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Dec 17, 2019


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Where can an aging adult go to socialize, laugh, sing, exercise, receive health care, and eat well-balanced, nutritious meals?
Many adult day centers offer these benefits and more for aging adults who require additional assistance during the day due to health reasons. Currently there are 4,600 adult day centers in the U.S. serving approximately 260,000 aging adults, younger persons with disabilities, and caregivers. Estimates show a 63% increase in the number of people serviced by adult day centers since 2002, reflecting the trend that Americans are aging and require professional support services for those with dementia or other cognitive impairments.
There are generally two types of adult day centers: those that focus primarily on social interaction and those that offer medical care. Some centers, such as Elizabeth Seton Center, offer both. According to the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA), the average participant that attends a day center is a 72-year-old female who lives with adult children or their spouse.
A little over half of those using day service centers have some form of cognitive impairment, and more than half require assistance with at least two daily living activities.
Whether the adult day center has a social or medical model, the aging adult greatly benefits from active engagement. Medical model centers offer added benefits by providing health monitoring and individualized care. Caregivers benefit from reliable, professional, compassionate services for their loved one.
They offer respite time for the caregiver to recharge and the caregiver need not quit their job or neglect their own health. The result is better health and well-being for families.
After working for many years and easing into retirement, older adults may not engage with others as much as they used to. They may have to stop driving and then find themselves staying home, isolated from others.
A day center can offer a lonely person a new place to meet people and engage with others. Evidence shows that participants who regularly attend a day center exhibit improved quality of life. The bottom line is that adult day centers offer a cost-effective alternative to other long-term care options and allow aging adults to stay engaged in their communities and at home with their families.
Editors Note: For more information contact Judy Gawlas, Senior Services Coordinator at Elizabeth Seton Center, at 412-344-4777 or Elizabeth Seton Center, 1900 Pioneer Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15226.

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Seton Center - Brookline Senior Center

Senior Centers 1900 Pioneer Ave, Brookline, Pennsylvania, 15226

Elizabeth Seton Center is committed to offering inviting opportunities to Pittsburgh's senior citizens, ones that enhance their quality of life and equip them with resources to cope with the challenges of aging gracefully.The Senior Centers in Brookline and Overbrook provide a variety of services to over 250 area seniors (aged 60 and over), including socialization, educational programs, physical exercise, outings, and access to additional senior resources.Both of our centers are clean, cheery, comfortable, and easily accessible. A healthy, balanced lunch is available daily. Special social opportunities mark holidays and special occasions throughout the year including special celebrations during Older Americans Month in May.

Seton Center - Brookline Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services 1900 Pioneer Ave, Brookline, Pennsylvania, 15226

Adult Day Services at the Brookline Center and in Greensburg provide a safe, secure home-away-from-home to frail adults who cannot be left home alone. Many are afflicted with Alzheimers and other dementias, Parkinsons, stroke and other neurological problems, mental disabilities, arthritis and other chronic illnesses. Seton Center serves approximately 100 adults in the Brookline and Greensburg day care program. Many come every day, some a few days a week. Our adults experience care from the staff tailored to their individual needs. Services include breakfast, lunch, a snack, and dinner, showers, and monitoring of medications. The seniors are engaged throughout the day in socialization and activities according to their abilities. The Center is always active with exercise, crafts, games, entertainment, and memory and motor enhancement activities. Our clients spend time with peers and make or continue friendships there. They participate in activities customized to their needs and wishes, including educational and socialization opportunities. Their medical needs are monitored, and a nurse capable of administering medications is on site. Physical, occupation, and speech therapists also visit regularly.A unique feature at our Brookline Center is our Intergenerational Programming. Each week Children share in common activities with the seniors. The interaction brings joy and smiles to the faces of the seniors as well as a sense of renewed purpose. Children experience the love of new grandparents. Both get the opportunity to help the other and work toward common goals.