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After 30 years in nursing and medical sales, GOMO founder Kerri Johnson began to consider the next chapter in her life. As an avid world traveler who had spent decades learning the logistics of travel, Kerri sought a way to combine her wanderlust with her passion for helping people in need.She recalled the words of former patients who had expressed regret about not taking the opportunity to travel more, or felt like there was no longer a way for them to finally take that dream vacation or spend more time with loved ones living in other parts of the country.With a host of options before her, Kerri opted to pursue her passion and start her own business. Thus, GOMO Travel was born and she has devoted herself to helping people overcome their travel challenges ever since. Above all else, Kerris goal is to normalize assisted travel and make the entire world accessible to anyone who wants to see it.What is a Travel Companion?A Travel Companion is an extra hand when you need it most. For many people of all ages, long-distance travel seems impossible, but not anymore. Whether you or someone you care about has mobility issues, suffers from anxiety, requires medical assistance, or just doesnt like traveling alone, our travel companions for hire make traveling anywhere you want to go a reality again!

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