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Welcome to the Seniors Blue Book’s local page for Southern Mississippi.  The Seniors Blue Book has been serving Southern Mississippi for over 21 years!   My name is Lee Ann Newman, your local Publisher and Partner.  Here you will find the most comprehensive and reliable resources for Aging Well and caring for your loved ones! Click around to compare Senior Housing such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing Communities.  You will also find Health at Home options like Home Health Care, Private Duty Home Care, Hospice, Senior Resources, and Activities and Entertainment.

Whether you are looking for resources, looking to promote your business, or just want to know what’s happening in our area, the Seniors Blue Book website is your “Go-To” site for Successful Aging!

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Mississippi - Southern

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Mississippi - Southern

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Local Aging Options

Right At Home Gulf Coast

Non-Medical , Gulfport, Mississippi, 00000

Whether a family member needs a little extra help around the house, assistance recovering from a hospital stay or someone to check in on them throughout the week, Right at Home Gulfport's in-home care is the answer.

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VitalCaring Group - MS - Gulfport - Hospice

Hospice 10281 Corporate Drive, Gulfport, Mississippi, 39503

Our mission at VitalCaring Group is to provide each patient the highest level of care possible in the comfort and convenience of their home. VitalCaring Group services include home health, non-medical home care, and hospice services.

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Mayhone Elder Law, PLLC

Elder Law 2112 Bienville Boulevard, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, 39564

Mayhone Elder Law, PLLC is here to help your family overcome the obstacles that come along with the elder care continuum. We help you integrate legal, financial, and personal care needs to allow you to find, coordinate, and pay for good, quality assistance. Our goal is to create a plan to allow you to stay at home as long as possible and have a plan to protect you and your family if that is not possible.Responsive. Knowledgeable. Caring. Protection for the Second Half of Life 

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SummerHouse at Bay Cove Assisted Living and Memory Care

Assisted Living 680 Bay Cove Drive, Biloxi, Mississippi, 39532

The unique combination of personalized service, lifestyleprograms, amenities, and superior care creates a one-of-a-kind senior livingexperience at SummerHouse Bay Cove.  Withtwo separate communities providing Memory Care and Assisted Living in onecampus, SummerHouse Bay Cove is very much suitable for older adults who want tobenefit from 24/7 care and a hassle-free lifestyle.Here at SummerHouse Bay Cove, our cozy suites and apartmenthomes overlook Back Bay, providing a beautiful backdrop for daily living. Inaddition, residents can take part in daily social events and activities andsavor scrumptious chef-prepared meals, making their lives more satisfying. Addto that friendly, attentive care and service from our professional team membersand SummerHouse Bay Cove Senior Living is Biloxis best choice for exceptional,resident-focused senior living.Our community was developed to become the premier seniorliving destination on Mississippis Gulf Coast, and even today, were continuingthe tradition for luxury and service that earned us that very distinction. Thescenic waterfront location provides residents ready access to big-cityentertainment, great local recreation and dining options, and a wide rage ofmodern conveniences that greatly improves daily living in our community.In addition to all these local features and advantages,SummerHouse Bay Cove and its dedicated team member work together to deliver thefinest-quality senior living and care in a fun, fulfilling way of life that youor your loved one want and so richly deserve!  

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

Hearing Loss? Take a simple Quiz

More than 30 million Americans of all ages suffer from hearing loss. Early detection of hearing loss allows for more effective intervention. In some cases, hearing loss can be corrected medically; In other cases, hearing loss cannot be cured but can be successfully managed with the use of hearing instruments.Because hearing loss is often a gradual and cumulative process it can easily develop into a significant handicap before it is diagnosed. Take this simple quiz to find out if you may have a hearing loss.1. Do you frequently ask for words or sentences to be repeated?2. Do you strain to understand conversations?3. Do you often turn up the television or radio louder than others would prefer?4. Do people often sound as though they are mumbling or speaking too softly?5. When you are socializing, does background noise bother you?6. Do you misunderstand what others are saying or answer questions inappropriately?7. Do you remove yourself from conversations or social situations because it is difficult to hear what is being said?8. Do you need to ask others about details of a meeting that you just attended?9. Do you have difficulty hearing the doorbell or telephone?10. Has someone close to you mentioned that you might have a problem with your hearing?If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, you may have a hearing problem and should have your hearing evaluated by a professional audiologist. Early detection of hearing loss, followed by proper treatment, allows for the most effective solutions to many hearing problems. New technology provides much more than simple amplification, such as adjustments for volume, background noise, directionality and different frequencies of sound. Also, youd have a difficult time noticing the new instruments in someones ear, as some instruments are very small, with shapes and colors to blend-in.The most important message here is early detection and proper treatment lead to the most effective solutions. Consult a professional audiologist if this applies to you or someone you care for.For additional information call Charlene Taylor, Au.D., Gulf Coast Audiology, 228-328-0085 .Author:Charlene Taylor

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Create Your Own Wellness Routine: Food, Nature, Creativity, Physical/Mental Health

Were all spending more time at home these days, and many of us might be missing the structure of our normal day-to-day activities waking, working, eating, and keeping ourselves healthy with exercise, the right kind of food and mental stimulation.But there are actually plenty of positives here! In fact, this can be an excellent time to rewrite our own routines, maybe generate some new, healthy habits to help through these times and beyond.Check below for a few ideas that will help you create your own, personalized wellness routine:Fuel Up with Healthy FoodGood health starts within! Try starting the day with a nutrient-dense smoothie.Plan for well-rounded meals with plenty of vegetables to support your health. Now is a great time to set a routine for healthy eating and preparing your own meals at home.Get creative in the kitchen! Test out a new recipe you've been wanting to try.Connect with Nature to Support WellbeingTaking in nature helps us to unwind from daily stressors. It is important to follow local guidelines and use precaution when venturing outside. That being said, the great outdoors can be closer than we think!Spending time on the patio, balcony, or even on a chair outside the front door can be a beneficial way to take in the sunshine, fresh air, and colors of nature.Use any extra time at home to exercise your green thumb! Watering and tending to your garden, no matter how small, is a rewarding task that helps soothe away tension.Here's a quick pic of just one of the many things growing at the Lee Health Coconut Point Teaching Garden:'Tap into Your Creative SideSpending time cultivating your creativity is an easy way to refocus the mind toward enjoying the present moment. You dont have to consider yourself an artist just express yourself!Use free time to pick up an instrument you used to play, or try learning a new one! There are many online resources for learning to play music.Coloring and drawing is fun for all ages. Simply picking up a marker and drawing what comes to mind is a technique that helps us center into the now moment and express what we are experiencing within.Maintain Physical & Mental Health at HomeWith many fitness instructors filming classes for at-home participants, it is easier than ever to turn the living room into a fitness zone! Always listen to your body and consult your health provider as neededbe sure to do exercises that are safe and comfortable for you.Visit the Lee Health Healthy Life Center on Facebook for new fitness and meditation content posted throughout the week by our Instructors and Exercise Specialists.Submitted and Written By: Lee Health - click here for more information

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Geriatric Behavioral Health

Did you know that a senior citizen mental, or behavioral, health has positive or negative effects on their physical health? Whether its pain issues, cardiovascular health or some other medical conditions, maintaining good behavioral health can significantly improve recovery time from illness and continued well-being. Specific mental health programs are designed for seniors; it's important to get the appropriate type of treatment for geriatric behavioral health.Sometimes a seniors behavioral health issues may be treated on an outpatient basis by doctors' orders and may base on group therapy. During group therapy, licensed health professionals lead the group by setting appropriate topics for group discussion and encourage members of the group to participate.Group interaction helps the senior to talk and socialize with other seniors who may have similar experiences. The senior may also receive individual, family or marital therapy if ordered by the doctor. If behavioral health needs cannot be met on an outpatient basis, more intensive services such as acute geriatric behavioral health treatment in a hospital are available. A senior may need this type of treatment due to thoughts of self-harm, not wanting to live, severe depression, anxiety, or medication management issues.How does someone go about requesting behavioral health care? The first step is a phone call to a geriatric behavioral health provider, and an assessment by a healthcare professional. Strict laws regarding rights to privacy protect all conversations and treatment, and confidentiality is protected by law. If you think that you or a loved one may benefit from these services, please call today.Ed. Note: for further information contact Daybreak Behavioral Health (affiliated with Singing River Hospital), 228-818-9015

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Lifelong Learning

Have you thought of going back to school? Probably not; maybe you dont see any reason or benefit to getting more education. After all, youre not looking for job advancement, a new career, or getting a college degree. School is for young people anyway. You figure if you made it this far in life youre pretty smart to have attained your age. Well, senior citizen, school is not just for those seeking education for the above reasons. School for us is called Lifelong Learning, and provides mental and physical benefits as we age. Much research has been done to document benefits of cognitive stimulation in seniors. Specific information can be read at http://www.memory-key.com . You will find research results that show how mental and physical stimulation, and social interaction with other seniors, lessens your risk of dementia and improves cognitive abilities such as thinking, reasoning, remembering, imagining, or learning words. In other words, its healthy. A web search for this topic will provide hundreds of links that will provide hours of reading and learning. If you dont have a computer, visit your local library and use theirs. Someone will likely show you how to use it if youre not familiar with computers. Bring your reading glasses, a notebook, and be prepared to open the door to a world of information.Southeast Mississippi provides many opportunities for lifelong learning. Call a local college or university, and look at the Education listings in this Seniors Blue Book. Questions? Call us, well help (228-396-4602).

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