resistance training and regular exercise.Having a physical as well as emotional support system can make a huge difference for people with Parkinsons. In the early stages of Parkinsons, people typically require emotional support more than anything else as they get a handle on having a progressive disease.In order to preserve a high quality of life, its important to let someone with Parkinsons disease maintain their independence for as long as possible. As the disease progresses, some activities of daily living, such as dressing, eating and bathing, may require workarounds and there are multiple ideas and suggestions for adaptations on the Parkinsons Foundations website such as:Movement Tremors can make walking difficult Take care of the home, clear things off the floors, arrange furniture in a way that promotes easy access and safety Encourage doctor recommended exercises as well as facial exercises Activities like singing, dancing, or reading aloudBasic grooming Daily hygiene is greatly affected by hand tremors Opt for an electric toothbrush over a manual one Opt for an electric razor over a manual one If balance is off, try sitting down while brushing or shaving.Bathing Stand-in showers are much easier to access than tubs Shower stools also help, especially when unsteadyDressing Opt for clothes that are easier to put on Elastic waistbands Velcro Dress the side most affected first Avoid button-ups and lacesEnsuring a high quality of life with Parkinsons is possible thanks to a complementary approach that includes medications, regular activity and modifications for activities of daily living. If you have any questions, please call Synergy HomeCare - Boulder at 303-465-4663.

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Senior Fall Prevention

Homewatch CareGivers Helps to Prevent Falls Among SeniorsYouve decided its best that your senior loved one spend his or her golden years living at home, where they feel safe in their own familiar atmosphere. Although ones long-time home can provide comfort and happy memories, it might need some simple updates to reduce the potential for injuries.According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, falling is the leading cause of death and injuries among adults over the age of 65. More than one-third of all seniors (or about 11 million people) fall each year, resulting in almost 12,000 deaths. Fall survivors lose their mobility in 50% of falling cases, and 40% permanently lose the ability to live independently.At Homewatch CareGivers, our caregivers can spot the most common fall risks that could endanger your elderly loved one. These include floor clutter, pets underfoot, slippery bathroom tiles, and more.If these facts alarm you, its time to take action. Check for problems you might not otherwise notice, such as:Dimly lit rooms and hallways: Make sure all rooms are well lit, as vision can worsen with age, chronic conditions or other factors. Change any dim lightbulbs to higher-watt bulbs. For nighttime, provide a nightlight or a touch-light on the nightstand near the bed.Cluttered floors: Your loved one may shuffle or not pick up their feet when they walk, resulting in falling if their foot catches an object on the floor. Move any extension cords out of the way, or any other clutter.Slick floors: The majority of falls in the home happen in the bathroom. If your senior has a standard bathtub that is very low to the ground, and no assistance to get in or out, install non-slip strips or a bathmat. Add grab bars and a shower bench in the shower stall. Make sure there is a non-slip carpet mat near the toilet and bathtub and that towels are low and easily accessible.Learn more about bathroom hazards to watch out for by clicking here! or call 303-625-9365 to talk with an expert. 

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How To Go From A Night Owl To An Early Bird

Believe it or not, youre either born a morning person or not. While your chronotype, or natural inclination to the time of day is passed down through your DNA, it doesnt change the fact that you might be forced to wake up at the crack of dawn. Heres a few tips to make you a somewhat passable morning person.Ease in to an earlier bedtimeNo need to rip off the bandaid from your night owl wings. Start slow, even just 20 minutes earlier per night until gradually building up to farmer status.To be in rhythm with your clock, be in tune with the lightYour bodys natural clock is sensitive to light changes. When its bedtime, only expose yourself to night lights or amber colored light bulbs. Avoid blue lights from laptops and smartphones.Practice calming ritualsDeep breathing. Stretching. Aromatherapy. Reading books. Meditation. Whatever calms your nerves, get in the habit of doing it before bed. And doing it regularly.Put bad eating habits to bedNight owls eat meals much later in the evening. They also skip breakfast, eat fewer vegetables, and drink more caffeine and alcohol. For starters, eat dinner earlier and with a few more veggies.Sweat with exercise. So you dont sweat the morningExercise is very beneficial to shifting your sleep patterns. But do it early in the day. If you wait until the evening, your post workout energy might crave a few more reps.

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Local Business Videos

Senior Care Spotlight: Introducing Donny Sepin of BrightStar Care - Boulder!

Check out this episode of #SeniorCareSpotlight featuring Donny Sepin, Owner of BrightStar Care Home Care. By choosing BrightStar, families receive support that includes specially trained caregivers, skilled home health care, therapies, companionship, medication reminders, respite care, and individualized care plans. BrightStar Care takes to heart the task of matching the right professional to the individual needs of each client. Donny says he is in awe of his amazing caregivers and shares about a national award his corporation won (for the 9th year running!).Tune in to hear about this Joint Commission Enterprise Champion of Quality award, and how BrightStar Care can help you or your loved one to remain safe in their home. To contact Donny, call 720-890-7777

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Beneficent for SW and Case Managers

Beneficent:Adj. - Doing good for othersAre you or a loved one a senior or disabled adult and need long-term care?We know that applying for long-term care financial programs can feel like you are in a maze. We quickly navigate you to the best financial program to help pay for senior care, including assisted living, adult day care, home care, nursing homes, or senior living for you or your loved one.   Call Beneficent today to learn more 719-645-8350 or join our monthly educational meetings hosted by Kim Searles for Social Workers, Care Providers and the Senior Community. 

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Introduction to AltaVita Senior Residences

Welcome to AltaVita Senior Residences. Enjoy this brief introduction to the AltaVita community. We hope to see you soon! AltaVita Senior Residences is family oriented with your loved ones in mind. Our approach is comprehensive, careful, and kind as we honor everyone. The communities are locally-owned and conveniently located in Longmont, Colorado, with easy access anywhere along the Front Range. AltaVita Senior Residences was designed to be respectful of seniors and the aging process. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional dining, housekeeping, and care services. AltaVita services are tailored to each individual and their needs.For more information, please visit us at

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Understanding Dementia - A deeper dive into their world

Join AltaVita for another webinar by Dr. Haleh Nekoorad-Long as we take a deeper dive into understanding Dementia. We will cover various topics through this free educational seminar such as: Proper physical approach and why its important How to speak dementia best ways to communicate with individuals while protecting their dignity Therapeutic lies, when and how to use them Understanding their reality vs our reality.For more information, please visit us at

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Leasing Specialist

SUMMARY: The Leasing Specialist performs leasing functions for Kavod Senior Life in accordance with HUD guidelines, all Federal and State laws, and Kavod policies & procedures. Provides support to Chief Financial Officer and President/CEO, as appropriate. A great candidate for this position is someone who has an administrative gift, an eye for detail and a heart to support older adults with needed housing. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.Preparation of certification notices per HUD regulations and distribution to residents, scheduling appointmentsSchedules and participates in in-person resident meetings to collect required documentationConduct apartment inspections & enter the deficiencies into the work order systemMake copies of all required documentation & return originals to residentTimely compile recertification worksheet for audit/review by the 20th of each month.Send notices by the 1st of the month for residents to sign recertificationCollect signatures and explain any applicable rent changes to resident. Post tenant payments.Communicate concerns regarding personal or social tenant problems that arise that are not of a leasing nature.Keep current on all updates and changes in HUD and Fair Housing programs and requirements.Maintain resident files and various leasing data spreadsheets. Assist with annual audit all tenant files (move-ins & current residents) prior to annual CHFA review in accordance with internal practices.Archive tenant files to storage. Assist Leasing Manager with maintaining archived files.QUALIFICATIONS:Associates degree (A.A.) from an accredited college or university; or one to two years experience and/or training in bookkeeping and/or leasing; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience in performing HUD-subsidized project leasing-related activities strongly preferred.Ability to read and interpret documents. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence. Ability to speak effectively one-on-one or to groups. Bi-lingual skills preferred (Russian/English) (Spanish/English)Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals. Ability to count U.S. currency and calculate correct change.To perform this job successfully, an individual should have knowledge of Microsoft Outlook contact management systems; Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

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