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Group Fitness Classes

We invite you to join our boutique, instructor-led gym in Sarasota where you can take charge of your unique fitness goals. BMoFit offers a person-centered approach to exercise focused on regaining and maintaining vitality.

Our group fitness classes are designed for functional movement to train multiple joints and numerous muscles to make it easier and safer to enjoy daily physical activity. We use exercise tools such as free weights, kettle bells, fitness balls, steps, bands and boxing bags to strengthen upper body, lower body and core stability. We also use body weight resistance exercises like squats, planks, push-ups and lunges. All exercises have sequential modifications from beginner to advanced to accommodate all fitness levels. You can adjust the intensity of your workout up or down as needed.

BMoFit offers small class sizes in a non-competitive atmosphere. You get a personal exercise experience that supports your overall well-being. Join us!

Zoom Group Fitness Classes

Zoom fitness classes are done at home with minimal equipment for those wanting the convenience and/or safety of working out away from the studio. A couple of dumbbells, a band or two, and a yoga mat are all you need to participate. These items can be checked out from the studio. Classes are 50 minutes and can be done in a limited space. Live sessions are three mornings per week at 7:00 am, or you can do the recorded sessions, which are delivered to your inbox and can be done when its convenient to your schedule.

Rock Steady Boxing SRQ

Rock Steady Boxing SRQ is for individuals with Parkinsons Disease or Parkinsonism. Classes include an exercise program that attacks Parkinsons at its vulnerable neurological points. While focusing on overall fitness, workouts include nine heavy boxing bags, speed bags, core work, BIG movements, cognitive activities, voice activation, and circuit weight training. No boxing experience is necessary, and people of all ages and all levels of fitness are invited to participate.

Nearly everyone with Parkinsons can participate and get benefit from Rock Steady Boxing. Our mission is to empower people with Parkinsons to fight back.

Zoom Rock Steady Boxing SRQ

Zoom Rock Steady Boxing classes are done from home using minimal equipment a set of hand weights or boxing gloves or two water bottles, and a chair. Classes include shadow boxing combinations mixed with Parkinsons-related weight exercises. Then, strength, balance and core work, ending with 15-20 minutes of stretching from the chair.

Yoga Group Classes

BMoFit offers Hatha-style yoga classes where we spend a little time in each pose accompanied with a gentle flow. Our classes offer a calming practice to refresh and renew your spirit. Classes are suitable for beginner through advanced clients. Yoga mats and props available for all participants.

Private Sessions

Private one-on-one sessions or small groups of 2-4 participants are available for Fitness Training, Rock Steady Boxing and Yoga.

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