Petra Capital Properties

115 Wilcox Street, #220, Castle Rock, Colorado, 80104

Counties Served: Colorado - El Paso,Teller

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Petra Capital Properties

Financial Services 115 Wilcox Street, #220, Douglas, Castle Rock, Colorado, 80104

Petra Capital Properties is a mission-focused investment management company, dedicated to serving the needs of its real estate investment clients.  Our investor-centric approach endeavors to put the needs of our clients first by aligning critical investment objectives with personalized real estate solutions.  The result is optimized portfolio construction that delivers on a two-fold mandate of Preserving Capital and Protecting Income.  Petra has a spectrum of customized 1031 solutions that can meet any capital requirements. Multiple portfolio combinations are evaluated to align investment objectives and risk tolerance. Our investors have worked a lifetime to accumulate wealth, and our goal is to preserve and enhance it. Our Mission is Your Success

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