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Welcome to the  Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa Seniors Blue Book! The Seniors Blue Book is excited to be publishing in the Greater Omaha-Council Bluffs-Lincoln area - the first of its kind in our area and the 28th market served nationally by the Seniors Blue Book.  Our second edition is being distributed right now and throughout the Winter of 2021. My Name is Amy Wilkerson and I am the Regional Director. Please   CONTACT ME  directly if you have any questions  or inquiries. I have been involved in working with seniors, their family members and the professionals that serve them for over a decade and am always open to hear your feedback. Enjoy the guide

Nebraska - East, Iowa - West

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Nebraska - East, Iowa - West

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Local Aging Options

Hillcrest Firethorn

Skilled Nursing 8601 Firethorn Ln., Lincoln, Nebraska, 68520

At Hillcrest Firethorn, we strive to provide a comfortable environment to suit the needs of our guests (patients) who are recovering from an illness, injury or hospital stay. While our team is always focused on rehabilitation and therapy to make our short-stay guests well, we also truly value their independence. With fun gathering spaces, they can stay thoroughly entertained between therapy sessions if desired. Our calendar of events is full activities to keep guests engaged and support their recovery efforts. Hillcrest Firethorn also serves long-term care residents who require 24-hour services. These residents enjoy all of the amenities of Hillcrest Firethorn, from the private rooms and bathrooms with showers, to the made-to-order culinary program, to the full calendar of activities and outings.

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Prairie Gate

Independent Living 16 Valley View Drive, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 51503

Spacious apartments feature in-home laundry, walk-in storage and private balcony. Kitchens feature stainless steel appliances and solid surface countertops. Select plans include a sunroom or den. Heated parking is also available.

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Hillcrest Country Estates Cottage Apartments

Independent Living 6082 Grand Lodge Ave, Papillion, Nebraska, 68133

The Independent Living Cottage Apartments at Hillcrest Country Estates are the best kept secret in senior living! We offer a one-bedroom and two-bedroom cottage apartment on the second floor of each skilled nursing cottage. These specially-designed apartments are approximately 1,100 to 1,200 sq. ft. and include a full kitchen with dishwasher, oven, microwave, refrigerator and disposal, plus a stacked washer/dryer in every floor plan. With all-inclusive, value pricing, these apartments include ALL maintenance and utilities gas and electric with individual temperature control, water, sewer, trash pickup, WiFi internet, cable TV and even landline phone service! A Wellness Membership to the Grand Lodge includes access to the fitness studio, wellness studio, indoor heated saltwater pool and spa for a low monthly fee. Plus, youll have reserved parking near your front entrance and the option to purchase a dining plan in the Cottage below.

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Hillcrest Country Estates Grand Lodge

Independent Living 6021 Grand Lodge Ave., Papillion, Nebraska, 68133

Hillcrest Country Estates Grand Lodge features 102 upscale senior independent living apartments, as well as 60 assisted living and memory care apartments set on Hillcrest Country Estates beautifully landscaped 44-acre Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Should your healthcare needs change, the services we offer will change with you, whether you need a little help with daily activities or memory care. We are conveniently located minutes away from the Offutt Air Force Base, making the Grand Lodge a perfect living option for retired military veterans in addition to other seniors in the Papillion area.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

Should My Loved One Needing Care Live With Me?

Aging in place continues to increase in popularity, but what to do when you notice an older loved one is having trouble living safely at home is an issue many of us face. Troublesome signs such as a dirty home in poor repair, unpaid bills, piles of mail, and food out of date or spoiled in the kitchen, poor personal hygiene, and trouble managing medications are all warning signs that your senior is struggling. When visiting, you may notice a loss of weight, disoriented behavior, or lonely and depressive behaviors. When these signs reveal themselves to you, it is time for your older relative to move in with you or into some senior living community where the situation is safer.Even before the pandemic, polls began showing a shift to the living trend of a century ago, when most seniors lived with their adult children in a multi-generational house. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) reports that older parents are moving in with their adult children and comprising a larger component of shared living than a generation ago. AARP states, Today, 14 percent of adults living in someone elses household are a parent of the household head, up from 7 percent in 1995. And with many Americans now working from home, keeping a watchful eye over a parent is easier than ever.If you are considering moving your loved one into your home, there are several things to think about before making a move. For example, you might think the idea is fantastic, but how will it affect other current household members, spouses, or children? Does everyone get along, or will you be importing conflict? Are your lifestyles compatible regarding quiet hours, entertaining guests? Is smoking a habit of someones that needs consideration? Is your home big enough, or will someone have to give up their room? Is your home suitable for the needs of your loved one? Can they be housed on a single floor without having to use stairs? Can your parent bring their familiar belongings and furniture with them?Perhaps it is feasible to create a mother-in-law apartment with a separate entrance or invest in a backyard cottage, the so-called granny pod. If they reside in your active home, what modifications can you make to create a safer environment? Things like night lights, the removal of area rugs, or adding grab bars in the shower or an additional handrail on the stairs can make big safety differences.Who will be tasked to help your parent? The fact that your parent now lives with you should not mean you are at their service all of the time. Many well-meaning adult children make this mistake. At the start of living together, a parent is usually fairly self-sufficient. Still, in time they will require more, and if you do not begin your living agreement employing outside help, you will fall into a trap where your time is no longer your own. Share tasks with other family members and make them do their part. Find local senior support services and check out professional in-home care to ensure your loved one becomes accustomed to others providing support to them.If not in your home, where will your loved one go? Living in a family multi-generational home isnt for everyone. Your parent might prefer shared-living, that is, adults living under the same roof but not romantically involved, a sort of roommate experience. Or perhaps a retirement community with defined living stages, from independent to assisted, and full-time care. Many families find living together can save money but not necessarily sanity and look to house their parents out of direct living contact. Talk it out as a family. Even if the conversation is difficult to have, it is better than responding to a catastrophic fall or illness, forcing a change of housing for your parent.Find out how your aging loved one feels about the next step when they will no longer be able to live alone. Your parents thoughts may surprise you. It can help to speak with an elder attorney to address issues that invariably present themselves. If your parent sells their home, how will they handle the profit? Should you want a monthly living expense contribution? Can you claim your parent as a dependent on your tax return? Your parent may no longer have to pay bills but may have other assets and policies to manage; who will handle asset management and premium payments? Goodwill goes a long way to a successful living arrangement but so does preparedness. Having pre-set a structure to address issues will allow you to focus on enjoying your time with your loved one. If you have questions or would like to discuss your personal situation, please dont hesitate to reach out.To discuss your estate planning and long-term care Medicaid planning options, call (402) 614-6400 today to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. Visit our website at

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How To Sell Your House Fast And Downsize in Omaha NE To Save Money and Time

Need To Sell Your House And Downsize In Nebraska?Many people find themselves in a situation where they need to sell their houses fast and downsize, without any delays or extra costs. People dealing with foreclosure, divorce, repairs, or an inherited property may not have the time or money to wait around while a buyer is found.Below are a few tips to help you sell your house fast in the Omaha area, ultimately saving you time and money when all is said and done. If we can help you in any way or if you have questions about selling your house in the Omaha metro area (or most areas in Nebraska), please feel free to reach out!Price The House To SellIf you want to sell your house fast in Omaha and you want to do it the traditional way, youll need to price the house to sell. This can mean pricing it significantly lower than other houses on the market so it stands out and gets the attention it need to sell fast.While this may not be your first choice when trying to sell fast, it will help you to generate more interest in your property, thus selling it faster. Keep in mind, that with a listing you will have a number of costs to deal with at the closing table, so taking less than what your property is really worth can be discouraging when you are working with an Omaha real estate agent. Plus, it could be a while before the sale goes through, leaving you on the hook for the continued carrying costs while you wait for everything to be finalized.We Buy Omaha NE Houses As IsWhen you sell your house as-is, you wont have to spend time or money cleaning or making repairs in order to sell the house. You wont have to sink money into a property, hoping that a buyer will come along to make it all worth it. You could spend a fortune on property repairs and upgrades, only to find yourself still listed as the property owner several months down the road.By selling as-is to a local professional cash home buyer such as Home Downsizing Solutions, youll be able to know exactly what you are getting and when. Our process will make it easy for you to sell your house as-is, once and for all. You can also attempt to list your house as-is with an agent, but with all of the pretty properties on the MLS, the ones that are in need of repair are often looked over.Find The Right Buyers For Your HouseThere is a buyer out there for every property. It is your job to find the right one. Depending on your property and situation, the right buyer may prove to be a local cash home buyer who is ready to close on your house right now without any hassle or runaround.Most investors are looking for homes to buy as-is and they are prepared to close right away. Just be careful working with direct buyers. Some will try to low-ball you in hopes of scoring a great deal. Theyll prey on your urgency, taking advantage of you and your situation.This is not the case with Home Downsizing Solutions. We will always provide you with a fair offer, doing everything in our power to help you out of your difficult situation. Finding the right people to buy your house, will make it easy for you to sell the property as-is so you can finally move on.Work With A Local Professional Real Estate Buyer in OmahaA direct sale of your house to Home Downsizing Solutions, is the fastest, easiest, most convenient way to sell your house in Omaha. Not only will we pay you a great price, but we will also close on the property as quickly as you need us to. Working with a local professional cash home buyer in Omaha can help you save a lot of money and time when trying to sell your house fast.Keep in mind, that not all buyers are the same. Dont sign any contracts until you understand exactly what you will receive and how the process will work. You dont want to find that you are dealing with fees or wasted time that you hadnt planned for.

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Housekeeping as a Ministry of Love

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. John 13:34-35Jesus words on love spoken some 2,000 years ago inspire and form our Christian ministry today at Presbyterian Homes & Services.For Alice Musiak, a housekeeper at Valley Ridge in Burnsville, MN, showing love is the best thing she does all day every day. She says, Ive been a housekeeper for three years. And I love it. I cant imagine doing anything else.Alices daily To Do List takes her around campus and into the homes of residents where she creates special moments with them.Recently, she noticed a resident with dementia, who was feeling down. Knowing she had just lost her husband, Alice tells what she did next: So, I grabbed a daily devotional book called Jesus Calling from our community library. I sat beside her and asked, Will you read me a devotional?Just last week, the same residents son came to visit. When he entered The Arbor, there was his mother, reading aloud from another Bible devotional as Alice followed along closely.So, he quietly pulled up a chair to listen, too, and commented softly, Mom always loves reading her Bible.Alice following along as resident reads from Christian Bible devotional Later, Alice made her way up to the laundry room on the third floor. Along the way she got a special request from a resident. Alice, can you help me with my puzzle? I cant fit any pieces in my puzzle. Im having a hard time.Alice explains, So I helped her, and it was really fun. Known by residents for her heart of gold, Alice giggles, I show it!Alice is truly a blessing here at Valley Ridge, comments Matthew Rectenwal, Environmental Services Director.To Alice, housekeeping is not about a To Do List. Its about the power of connection and filling residents homes with love.We Will is a series that spotlights inspiring examples of teamwork at PHS. With Gods blessing, We Will work together to build a better, brighter future for the older adults we serve.

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Know Your Parent's Wishes for Aging Before a Medical Crisis Hits

Many adult children in the US live far away from their parents. Managing aging parents or in-law medical events can be a serious challenge without proper preparation and understanding of what your parents' wishes may or may not be, no matter where you live. Do you know what legal documentation your parents have in place regarding their medical care? Do they have advance directives that can help guide your medical decision-making process? Do you and your spouse openly discuss the situations of each other's parents?Medical advancements increase the longevity for aging Americans, even those with comorbidities such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, atrial fibrillation, and other health issues. Hospitals can typically fix non-life-threatening conditions easily enough, but what happens when a parent is released to return home? Are you prepared? Is there a plan? Many adult children tend to practice avoidance, denial, and wishful thinking regarding their aging parents potential medical crisis. It is advisable to organize and prepare for the health changes that inevitably come as your parents age.More than ever, seniors are choosing to live independently and with autonomy regarding their life decisions. Even if your parents are in a well-run continuing care retirement community, there will come a day when their health will force a change in their lifestyle and living arrangements. Many parents will resist "help," which they may view to be interference. Whether they believe they are being a burden to you or they decline a geriatric care manager's services due to cost concerns, most older people do not want others interfering in their private affairs. The goal is to find a way to help while still affording your parents the dignity and respect they want and deserve. To achieve a comprehensive plan on your parents' behalf, travel to them for an honest discussion. If this is not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions, then virtual meetings are best, followed by phone calls. Review what legal paperwork your parents have and make sure it is in order. Many documents have a signature from many years ago, and things may have changed. The main health care related documents that should be kept current are the health care power of attorney, HIPAA and an advance directive/living will. If these documents have not been reviewed in at least 10 years, it is recommended that you call our office to set up a free consultation.Create an up-to-date list of all your parents' doctors. The list should include medical contact information and all medicines (prescription or otherwise) that they take. Post-hospital fog and newly prescribed medications from an adverse health event can create confusion in an older parent. Ask about the parameters for health care intervention, such as dialysis and post-hospital during the time of COVID-19. Explain to your parents that being released from a hospital for a non-life-threatening, yet serious health episode is usually followed by the need for a care manager, at-home nursing care, or companion care. This additional care should not fall to a spouse if the parents live together. A spouse has their own unique role to fill as well as personal health challenges with which to contend. Heaping an increased responsibility for spousal health care upon them may be damaging to their own well-being.Before an unforeseen medical crisis can occur, identify several qualified agencies in your parents' hometown. Review each agency and candidate carefully. It is easier to integrate a suitable candidate at the outset than having the chaos of retaining and releasing multiple workers. Remember that a candidate who works for one parent may not be another parent's preference in the future. Maintain a strong relationship with the agency provider. They are an essential resource, and you will probably need them in the future.Take the time to learn the specifics of your parents' healthcare and living arrangements. Coordinating your plan of response is contingent upon whether your parents live independently, in assisted living, or in a retirement community. Wherever it is your parents live, their first desire will likely be to go home after an unexpected hospitalization. The desire to return home is a universal truth. Knowing the agencies that can quickly provide the type of care your parent needs in their home setting will go a long way towards a successful transition. The road to recovery may require a few weeks of nurse visits, physical or occupational therapists, or simply companionship. The faster you can meet the need, the easier it will be on your parent.If a full recovery is not possible, what will be your plan to address the new status of their normal? How much more medical oversight and assistance will they require? Know that in these instances, a parent can quickly spend through Medicare allotments afforded for temporary care. If they do not have long-term care, and many aging Americans do not, you will have to find ways to help them receive the care that they require.If there are multiple adult children, is there an expectation that all siblings share information and work on the problems at hand, or is one in charge? Is this designation formally documented? Managing sibling relationships is key to avoiding family conflict. Also, understand your parents' financial arrangements. It is likely that your parents will ask about the cost of any new healthcare service being arranged and decline using it. It is hard for a parent to spend down the money they worked their entire life to amass.Knowing your parents' aging strategies will not address every issue you might encounter because they may not have all the necessary decisions and documents in order. You can only work within the authority they choose to provide. As attorneys, we can help identify gaps in their planning and recommend ways to fill those gaps so everyone can have peace of mind.If youd like to discuss ways we can help, please dont hesitate to reach out.To discuss your estate planning and long-term care Medicaid planning options, call (402) 614-6400 today to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. Visit our website at

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Local Business Videos

First Light Home Care of Omaha

Faye McCoy, owner of FirstLight Home Care Omaha, shares about her business and the spectrum of care her caregivers can provide. She even shares a story about a special client and her dedication to ensure that she had her needs met every step of the way!You can reach Jaye and her team at 402-614-0413 or on the web at

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The Brant - An exciting life awaits you

KETV  promo  The Brant is Opening in Fall 2022. Expect more from senior living at The Brant. The retirement lifestyle at The Brant means the advantage of a connection to surrounding communities such as Omaha with plenty more opportunities to live well! Come see what a community built for you looks like.

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