It’s better to be 5 years too early rather than 5 minutes too late!


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Jan 09, 2022


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Its better to be 5 years too early rather than 5 minutes too late

Each month, we will be providing true life scenarios of people who either planned ahead or waited too long. Maybe you know these folks

Scenario #1
Mr. & Mrs. Smith are 76/78.Both enjoy an active lifestyle. They enjoy travelling and spending time with their family and friends. Mrs. enjoys cooking but has recently lost interest. They live in a nice home in a gated country club community. They have had some minor health issues in the past, but nothing too serious. Mr. Smith has noticed some memory decline and has been slowing down physically. Mrs. Smith is worried about the future and is concerned that she can not take of their home on her own. The idea of moving is overwhelming to them. The Smiths have children scattered around the country. One son in Massachusetts, another in Colorado and a daughter in New Jersey. Moving closer to them is not an option. They have a small dog named Cookie.

The Smiths contacted Bruce at Senior Housing Solutions. Bruce met with them and discussed their options including staying at home or moving somewhere. They decided it was time to start the process of looking. The Smiths visited a number of places Bruce recommended and consulted with him during the process. Bruce held family conference calls to keep everyone in the loop, joined them on their tours and helped prep them for medical review process. Bruce recommended a downsize expert who was able to help the Smiths slim down their possessions including getting rid of a storage unit and figure out what to bring to their new home. They were very grateful they contacted Bruce.

The Smiths moved to a CCRC last month. The Smiths including Cookie are very happy. They have already made some friends and reunited with friends from their former country club. Mrs. Smith started attended Tai Chi classes and Mr. Smith is working out at the community fitness center. Mr. Smiths memory has worsened. They are relieved he was able to get accepted at this CCRC before things got worse. They remembered Bruce telling them its better to be 5 years too early rather than 5 minutes too late and how appropriate this was for them.

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Informed Decisions: Benefits of Professional Senior Living AdvicePosted: February 22, 2024 , in My Care Advisors PodcastFor older adults, few decisions carry as much weight as selecting the ideal Assisted Living Community to meet their needs. With a staggering number of nearly 31,000 Assisted Living Communities across the U.S., the task of finding the perfect match can feel daunting, overwhelming, and emotionally draining.However, enlisting the expertise of a seasoned senior living advisor can help alleviate these burdens. By partnering with a knowledgeable professional who comprehensively understands the continuum of senior care options, tailored to individual needs and preferences, you can navigate this pivotal transition with confidence. Such advisors not only ensure the quality of life for you or your loved one but also offer invaluable support throughout every step of the decision-making process. From clarifying intricate details to providing emotional reassurance, their guidance proves indispensable in securing a comfortable and fulfilling living arrangement for seniors.Click to listen to this episode:Tune in for insights and resources from Tracy Toomer, Certified Senior Advisor and Owner at CarePatrol Collin County-Central.About Tracy Toomer:Tracy Toomer is President and Owner of CarePatrol of Collin County. CarePatrol is the nations largest senior care solutions franchise in the United States. Through more than 200 offices in 35 states, local senior advisors provide a free service in helping families find quality, top-rated assisted living, independent living, memory care, and in-home care.Toomer is a seasoned business executive with more than 25 years of experience in the specialty retail, grocery, restaurant, fitness and now in senior healthcare. In recent years Toomer served as vice-president of operations for the largest Planet Fitness Franchise, with over 168 locations in 14 states. There she built an operations team of seven regional directors and grew from 69 gyms to 168 gyms through two acquisitions and organic growth.Toomer holds a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) designation awarded to qualified, multidisciplinary professionals serving older adults. Tracy is active in the senior community and brings a creditable and important voice to finding safer senior living. Each month, Tracy facilitates mental aerobics at the Wellness center for Older Adults in Plano, Texas.In 2022 Tracy earned the Compassion Ambassador Award from CarePatrol Franchises, LLC amongst her 180 Franchise peers. Her dedication to the families and those living with dementia inspired the Franchisees to do more; to contribute more for a huge segment of their client base.Tracy Toomer is a proud southern California native but currently resides in Allen, Texas with her parents and four-legged brother Bruno. Show/Episode Notes:Learn what the role of a Senior Living Advisor means and some of the services they offerDiscover how working with a Senior Living Advisor can help you navigate the complicated world of Assisted LivingHear about the importance of working with a Senior Living Advisor to avoid potential dangers or hazardsWalk away with tips and tricks from Tracy Toomers past experiences Determine some of the resources available to you and where to find them

Embracing Change: Dorothy's Adventure to Assisted Living

Imagine this: Dorothy, a lively and independent woman, was enjoying a visit with her daughter and son-in-law in beautiful Cape Coral. Little did she know that this vacation would mark a turning point in her life. During her stay, she had an unfortunate fall that sent her to the hospital. It was a wake-up call for her family. Should mom move into assisted living? Was it safe for her to live alone in Ohio, where she did not have any family?After her hospital stay, Dorothy expressed her determination to return to her home in Ohio and maintain her independence. However, fate had a different plan. A few months later, Dorothy experienced another fall. This event became the catalyst that led her to move to Florida and into an assisted living community, closer to her daughter Julie.Dorothy and her husband, who had been married for an incredible 60 years, originally hailed from Akron, Ohio. Their love story began during Dorothy's freshman year at a high school football game. Ah, those spaces between the bleachers, where Joseph awaited the chance to meet Dorothy! Together, they raised three beautiful daughters who now reside in different states, including Texas, Chicago, and Florida. Dorothy also has a sister living in Bonita Springs, Florida, which made moving to Florida the right choice for her new home.Julie, Dorothy's daughter, expresses her heartfelt gratitude for the assistance they received from Senior Care Authority. Their expertise made a significant difference, as they helped narrow down the choices and made the entire process easier. Julie also noticed the exceptional quality of the staff and the meaningful interactions, especially during the move-in process. Both Julie and Dorothy are excited about the prospect of being closer to one another and the opportunity for Dorothy to connect with her peers.Moving into an assisted living community is a decision that many elderly individuals face at some point in their lives. It is a choice that requires careful consideration, considering various factors such as health, safety, and social well-being. Dorothy's journey serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of family, support, and finding a place that feels like home.As we age, our needs change, and transitioning to an assisted living community can provide numerous benefits. Safety measures are in place to minimize accidents and ensure immediate assistance is available if needed. The presence of trained professionals can offer peace of mind, not only to the residents but also to their loved ones. Additionally, the opportunity for social interaction and the chance to connect with peers can combat loneliness and foster a sense of belonging.It's essential to remember that moving into an assisted living community is not a loss of independence, but rather a new chapter filled with opportunities for growth, companionship, and personalized care. Every individual's journey is unique, just like Dorothy's, and it is crucial to find a community that aligns with personal preferences and needs. While it may initially seem daunting, the support, safety, and social aspects offered by these communities can greatly enhance quality of life. Whether it's finding a community near loved ones or simply seeking a fresh start in a new environment, the decision to move into an assisted living community is an opportunity for seniors to embrace change and embark on a new and fulfilling chapter of their lives. 

6 Legal Documents Seniors Should Have

A comprehensive care plan is one of the best things you can do to ensure a senior loved one remains comfortable and content at home, but specific legal matters may also need your attention and consideration.Organizing your loved ones legal affairs can protect and streamline their assets, finances, healthcare, and estate planning while giving you peace of mind that critical documents are in place when needed during a health emergency or at the end of life.Honor Your Seniors WishesTalking about legal documents with an older loved one can be difficult and uncomfortable. However, delaying this conversation may cause uncertainty and stress if your loved one suddenly needs help making financial or medical decisions.Consult with an attorney and execute any legal documents before health, financial, or legal issues arise. Common legal documents may include the following:Last Will and TestamentA will outlines the distribution of your loved ones property, money, and possessions after death. A will also names the person overseeing the distribution of their estate and outlines final wishes about funeral arrangements. If an older adult does not have a will, state laws determine how to distribute the estate.Advanced Healthcare Directives or Living WillMany older adults also elect to prepare a living will that specifies the types of medical treatments they do and do not want if they cant make their own healthcare decisions. Seniors may choose to include a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order in their living will if they do not wish healthcare professionals to revive them after their heart stops.Revocable Living TrustA revocable living trust enables seniors to transfer ownership of their assets to a trust while maintaining control over their possessions during their lifetime. A revocable living trust offers privacy protection and probate avoidance. It also allows the transfer of assets to beneficiaries after the senior's death.Power of Attorney (POA) Financial and Health CareOlder adults should complete two separate power of attorney documents: One to designate a person to handle their finances and a second to assign a person to make health care decisions if they cannot decide on their own. Older adults can choose the same person for their financial and healthcare decisions or a different person for each. This person, called a proxy, should be familiar with their healthcare and financial wishes.Beneficiary FormsIf your loved one has a life insurance policy, pension, or retirement account, they should complete a beneficiary form to designate who will receive any remaining funds after they die. Make sure all beneficiary forms are complete and up to date.HIPAA FormsYour loved one may choose to complete HIPAA forms to permit their doctors to share health information with designated individuals, such as family members or caregivers. Unlike a power of attorney, HIPAA forms allow health care providers to share information with selected individuals even when your loved one can still make health care decisions.In addition to legal documents, your loved one should gather other information that may help family members manage their estate, including:Personal information, such as date of birth, social security number, marriage certificate, etc.Prepaid or preplanned funeral informationLife insurance policiesInvestment, tax, banking, and credit/debit card informationHealth insurance and medical informationDeeds for various propertiesVehicle titles and registrationContact information for financial advisors, insurance agents, accountants, attorneys, and other professionalsA list of passwords and login information for accounts and membershipsA list of improvements made to any properties, with completion datesOrganize Legal Papers and Other DocumentsAfter your loved one completes their legal paperwork assisted by an attorney, it can be challenging to keep everything organized and easily accessible in the event of an emergency.Gathering and organizing your loved ones legal and estate documents in one place is a great start, but the effort will be in vain if no one knows or remembers where the information is stored. Your loved one should tell a trusted family member, friend, or attorney where they can locate their important papers.Remember, legal documents and requirements may vary according to state, jurisdiction, and other circumstances. Discuss your loved ones legal affairs as soon as possible with an experienced attorney specializing in elder law.

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Hello, I'm Bruce Rosenblatt, Owner, and Senior Housing Expert. Your journey to finding the best senior housing option begins. With over 30 years of experience in the senior housing industry, I have assisted countless families in making the decision to move to a senior living community. I understand the complexities and emotions involved in this process, and my goal is to simplify it for you.My company, established in 2008, is an integral part of the Southwest Florida community. We are locally owned and independently operated, not part of any franchise. I deeply care about the people we serve and treat everyone like they are part of my family.Our process begins with a personal consultation, where we analyze every senior living community in Southwest Florida to provide you with an in-depth community analysis. We then educate you about the various senior living options and help narrow down the best communities that meet your needs. We schedule community tours, join you on visits, and help you understand contract terms and negotiate fees.Our commitment to you doesn't end when you move to a senior living community. We stay in touch to ensure a smooth transition and are always available to address any issues or concerns. Additionally, we offer trusted resources for selling your home, obtaining Veterans Benefits, and accessing legal, financial, or medical advice.For expert advice and assistance with your senior housing needs, please call us at 239.595.0207. We are your solution for senior living referral services at no cost to you. Let's get started on finding the perfect senior housing option for you or your loved ones.