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Pennsylvania - South Central

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Activities & Events In Your Area


May 10, 2023 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Lancaster County 50plus EXPO (Spring)

Presented by OLP Events and the Lancaster County Office of Aging, the 50plus EXPO will feature exhibitors providing up-to-date information for baby boomers and seniors.With free health screenings, door prizes, and entertainment, the 50plus EXPO is a unique fusion of timely, relevant information and a fun, relaxed atmosphere.


Oct 28, 2023 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Lancaster County Women's Expo (Fall)

The Womens Expo brings together women of all ages to shop, enjoy mini spa treatments, watch demonstrations, learn about products and services for themselves and their families, and be entertained.Exhibitors will be on hand representing beauty, home, health and wellness, fashion, nutrition, shopping, finance, technology, and more.For more information, call (717) 285-1350 or visit


Sep 16, 2023 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Lebanon County Women's Expo

The Womens Expo brings together women of all ages to shop, enjoy mini spa treatments, watch demonstrations, learn about products and services for themselves and their families, and be entertained.Exhibitors will be on hand representing beauty, home, health and wellness, fashion, nutrition, shopping, finance, technology, and more. For more information, call (717) 285-1350 or visit


Jun 03, 2023 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Dauphin County Women's Expo

The Womens Expo brings together women of all ages to shop, enjoy mini spa treatments, watch demonstrations, learn about products and services for themselves and their families, and be entertained.Exhibitors will be on hand representing beauty, home, health and wellness, fashion, nutrition, shopping, finance, technology, and more.

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Local Aging Options

Health Transport Partners

Ambulance 150 Farm Ln, York, Pennsylvania, 17402

Health Transport Partners offers non-emergency medical transportation services (NEMT) to York & Adams Counties. Our safe and modern fleet of non-emergency ambulances, wheelchair vans and medical sedans will transport patients for doctors appointments, rehabilitation services, hospital admissions, surgeries and recurring appointments

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Providence Place Senior Living of Chambersburg

Personal Care Assistance 2085 Wayne Rd, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, 17202

Welcome to Providence Place, a local family-owned senior living company founded in 1998 by former Pennsylvania governor, George M. Leader. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our senior residents by delivering vibrant programs and exceptional service at an affordable rate.We offer Independent Living, Personal Care & Assisted Living, and two-levels of Memory Support at each of our six campuses across Pennsylvania.

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Pleasant View Communities

Assisted Living 544 N Penryn Rd, Manheim, Pennsylvania, 17545

Pleasant Views atmosphere feels more like a family reunion than a retirement community. Nestled in the rolling hills of Northern Lancaster County, Pleasant View offers a perfect blend of pastoral views in a country setting, yet just a short drive to a world of arts & culture, shopping, entertainment, and lifelong learning opportunities. A multitude of activities and volunteer opportunities await, where you can take advantage of as much or as little as youd like the choice is yours.

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Patriot Home Care

Non-Medical 208 N 3rd St, Ste 200, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 17101

Never forget, it is the quality of our staff that has made us the leading home health care service in Pennsylvania. We make it our mission to provide both a superior level of care and amazing benefits for our employees, so we can continue to improve our service. We are sure to treat every employee and consumer alike with respect and courtesy. Thats just one of the many things that makes Patriot Home Care special.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

What Should You Do with an Inheritance?

If you were to inherit a large sum of money, what would you do with it? The question may not be hypothetical, especially for millennials, Gen X or Gen Z. Thats because the baby boomers are poised to transfer some trillions of dollars in the next few decades. While everyones situation is different, if you were to receive a medium-to-large inheritance someday, youll need to decide how best to use your newfound wealth. Your first move may be to do nothing at all. Generally, you have time to decide how to handle the various elements of an inheritance. If you inherit an investment vehicle such as an IRA or a 401(k) plan, you will eventually have to make some decisions about liquidation or withdrawals. If part of your inheritance consists of cash, theres nothing wrong with moving the money into a cash management account at a financial services company until you decide what to do with it. Eventually you'll probably want to put your inheritance to work. You might want to use a Financial Advisor for guidance on how to strengthen your existing investment strategy. Your inheritance might free you to max out on your IRA for years to come or contribute more to a 401(k) or similar retirement plan. Other goals could include funding a tax-advantaged 529 college savings plan for your children. You might use part of your inheritance to donate to the charitable organizations you support. Recent changes in tax laws caused many people to stop itemizing their deductions, and charitable groups are in more need than ever. Take this opportunity to review your goals. Can you to adjust your planned retirement age? Will you now be free to travel more or pursue other hobbies? Again, a financial professional can help you answer these questions. Someone thought enough of you to leave you a valuable inheritance so use it wisely._________________________________ This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Edward Jones, Member SIPC.

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Estate planning and the Dysfunctional Family

Over my career as an estate planning and elder law attorney, I swear I have seen just about everything.  I cannot remember a fact pattern that surprised me or took me aback.  I am honestly at the point now where I think that dysfunctional is the norm for the common family that we assist.  Im not sure if its because we specialize in estate planning and elder law and we get referrals and cases that are more complex and more advanced than others, or if that is just the norm these days.  My gut says it is probably the latter. I did some research to define the word dysfunctional, and there is no clear-cut definition.  But my gut would say that dysfunctional would include families such as second marriages with kids to different relationships, as well as addictions or spendthrift issues, or just family dynamics in in-tact families where people do not care for each other.  Again, I think this is probably the norm more than any exception.  It is imperative that families are open and honest with their attorney so that the attorney can put a plan in place that addresses what they need for their specific situation.  Dysfunction does not present as the same fact pattern in any two cases, and therefore an experienced estate planning attorney is needed to be able to dot the Is and cross the Ts.  Be very wary of the do-it-yourself sites or general practice attorneys who dont specialize in this area if there is a complex fact pattern for you and your family. We love assisting any and all families and certainly love putting the fun in dysfunctional. We look forward to providing an estate plan that is unique for you and your family, whether you are dysfunctional or as functional as anyone else. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or comments at 717-845-5390.

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My Loved One is in a Nursing Home, is it too Late?

My loved one is in a nursing home, is it too late? The simple answer is no, it is not too late! The only time it is too late is when there are no assets available or when all of the assets were previously gifted. If the family member in the nursing home still has assets, it is not too late.The confusion in many of these cases arises because most individuals believe that because the nursing home didnt mention that anything could be done, that means that nothing can be done. Unfortunately, it is not the nursing homes business offices job to tell a family how to protect assets. It is their job to make sure that they provide great care for their residents and get paid for their services. To be completely honest, most of them do not even realize that anything can be done because when you look at the law on its face, it doesnt really mention anything about it. You have to dig a bit deeper!If you have a loved one that has entered a nursing home, please contact our office immediately so that you can watch our educational workshop and have a free consultation where we explain your options to you before you make any decisions. It is our job to protect you and your family and to protect as much as we possibly can for our clients. Allow us to do our job and allow the nursing homes to continue to do their job to provide care and get paid for their services.Remember, it is not too late. If a loved one is already in a nursing home, please give us a call so you can attend our free workshop by registering here or call schedule 717-845-5390 and well set you up with a free consultation.

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Alzheimer’s Disease: The Game Changer

In the mid-90s, my grandpa Bellomo was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease, and I remember watching him progress through the stages of this disease and thinking how horrible it was and that he was no longer my grandfather. I remember being very optimistic that there would be a cure for this disease in the very near future. Here we are in 2022 and there are no cures to this difficult disease. In my practice as an estate planning and elder law attorney, we have answers to just about every question and solutions to just about every problem. The one constant difficult issue that arises on a regular basis is a client who is diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease and how to provide the care that they need to keep them safe as long as possible. Certainly, keeping somebody at home is a much better option than taking them out of their environment into another situation but as this disease progresses, the individuals will often get combative and violent and oftentimes cannot remain in the home. There are several wonderful care options at assisted living facilities that are called memory units. Unfortunately, these are private pay situations with no ability for government funds to help assist or pay for this type of living. Oftentimes, memory care units can cost somewhere between $7,000 and $9,000 a month which often becomes cost prohibitive. In many cases, the individual ends up being placed in a nursing home not because a nursing home is the right place for the client, but rather because there are ways to have the government assist with the funding of the approximate $12,000 to $13,000 a month of care. Whether or not this is the best place for the individual is certainly debatable but for some families it is simply not an option. Alzheimers is a very difficult disease and our hats off to all caregivers out there who are assisting to the best of their ability. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or comments at 717-845-5390.

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Local Business Videos

What You Should Know About Estate Planning and Common Misconceptions

n this episode, we walk through what estate planning is and who needs it, the basics of financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney and planning a will. We also went over some common misconceptions surrounding estate planning and what to look out for when you are ready to start the planning process. In our next episode, we will talk about what trusts are and how to protect assets, so make sure to tune in!Takeaway 1: What is estate planning?Two sisters at a workshop had opposing ideas: All about not losing money vs. Making sure mom can die peacefully without guessing what she would have wantedBoth sisters are correct, estate planning addresses both of these ideas.Takeaway 2: When to start estate planning? Science cannot replace the brain - it is important to plan ahead and organize your estate planning before your brain enters la-la land or later you have some sort of disability. Estate planning is being prepared before it can become messy.You want to control your property while you are alive and well. Control is key.Takeaway 3: Misconceptions Family is the most important thing = WRONGWe think family is the most important thing but in reality its yourself. Its like on an airplane when the oxygen masks fall down, you have to put yours on first before helping others. You have to take care of yourself first. Then you can take care of the rest of your family. Everyone is always wanting to know about money, but with that the pyramid is upside down. We need to flip the pyramid. The base is the most important thing. The base is you and your spouse, then your family, and then the money accumulated and how to protect it. Some people think that estate planning can be generalized for everyone, but everybody has very different needs, estate planning is not uniform. Its impossible to answer the What do I need? question without knowing a lot about a person and their family.Heirs are in fact not determined until death.Takeaway 4: Advice for getting ahead It is important to put money into a trust if you do not want to give an outright distribution to an 18-year-old. Do not leave anything to chance, plan for all the contingencies. Put money in trusts to be prepared for whatever scenario plays out.Financial power of attorney is a great place to start with planning once you turn 18. If you dont have one and you lose capacity, the only way to appoint a beneficiary is to go through a guardianship hearing. Yes, there is a fallback will, but its not perfect. Do not rely on a fallback statute.Financial power of attorney, a medical power of attorney, and a will are the most important items to start with.

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Seniors Blue Book welcomes Lauren Yuran, MediConnect Insurance!

We welcome Lauren Yuran, Associate Manager with MediConnect Insurance! Lauren shares why she chose a career with MediConnect and what makes them unique. She shares how overwhelming the Medicare enrollment can be and the ways that MediConnect can help simplify the process, at no charge. She also shares why it is important every year to re-evaluate your Medicare Plan. To learn more call 888-818-6334.

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The Red Wagon Estate Planning & Elder Law Show - Podcast Launch (Trailer Episode)

Jeff knows the difficulties of estate planning and elder law from personal experience, and strives to provide the best education and service possible. There are various workshops at Bellomo & Associates designed to inform potential clients on how to protect their assets, utilizing the red wagon analogy. Episodes will be released on a weekly basis, explaining the ins-and-outs of estate planning and elder law and the red wagon concept.Key Takeaways Jeff has been practicing in the estate planning and elder law arena for approximately twenty years. Jeff has the designation to be a certified elder law attorney, masters of laws and taxation, and a certificate of estate planning.He knows from personal experience with his parents and the beginning of his law career that a lot of lawyers just want your money, so he started up Bellomo & Associates to provide the education and service that clients deserve.Bellomo & Associates workshops cover all things related to estate planning and elder law to ensure attendees make informed decisions and avoid falling into a trap like Jeff and his parents did.Workshops are free and if you come in person, you can receive a free consultation from a Bellomo & Associates team member.Our assets are like what we used to carry around in a red wagon when we were kids. Now we are pulling metaphorical wagons that contain our assets, our house, our investments, etc. Thus, we have the Red Wagon Estate Planning and Elder Law Show.Links and Resources Mentioned:Bellomo & Associates workshops: 

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How to Approach Estate Planning

On this edition of the show, we go over the importance of getting the proper assistance with estate planning and how not seeking the services of estate planning and elder law experts can be problematic. Even if you feel like you do not have enough assets worth protecting, it is better to go to an estate planning and elder law attorney and do whatever planning you can. Start planning as soon as possible with a financial power of attorney once you turn 18. We also talk more about wills and intestate succession, which is better to avoid if possible. Another important topic we cover in this episode are the do-it-yourself kits and online estate planning, and why they are not ideal. It is worth spending a little extra money to talk with experts in estate planning and elder law, making sure you plan the right way and do what is best for you and your familys future. We hope you join us for our workshops and continue to learn about all things estate planning and elder law with us!Key Takeaways Takeaway 1: Power of attorneyYou dont need millions of dollars to start estate planning. You can and should start with a power of attorney when youre 18. Anyone over the age of 18 should have planning.If you dont have a power of attorney in place and you lose capacity and the ability to make decisions for yourself, you cant make payments and somebody has to do that for you.The mechanism that the law has in place is a guardianship hearing, which can be less than ideal.Just because somebody doesnt have the capacity does not mean that they dont understand that they dont like it. It might not feel right being in a courtroom with a person filing a petition at a different table, a different counsel, a judge, somebody transcribing, etc. We want to make sure that nobody is taking advantage of you and doing something that you dont want. Guardians can take away your right to make a decision for yourself. Thats why its important to have a financial power of attorney as soon as possible. There is a healthcare statute, but it can lead to a family battle and potentially a guardianship hearing, so it is better to plan early with a financial power of attorney.Takeaway 2: Wills and intestate successionIf you do not have a will, the government provides one for you. Its not perfect, just like the healthcare statute, but it is better than nothing.Intestate Succession - when the government has to make a decision about what somebody would want to do and create rules based upon what they believed to be true. If you dont have a will, it is not guaranteed that all the money from a parent who passed away suddenly will go to their spouse. The children could take a good portion of the money and be in a situation where they cannot give the money back to their living parent. Intestate succession is at least something, but it is better to be the one in control, making the decisions.Takeaway 3: Do-it-yourself kitsOnce again, do-it-yourself kits and any online sources are better than nothing, but these kits are done nationally and do not take into account the differences between states. Each state has different requirements and laws. Pennsylvania tends to be more strict and difficult with its requirements. Another thing we often see are powers of attorney that are drafted through a kit or online are not going to provide the powers that you need. We are able to do asset protection in PA. The key is that the document, the powers of attorney, provides in it that you are allowed to do unlimited gifting for the purposes of Medicaid planning, asset protection, asset preservation, etc. That specific language must be in the document.We see 9 times out of 10 limited gifting in the DIY kits. They are limited only to the amount of the annual exclusion gift, which is currently around $16,000. When someone enters a nursing home, we have to see if they have the legal capacity to enter a new power of attorney so that they can have their assets protected. The kits provide for outright distributions. They have generic wills that could cause problems in certain scenarios.

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Job Opportunities Near You

Home Health LPN

The VNA of Hanover & Spring Grove is seeking a full-time, day shift Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to provide nursing care to Home Health patients in their home under the direction of the RN Case Manager. A graduate of an accredited practical nursing program, an active PA LPN license, and a minimum of one-year of general work experience in nursing is required. Ability to work in a home health setting and reliable transportation are also required. Must be able to participate in the weekend rotation. 

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