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The Seniors Blue Book is Here to Help:

Welcome to the Seniors Blue Book local home page for New Jersey. The first issue of a New Jersey Blue Book came out 16 years ago and we are now in 4 markets covering 9 counties in central and northern New Jersey. We have been helping seniors, their family members and caretakers find the resources and services they need to age well. We are here to help! Search the website, call the seniors resource line at 973-560-0064, e-mail me at or use the live chat feature to get answers to your questions.

New Jersey - Essex, Hudson, Union Counties

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Local Aging Options

Sunrise of Westfield

Assisted Living 240 Springfield Avenue, Westfield, New Jersey, 07090

Often described as a cozy bed and breakfast, Sunrise of Westfield, allows you to enjoy active days filled with activities and socializing. Close to superb shopping, dining, and recreational activitiesincluding the well-known Paper Mill Playhouseour wonderful community offers something for everyone. We are resident-centric, aligning our programs and services with the wants, needs, and preferences of those who call our community home. Our dedicated caregivers find reward in providing excellent care.

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Sunrise of Summit

Assisted Living 26 River Road, Summit, New Jersey, 07901

At Sunrise of Summit, residents like you enjoy highly personalized assisted living and memory care services, delivered by talented team members who will empower you to live every day to its fullest. In your new community, you will find relaxing common areas and a lovely private suite that has been designed for comfort and safety. We also hope you will explore our gardens, patios, and walking pathsall adding character to our community. Days here can be spent as you like, engaging in one of the many activities or enjoying quiet conversations

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Sunrise of Lynnfield

Assisted Living 55 Salem St, Lynnfield, Massachusetts, 01940

In our beautiful community with gorgeous landscaping, you will be busy in the best way. We pay close attention to your passionsaligning them with programs on our activities calendar. We will develop a customized plan that meets your needs, aligns with your preferences, and can evolve as your needs and preferences change. The combination of this scalable plan with the higher levels of care and support we offer, including around-the-clock care and services often required by those with memory loss, makes us your ideal community to call home.

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ComForcare Home Care

Non-Medical 277 Fairfield Rd, S311, Fairfield, New Jersey, 07004

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

How to Tell When a Senior Needs Care and Assistance

Sometimes its easy to know when a family member needs care and assistance. For instance, maybe he or she has a major disability or requires additional help following a hospital stay. In other cases, however, it isnt immediately obvious that your senior is in need of help with the activities of daily life.As people who have had to wrestle with our own family decisions, we thought it useful to provide early guidance, so other families might know when a more careful assessment of their seniors needs is required.Below is a list of questions to consider when determining if a loved one is in need of additional care: Pay Attention to How They Look Appearance can be a sign that they are being limited either physically or mentally from completing normal daily tasks. Are they wearing dirty or stained clothing? Have they brushed their teeth? Listen to the Senior Listening to how seniors speak can tell you a lot about their current mental status. Dont assume that old age is causing these problems. Have they forgotten to refill prescriptions or take their medicine? Have they missed doctors appointments? View the Seniors Surroundings Looking at their food and medications can help you determine if they are eating healthy or even worse, taking expired medicine. Do they have fresh and stocked pantry items? Are there piles of unopened bills? Use Your Nose Using your nose as an indicator can help you determine if your family member is bathing properly or participating in otherwise normal activities. Does their living environment possess any unpleasant odors? Are they bathing regularly? If you sense a problem based on the above indictors, you and other family members should waste no time in taking the appropriate next steps. As difficult as the process might be, keep reminding yourself that by being proactive you will not only provide safety for your family member, but will also keep them happy and healthy for years to come. Editors note: This article was submitted by Charles Fairweather (908-322-8200) and Herb Ronde (973-452-0575), local owners of BrightStar, a full-service in-home medical and non-medical agency offering caregiving to seniors and disabled adults. They would gladly provide assistance in these matters.

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How Downsizing Saves You Time and Money

Downsizing is an important part of life that can help you simplify your lifestyle, save money, and reduce stress. By getting rid of items that are no longer needed or used, you can free up resources to be used towards more productive tasks such as packing for a move or creating a more organized living space. Not only will this make things easier in the short term, but it could also bring long-term financial benefits by freeing up some of your resources if you decide to donate or sell any unwanted items. In short, downsizing is key when it comes to improving everyday life!Visit the WayForth website to learn more about our services!Downsize Before MovingWhen you move, it is important to downsize because it can help make the process easier and less stressful. Downsizing eliminates unnecessary or unwanted items that would otherwise need to be packed and transported to your new location. By getting rid of items that you no longer need, you can simplify your life, reduce clutter, and minimize stress in the moving process.Not only does downsizing make things simpler for you now, but it will also save you time and energy in the future when it comes to unpacking and settling into your new home. Without the extra clutter and belongings, getting settled in will be much faster since there wont be as much for you to go through. It also helps to create a more organized space since fewer items will take up much less room. WayForth offers space planning as a part of our door to door move management.Long-term savings on moving services can also be achieved thanks to downsizing. Since there will be fewer items for them to transport, companies may offer discounted rates if they are able to complete the job more efficiently. Additionally, by eliminating possessions that you no longer need or use, youll be able to spend less on upkeep and maintenance of these items over time. This includes avoiding costly repairs that may otherwise have been unnecessary had they stayed in your home. Say goodbye to the hassle of moving by using WayForth's move management solutions.Save Money by DownsizingDownsizing can even bring financial benefits by freeing up some of your resources if you decide to donate or sell any of the items that you no longer need or want. It can help reduce expenses related to storage or repairs due to damage caused by packing too many items into small spaces with inadequate protection.Moreover, downsizing can even aid in saving money through donations and sales of your unwanted items. Any money earned from these transactions can then be put towards paying for a portion of the move itself or other costs associated with relocation such as transportation or temporary housing.Its important to note that any proceeds from donated goods may also be tax deductible depending on the charity of choice and donation amount. Whether you are moving or looking to get organized, WayForth can help you with our solutions tailored to your needs.Downsize to Improve HealthDownsizing is a great way to improve your mental health and quality of life. Although it may seem daunting to part with some of our possessions, the long-term benefits are worth the effort. By getting rid of items that are no longer needed or used, you can create more space in your home which can lead to improved physical and emotional well-being.Get to DownsizingThe importance of downsizing cannot be overstated. Not only does it help you make more room in your home, but it also leads to improved physical and emotional well-being by eliminating clutter and freeing up resources for other endeavors. Additionally, downsizing can lead to long-term financial benefits due to reduced costs associated with moving services or repairs on unwanted items. Downsizing is key when it comes to improving everyday life so if youre looking for ways to simplify your lifestyle while saving money at the same time, consider using WayForths services today to help you start downsizing.Are you looking to downsize before a move or just for peace of mind? Get helpful tips and tricks to downsizing from our experts. At WayForth, a moving solutions company, we can help you with almost every step of downsizing, and can assist in other moving needs like packing, unpacking, and storage services. We can get you started whenever you are ready. Give us a call at 817.697.4478 to get started!

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Discount Dental Plans

A discount dental plan is a program that allows anyone to go to a board-certified dentist in their own neighborhood and pay a reduced rate (usually half) for any work they need done. Discount dental services are fortunately available to everyone. You don't have to be part of a company or a group.There are literally thousands of dentists in the tri-state area that are willing to offer significant discounts on all services, including braces.These discounts can go as high as 60%. Coverage in these programs begin immediately without any kind of pre-existing condition clause and they have no annual maximum.Editor's Note: This exact program is also available in Health Discounts. To find out more about either plan call Mark Heller toll free at 888-866-8451.Author: Mark Heller 

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Special Needs Trusts

Special needs trusts (also known as supplemental needs trusts) allow a disabled beneficiary to receive gifts, lawsuit settlements, or other funds without jeopardizing the disabled beneficiarys eligibility for certain government programs. These trusts are drafted so that the funds will not be considered to belong to the beneficiary in determining the beneficiarys eligibility for public benefits.Special needs trusts are designed not to provide basic support, but instead to pay for comforts and luxuries that could not be paid for by public assistance funds. These trusts typically pay for things like education, recreation, counseling, and medical attention beyond the simple necessities of life. Special needs can include medical and dental expenses, annual independent check-ups, necessary or desirable equipment (such as specially equipped vans), training and education, insurance, transportation, and essential dietary needs. If the trust is sufficiently funded, the disabled person can also receive electronic equipment and appliances, computers, vacations, movies, payments for a companion, and other self-esteem and quality-of-life enhancing expenses.Special needs trusts may be stand-alone documents or may be incorporated into a Last Will and Testament. Either way, these trusts may be a valuable vehicle for making transfers for the benefit of a disabled person.Donald D. Vanarelli, Esq., with offices in Westfield NJ, is a Certified Elder Law Attorney (by NAELA, accredited by the ABA), an Accredited Professional Mediator and an Accredited VA Attorney. Mr. Vanarelli, was selected as a Superlawyer in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and is a founding member of the New Jersey Elder Mediation Center. For more information, contact the Law Office of Donald D. Vanarelli, 908-232-7400 or visit his web site at

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