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Florida - Orlando

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Oct 06, 2022 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

The Truth About... What To Look For In A Retirement Community

Have you thought about moving to a retirement community but dont know where to start? Come hear industry professionals discuss the details you should be considering if you are interested in a move to any retirement community.


Oct 22, 2022 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Fall Festival

Join Marina for a Fall Festival. Vintage Cars, Booths, Live Music. Local Food Drive. PLEASE RSVP  to Lynn 407-885-7370


Nov 03, 2022 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

The Truth About... The Perfect Gift

Make the commitment to bring a loved one or friend and attend this presentation event featuring expert panelists who will share the most important things you need to know about leaving The Perfect Gift to yourself, your family, and friends.

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Local Aging Options

Azpira at Windermere

Assisted Living 13798 Speer Island Dr, Windermere, Florida, 34786

The Azpira family is excited to welcome Azpira at Windermere to the rapidly growing family of independent living, assisted living and memory support communities. Joining Azpira Place of Lake Zurich and Azpira Place of Breton, Windermeres state-of-the-art assisted living community is providing choices for seniors.Step outside your apartment and youll experience a community offering thoughtful and award-winning VIVA! programs that are proven to enhance your life spiritually, mentally and physically. Azpiras team of specially trained wellness professionals are passionate about building unique relationships with every resident and guiding seniors as they set new goals, forge new relationships and live life at their own pace.

Learn More $4,200.00/month

Magnolia Towers

Affordable-Subsidized 100 E Anderson St, Orlando, Florida, 32801

Orlandos amenities are at your fingertips at Magnolia Towers, an affordable rental retirement community in the heart of downtown. We offer studio and one-bedroom apartment residences below market rate for moderate-income seniors, aged 62 and older. Our community is across the street from the brand-new Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and located within walking distance of Lake Eola Park, ample area mass transit, restaurants, shops, churches, parks, medical offices, Orange County Public Library and all that Orlando has to offer.

Learn More $720.00/month

Westminster Winter Park

Skilled Nursing 1111 S Lakemont Ave, Winter Park, Florida, 32792

At Westminster Winter Park, the Health Center offers skilled-nursing services in private and shared-suite accommodations to support your changing needs, from short-term rehabilitation to long-term skilled-nursing care for those who need it. Conveniently located on the Winter Park campus, enjoy access to all the amenities of our community.Our Person-Centered Care philosophy offers a customized approach to providing support while maintaining dignity and individuality through lifestyle transitions. We are fully committed to the highest-quality care as recognized by the LeadingAge Quality First program of quality assurance and continuous improvement.

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Sonata Lake Mary

Memory Care 410 Caring Dr, Lake Mary, Florida, 32746

More families choose Independent Living, AssistedLiving, and Memory Care at Sonata Senior Livingbecause they know they can Expect More. Moreservice, safety and security, health and wellness,activities and valueall this included maintenance free,monthly-rental retirement living in Florida.With multiple locations throughout Central Florida,find the community right for you.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

The Physchology of Pain

Pain is one of the leading reasons people seek medical care. Approximately 50 million adults experience chronic pain.  More adults suffer from chronic pain conditions than the number affected by heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined (Tsang et al., 2008). Chronic pain contributes to an estimated $560 billion yearly in direct medical costs, lost productivity, and disability programs (Institute of Pain Medicine, 2011). Because of this impact, it is imperative that we understand the complexities of living with and treating chronic pain. Chronic pain affects all aspects of life. Medical treatments, including medication, surgery, rehabilitation and physical therapy, may be the first line of defense in treating chronic pain. However, psychotherapy can also be effective at relieving chronic pain because it can alter how the brain processes pain sensations. Understanding and managing the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that accompany the discomfort can help people cope more effectively with painand can actually reduce the intensity of pain.  Get a Therapist- He/She can help you navigate chronic pain and teach you management techniques. Manage Stress- Stress makes pain worse, stress management techniques will help you cope. Focused Breathing- Relaxes tensions in the body reducing pain.   Stay active- Pain and the fear of pain can lead you to stop doing the things you enjoy -causing more pain.          Biofeedback- Teaches you how to control normally unconscious bodily functions including pain.         Hypnosis or Guided Imagery- Directs your thoughts by focusing on specific images other than pain. Music Therapy- Performing or listening to music can help with pain by creating relaxation and producing endorphins. Know your limits- Be active in a way that acknowledges your physical limitations, dont push yourself to do more than you can. Low-Impact Exercise- Stretching, yoga, walking and swimming can increase endorphins to combat pain. Be social- People with social support are more resilient and experience less depression and anxiety. Have a pain plan. Learn what affects the intensity and duration of your pain, and what helps to make it better. Manage Expectations. Avoid all or nothing thinking. Seek help to learn coping skills to manage painYou are not in this alone.  Let us connect you with a counselor who to help you navigate pain or any other issue you need.  his article was submitted by Dr. Mary-Catherine Segota, Dr Segota is a Psychologist with Counseling Resource Services Inc. She can be reached at 407-654-4433 or at www.counselingresourceservices.com

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Assisted Living Myth

Assisted Living two words that strike fear into the hearts of many. Images of losing independence and the foreboding 1970s Nursing Home are invoked. Some envision neglected loved ones with poor care and minimal socialization for a hefty cost. Others prefer the stability and predictability of staying in the home theyve lived in for years, even if a change may be for the better.Todays Assisted Living Communities are designed for social activity, personal care, health management, nutrition, affordability, safety, and most of all, quality of life. Maintaining independence is a top priority for residents and communities alike. Once a senior gets help with the activities with which theyve been struggling with, theyre now empowered in every other aspect of their life. Nobody is in the business of telling you what to do.The best way to combat the assisted living myth is to visit in-person and see for yourself. By examining current residents quality of life, one can overcome their assumptions of the Nursing Home. At Oasis Senior Advisors, were at your side every step of the way, from finding the right communities, accompanying you on your tours, and representing you through the agreement process. It is always best to start this process early to ensure the senior is able to participate in the selection and touring process. Its lower stress (and even fun!) to embark on this journey when you have time and resources instead of a panic when theres an emergency.Though many emphasize aging in place, homes are not conducive to easy mobility. Houses may have stairs and bathrooms that arent designed for walkers or wheelchairs, and getting help can be both difficult and expensive. Assisted Living Communities can be both a safe haven for seniors and a stress reducer for families, now knowing their loved one is protected. Trepidations surrounding cost can be minimized by understanding what is included in that cost: meals, utilities, laundry, household maintenance, property taxes, and care services. Many current expenses, like home insurance and mortgage, will disappear. It can also be cheaper than homecare since one caregiver can be shared between multiple residents. The senior living industry has revolutionized itself into something to be celebrated. Seniors can set themselves up for a future of independence through the reassuring avenues of care, safety, and socialization. Assisted living can and should be the beginning of a new adventure. Written by Steven Moses, CSA, President and Certified Senior Advisor with Oasis Senior Advisors. He can be reached at 407-250-8100 or visit OasisSeniorAdvisors.com/Orlando

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Maybe it is due to the stereotype of a trust fund baby. Or itcould be the way trusts are depicted on television and film. Regardless, thereis a general misconception that if you arent extremely wealthy, you do notneed to create a trust. That simply isnt the case. Trusts are for anyonewho has assets. With that in mind, trusts are indeed for the wealthy, butthey are for you too. Once you learn and accept that you can benefit from trusts, youmay discover how valuable they can be for you if you have minor children orhave assets worth more than $500,000. Before we go on, we need to address thatlast point. On the one hand, we are stating that you dont need to beultra-wealthy to have a trust, but we also just said that you should considerone if you have more than $500,000 in assets. Though that amount may seem high,it may not be when you factor in your: Home Retirement Accounts Life Insurance PoliciesBank AccountsWhy are we recommending trusts for people facing thesecircumstances? It saves a significant amount of money that would otherwise bespent during the probate process. Generally, probate may cost about 3% of thegross value of what you have. If you have a $500,000 estate, that equates to$15,000. And again, trusts do not pass-through probate. When you fund a trustwith your assets, you no longer own them. The trust does. Your attorney canstill ensure you can access and use these assets (e.g., your home).  Another significant advantage of a trust is that it prevents yourassets from being locked down in probate. If the probate process takes ayearwhich isnt abnormalyour children would have access to the money you leftthem until the probate process ends. Some people may want their children tohave access to the assets and funds you left them immediately. Their childrenmay even be reliant on the money or home you leave behind. Family First FirmShould you avoid probate?The answer to that question depends on your circumstances. When you meet withthe estate planning attorneys at the Family First Firm, we will take the timeto understand what assets you have and where you want them to go. Then we willsuggest the plan that fits your needs.Call us at:1-833-FL-SENIOR or email us at Intake@FamilyFirstFirm.com to schedule your FREE consultation today!

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The 6 Things You Should Know About Insurance

Buying Insurance can be a real pain in the behind. This is primarily due to fact that it isnt something you do very much. Maybe once a year you shop for auto or health insurance and with the constant changes it is difficult for a consumer to stay current let alone be able to compare the options.With this in mind I came up with 6 things that every consumer needs to know about Insurance.Who is the person you are dealing with for the Insurance ? If you are going online to buy insurance then you have problems that this brief article does not have time to address. Just know that are no online deals. Your best option is to find someone that is local and knowledgeable. The fact that your sisters mechanics cousins neighbor has an Insurance license does not make them a good choice. They may be wonderful people but on the day you need help they may not be available.Who is the Insurance company you are dealing with ? Not all Insurance companies are the same. Those big fancy ads cost lots of money and the consumer is the one who really pays for them. There is no FREE.There is no such thing as full coverage or a standard policy. This is insurance speak for they dont want you to know. Ask questions, lots of them until you understand what you are getting.Read the policy. Very few people ever actually read their Insurance policy and then when they have a problem it becomes a real problem. Be sure to check your name, address, coverage amounts. Guaranteed that when you file a claim the Insurance company will check on you..Never cancel your current policy until you have a new one , in writing. Never ever. Just a one day lapse can turn into the worst day of your life.All Insurance is Risk Management. You pay a small amount so that in the event of a problem someone else gets stuck paying the big money. You dont want that big problem but if it happens you dont want to be the one who pays.This article was submitted by Donald C. Kirkendall. Don is the Managing Partner of KIRKENDALL Insurance. KIRKENDALL Insurance is an Integrated Independent Insurance Agency located in Winter Park FL. Real people, real office. He can be reached at 407-359-5904 or by email at: insuranceman@kirkendallinsurance.com

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