Is Senior Affordable Housing Really Affordable?


Kavod Senior Life at Cherry Creek

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May 09, 2024


Colorado - Denver Metro

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When older adult communities list their housing as “affordable”, what does that actually mean?

The term affordable generally refers to something that is reasonably priced and within the financial means of the intended consumers or target population. However, the exact definition can vary depending on context, location and the financial situation of individuals or households. This article discussed the term and how housing seekers can really identify what is affordable. 

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Five Fun Out-of-the-Box Experiences to Enjoy with Your Older Parents

Tired of the same familiar activities with your parents? It might be time to try something different. The experts at Naborforce, an on-demand service for seniors, have come up with a list of exciting activities to spend time with older parents:Glass-Blowing Session A glass-blowing session might be the last thing you would expect from a senior outing, but here at Naborforce, weve seen this as one of the most exciting experiences weve had on our platform! Make sure you research your host, as glass blowing instructions can vary. We partnered with The Glass Spot RVA, which had step-by-step guidance that resulted in a beautiful finished product, prompting our client to call it A Million Dollar Day. Dance Class for SeniorsWhat can be more fun than dancing in the middle of the day? This could be a great activity to do with Mom- whether its salsa or tap, she will have something to talk about for days. Plus, dance classes are a great way to encourage fun and active aging. Research by the National Institute on Aging shows that movement in older age strengthens the mind, which potentially delays the onset of certain debilitating diseases. Here at Naborforce, weve had our fair share of dance classes. Just the other day, one of our community members took our client to a line dancing class at Pine Camp Community Center in Richmond, VA. An Art Class Outing or At-Home Project Art expression is such a great way to calm the mind, hone in on creative skills and create new memories, essential components for independent aging. You might already know of an art class in your area or senior living community, but have you ever tried setting up something at home? Kits sold by Artful Aging are in-home watercolor packages that also come with instructional videos, perfect for senior DIY-ers!Build-A-Bear Workshop OutingIt might be a while since youve stepped foot inside a Build-A-Bear Workshop, where you can customize a stuffed animal with your personal preferences, down to including a note embedded in the toy! We love Build-A-Bear as an activity for older parents, mainly because we saw the impact during one of our Naborforce visits. Our client wanted to customize a teddy bear for his wife. He booked a Naborforce visit to accompany him to Build-A-Bear, where he recorded a heartwarming note in a voice box inside the bear. To this day, our clients wife cherishes this gift as a reminder of their love and connection.An Evening at the MuseumAfter youve tried an art class at home (see out-of-the-box idea #2), maybe its time to hone your art skills by going to a museum. Check out the events calendar at your local art museum to see if there are any special offerings or exhibitions.  As an example, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts offers many adult classes. If walking too much is a concern for your loved one, know that many places might offer wheelchair assistance. Plus, in the summer the local museum is a great way to cool down!

The Comforts of Aging in Place

For many, the decision to age in place is more than just a practical choice it's a deeply emotional connection to the place they call home. A home is not merely a structure; it's a treasure trove of cherished memories, a sanctuary, and a canvas painted with the vibrant hues of life's moments. Every photograph or keepsake holds a story, enveloping you in a warm embrace of familiarity.This profound attachment to one's home is a potent elixir for well-being. It's the place where families were raised, communities were built, and a lifetime of memories was etched into the very fabric of its walls. For decades, perhaps, it has been the backdrop to your story, bearing witness to every milestone, every laugh, and every joyful moment.The true essence of aging in place lies in the consistency it offers. Maintaining daily routines, immersing oneself in beloved activities, and remaining an integral part of the community these are the elements that keep the spark of life burning bright. It's about being the captain of your own ship, steering life's course in the direction you choose.But the benefits of aging in place extend beyond the emotional realm. Familiarity with the home's layout and established community networks provide practical advantages, easing daily tasks and ensuring a helping hand is always within reach when needed.Naborforce can help!

Persuading Aging Parents to Get Help: 4 Strategies for Peace of Mind

Persuading Aging Parents to Get Help: 4 Strategies for Peace of MindPersuading an aging parent to ask for occasional help can be challenging. With some planning and understanding, you can come up with a game plan to persuade a strong-willed parent to welcome a landing hand every now and again. Read the 4 Strategies to Convince an Older Parent to Consider Getting Help below.Strategy 1: Identify Every Single Service Where Your Aging Parent Could Use HelpSmall Actions Can Add Up Start with your ideal scenario in mind. If you had a magic wand, what would you want help with right now? Maybe its some light cooking every now and again, or maybe its organizing and sorting leftover mail. Whatever it might be, come up with a full list and identify all of the existing services where its completely acceptable to hire a service. For example, requesting help with a ride or an occasional meal is totally normal, even desirable, with Uber and Doordash. If a parent is comfortable requesting Doordash, maybe theyll be open to a person coming in to help around the house just as easily. If your parent takes rides on Uber, maybe it wont be so far off to welcome assistance with a grocery delivery.Strategy 2: Understand the Source of Your Elderly Parents Reaction to Getting HelpTackle the Root Cause FirstOften, a refusal for help isnt about the action itself but something much bigger. The exact cause would depend on the individual aging parent, but some reasons could relate to a potential change in identity, perception, and social values. In situations like these, its helpful to insert your parent directly into the conversation. There are many ways to get at a root cause, but here are some starters:Ask your parent to describe themselves in 5 words Ask your parent to draw themselves on their ideal day Ask your parent to say whats their favorite thing they love about themselves Ask your parent to say what they think family members think about them Strategy 3: Reframe Asking for Help into a Concept that Matches Fit a Parents Core BeliefIts All about PerceptionNow that you have some insight into who your older parent really wants to be, you can develop a simple communication strategy that changes the way they view asking for help. For example, your parent might be very comfortable being served a meal at a restaurant, but they might cringe at the thought of someone coming in their home to cook. What if having someone come in at home is thought of as a convenient service rather than an ask for help? What if someone coming in to cook at home is reframed as a way to save time to spend with grandchildren instead? These are some ways you can flip the script away from someone needing help to someone choosing to get help so they can have more time doing the things they love. After all, anyone, at any stage, can use a little help. Strategy 4: Reach Out to Friends or Family Members Who Have Used Similar ServicesSocial Proof Can Make a DifferenceSometimes, all it takes is a nudge from our social circle to feel comfortable with a decision. How many times have you been wary of trying something, only to find yourself being persuaded by a close friend? Our parents might think the same way. Can you think of anyone in your older parents community who has previously used a helping hand? Consider asking them to have a casual conversation with your parents and briefly mentioning their experience. The more people talk about a certain topic, the more persuasive it is. Thats the power of social networks. Its never easy to convince a parent that its time to ask for help. After all, a parent has spent a quarter of a lifetime (or more!) caring for their children, that it can be hard to change their perspective of caregiving. With the 5 strategies on persuading an aging parent to ask for help, we hope that you can open up the conversation with an aging parent to view asking for help as a way to a flourishing, vibrant future rather than a sign of weakness or helplessness. Getting help frees up time, and is there anything more important than extra time to do what we love?

Local Services By This Author

Kavod Senior Life

Independent Living 22 South Adams Street, Denver, Colorado, 80209

Kavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments, located in the vibrant Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, offer an exceptional living experience for seniors seeking independence, comfort, and community. This esteemed senior living community combines modern amenities with a warm, welcoming environment, making it an ideal choice for active seniors who value their independence while enjoying access to a range of supportive services and engaging activities.Prime Location in Cherry CreekCherry Creek is one of Denver's most desirable neighborhoods, known for its upscale shopping, fine dining, and cultural attractions. Kavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments benefit from this prime location, providing residents with easy access to the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, renowned restaurants, art galleries, and beautiful parks. The neighborhood's walkability and extensive public transportation options ensure that residents can explore Denver and its surroundings with ease.Comfortable and Modern Living SpacesKavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments are designed to offer comfort, convenience, and style. The apartments come in various floor plans, including studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom options, catering to different lifestyle needs and preferences. Each apartment features modern amenities such as full kitchens with updated appliances, spacious living areas, ample storage, and private balconies or patios with picturesque views of the surrounding area.The apartments are also designed with seniors in mind, featuring safety enhancements like grab bars in bathrooms, emergency call systems, and easily accessible layouts to ensure a secure living environment. These thoughtful design elements enable residents to maintain their independence while having peace of mind.Community Amenities and ServicesKavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments offer a wealth of amenities that promote a healthy, active, and social lifestyle. The on-site amenities include:Fitness Center: A well-equipped fitness center with senior-friendly exercise equipment and regular fitness classes to help residents stay active and healthy.Dining Services: An on-site dining room that serves nutritious and delicious meals, catering to various dietary needs and preferences.Library and Computer Center: A quiet and comfortable space for reading, as well as access to computers and the internet for staying connected with family and friends.Arts and Crafts Room: A dedicated space for creative activities, allowing residents to explore their artistic talents.Outdoor Spaces: Beautifully landscaped gardens, walking paths, and outdoor seating areas where residents can relax and enjoy the fresh air.Social and Recreational Activities: A robust calendar of events, including movie nights, game nights, holiday celebrations, and outings to local attractions, ensures there is always something fun and engaging to do.Health and Wellness ServicesAt Kavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments, the well-being of residents is a top priority. The community offers a range of health and wellness services, including:On-Site Health Clinic: Access to healthcare professionals for routine check-ups, health screenings, and consultations.Wellness Programs: Regularly scheduled wellness programs and workshops on topics such as nutrition, exercise, and mental health.Transportation Services: Scheduled transportation for medical appointments, shopping trips, and other errands, making it easy for residents to access necessary services.A Strong Sense of CommunityOne of the standout features of Kavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments is the strong sense of community that pervades the environment. The staff at Kavod Senior Life are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where residents feel valued and connected. Social events and activities are designed to bring people together, encouraging friendships and a sense of belonging.Residents can participate in a variety of clubs and interest groups, such as book clubs, gardening clubs, and volunteer opportunities, allowing them to pursue their passions and contribute to the community. The community also celebrates various cultural and religious events, reflecting the diverse backgrounds of its residents.Affordable and Flexible Living OptionsKavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments strive to provide affordable living options for seniors. The community offers a range of pricing plans and financial assistance programs to accommodate different budgets and financial situations. This commitment to affordability ensures that more seniors can enjoy the high-quality living experience that Kavod Senior Life offers.Testimonials and Resident ExperiencesResidents and their families consistently praise Kavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments for its excellent facilities, supportive staff, and vibrant community life. Testimonials often highlight the friendly atmosphere, the wide range of activities, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that help is always available if needed.One resident shared, "Moving to Kavod Senior Life was the best decision I ever made. The community here is wonderful, and there's always something fun to do. I love my apartment, and the staff are like family."ConclusionKavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments in Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado, offer an exceptional living environment for seniors seeking a balance of independence and community support. With its prime location, modern living spaces, extensive amenities, and commitment to health and wellness, Kavod Senior Life provides an enriching and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents. Whether you're looking for a vibrant social life, access to top-notch healthcare, or simply a comfortable and secure place to call home, Kavod Senior Life Independent Living Apartments are an excellent choice for seniors in Denver.

Kavod Senior Life

Affordable-Subsidized 22 South Adams Street, Denver, Colorado, 80209

Kavod Senior Life is open and welcoming to all community members who qualify and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or familial status. We have 358 HUD-subsidized apartments available to rent for individuals 62+ (head of household); other family members welcome . Our apartment sizes range between 373 (studio) and 590 square feet (large one bedroom).Residents are obligated to participate in a meal program, which includes six meals each week (dinner M-F and brunch on Sunday). A subsidy is available, exemptions are considered and SNAP benefits will be accepted soon.Rents are calculated based on an applicants total adjusted income.Rent pricing covers electric and water utilities. Applications are available through the website/in our main lobby open 24/7, or contact us to have one faxed, mailed or emailed. Language assistance is available for application completion. Currently there is a waitlist for our subsidized apartments; call to receive an estimate of our current wait time at 303.399.1146. On site amenities include activities, trips (to grocery stores and social outings), health classes and services, music, art, gardening, tech support, free wi fi, computer bank, library, active resident council and more. 

Kavod Assisted Living

Assisted Living 22 South Adams Street, Denver, Colorado, 80209

Kavod Assisted Living offers private, one bedroom and studio apartments with basic pricing less than $50,000 a year! We only require a one-year spend down to Medicaid on most units. We also offer fee-based support with three additional services: escorts, incontinence care and oxygen management. Some of our highlights include being pet-friendly, having ALL activities included in our pricing, providing an on-site health & wellness center with rehab & geriatric doctors, and more. Our beautiful Cherry Creek location can't be beat! We've been in operation for over 50 years and serve individuals of every faith, background and tradition - you will love our welcoming atmosphere! We look forward to your calls, questions and visits.