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Oct 13, 2010


Colorado - Northern Colorado

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Although mobility devices can transform an individuals life and give them back some sense of independence and control, they have the potential for injury. Often, the cause is not malfunction, but rather the fact that many individuals choose the wrong device for their needs or use them incorrectly.
Consider the following before choosing a mobility device:
FIRST, shop for the health care provider that is the right fit for the individuals needs.
Consider the following in choosing the right canes and walkers:
How is the individuals balance?
Do they have the sensation and strength in their hands to hold the device?
Make sure the device is the proper height.
Perform routine maintenance checks.

An individual must be measured properly, and the chair and seating system must fit those measurements:
Adjust the chair for the individual. Make sure the individual knows how to operate all functions on the chair
Replace worn parts as necessary.

It's important to measure the individuals size, functional abilities and the standers purpose. Once delivered, it must be properly adjusted. Do regular routine maintenance checks with parts replacement as needed.
RE-EVALUATION, TRAINING, FITTING & REPAIR. It is common for facilities to hold mobility clinics where the individual is evaluated for a device and a prescription is generated. Delivery of the device, re-evaluation, fitting and training will occur.
Knowledge of insurance plans and the individual's financial situation is also important. Many plans will cover only one device in a several-year period of time. Understanding of these issues can help in choosing a device that is able to grow and change as needs change.
Finding that balance between devices can be very liberating and increase an individuals ability to participate in work, recreation, or other pursuits. Life changes, and so do all of us. It is important to schedule annual visits with a health care professional to evaluate current devices and the potential for new or changes in a mobility prescription.

Editors Note: This information was submitted by Beth Bullard, Director of Case Management/Patient Assessment Information Coordinator at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital in Johnstown. She can be reached at ncrh.ernesthealth.com

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You dont have to spend tons of money to achieve a fresh new look in your bathroom space. Follow our guide to learn about affordable bathroom ideas and easy styling hacks that will make your space feel polished and rejuvenated.You might not be ready to make a big change, but many avenues await if your goal is to spruce up your bathroom. A fresh coat of paint, affordable bathroom decor, bold wallpaper that makes a statement, a wood floor, or a healthy green plant. These are just a few simple boosts on a budget. Change is good, especially when it comes to decor and style. In this article, we look at a variety of inexpensive bathroom updates that will make your space feel brand new without hurting your bank account. Here are 17 affordable bathroom ideas you should try.1. Painting Bathroom WallsPutting a fresh coat of paint on your bathroom walls or trying a new shade can make the whole space feel polished. You can also put a coat of paint on your wood trim, so everything looks like it's practically brand new.Picking the right color can make your bathroom feel more spacious. If youre working with a smaller area, designers often recommend going lighter and brighter. White will obviously reflect the most light, and it gives an airy fresh look.Another popular choice for smaller bathrooms is lighter, more neutral tones like soft taupe and light gray or spa-like pale blues and greens. These colors also help reflect light and make your smaller space feel a bit bigger. If youre looking for a great bathroom idea on a budget, new paint can make a huge difference.2. Swapping Out Your HardwareThe impact you can make just by swapping out your cabinet knobs, pulls, and handles is astonishing. Its another awesome bathroom-on-a-budget idea to consider. This whole job shouldnt cost more than a few hundred dollars with a large bathroom. It could cost even less than $100 if youre working on a smaller area and choosing affordable options.Hardware for cabinets comes in a variety of colors, styles, designs, finishes, and textures. You can find everything from chrome to wood or plastic, and even ceramic.This is such a simple and satisfying change to make, and since you're just swapping out hardware, it requires very little effort. You just need your hands and a screwdriver when it comes to tools. You will want to make sure that whatever new hardware you choose, it's the same size as the ones you are replacing so the existing holes line up exactly.3. Getting New FixturesAnother bathroom-on-a-budget idea is to change up your fixtures. See your showerhead and knobs and faucets for your sink and tub. You can swap them out for a new material that will transform the look of your bathroom.Combine this with painting, and you can make an even more noticeable difference when it comes to updating your space. 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You can find affordable indoor plants and trees (even fake ones!) that will brighten your space and give you that perfect, tiny change you desperately need. If youre looking for affordable bathroom-decor ideas, something as simple as adding a plant to the room can boost the overall ambiance.Plants also increase humidity in the air, and humidity determines our thermal comfort. When humidity levels are low, our skin gets flaky and itchy and our eyes become dry and irritated. Low humidity also increases your chances of getting a cold, flu, and other infections. Some plants like the Peace Lilly can also reduce high levels of humidity.7. Add an Area RugAdding a colorful or textured area rug to your bathroom can make all the difference. It adds a pop of color and character to the room. This helps make it feel bolder and more exciting.A bathroom rug improves the floors appearance and protects it. It also adds warmth underfoot. It absorbs water from your body as you step out of the shower or bath, keeping it off the floor and preventing slips. A 100% cotton rug is the best option since cotton is highly absorbent and dries fast.8. Get a New Shower CurtainPhoto by JoyfulA shower curtain is extremely practical. It prevents water and moisture from leaving the bathroom or shower area and adds privacy, but its also handy at keeping your bathroom looking pretty. A shower curtain can completely transform your space. And because of its size, it seems more like a wall than an accessory.However, unlike wallpaper, paint, or tile, a shower curtain can be changed out in minutes. When choosing one, you can go as bold as you like. This affordable bathroom decor adds texture and balance to your bathroom. Its the centerpiece of small bathrooms and can instantly upgrade any space.9. Fancy Bar SoapsPhoto by micheile dot comA fancy bar soap takes up minimal space, produces little waste, and supplies a more tangible cleanse. Its utilitarian luxury at its finest. If a bar of soap is infused with fragrance, it fills its surroundings with a lovely aura. Every time you enter the bathroom, the soaps scent puts you in a good mood. And for every bar of soap used, theres one less bottle in the landfill. To make your fancy bar soap stand out, get a beautiful soap dish.10. Install a Clear Glass Shower DoorThis is one of the trending, affordable bathroom decor ideas that will make your bathroom look luxurious on a budget. Nothing spells luxury quite like walking into your bathroom and being able to see directly into your walk-in shower. Lots of people like the textured glass options for more privacy while bathing, but theres something eye-catching and chic about the look of clear glass. The only caveat is that youll have to frequently tend to it to keep it looking clean while making sure the inside of your shower is also tidy.11. Add a Bench Inside the ShowerIf you plan to replace your shower soon and start anew, put some thought into the design. Adding a bench to the shower is a great way to make your bathroom look and feel more luxurious.A bench boosts safety in the bathroom since a lot of bathroom accidents involve slipping. It also provides a place to sit, which is important in case of mobility issues or injuries. Look for a sturdy bench with suction. Adjustable height and bars offer a nonslip grip.12. Use Faux MarblePhoto by Dana DeVolkIn many cases, marble wouldnt make the list of frugal bathroom ideas. But hold on. You could use faux marble and get the same effect as the real deal. Large, porcelain tiles that look exactly like marble are available. Faux marble is a great bathroom-on-a-budget idea. Make your space look incredible at an unbeatable price.13. Add Towel HooksIf you can, find some beautiful towel hooks that match the finish and style of your hardware. This can make things feel lush in your bathroom. Pair them with some fluffy, clean towels, and youre sure to impress anyone who enters.14. Roll Your TowelsYou may be wondering, How can I make my bathroom look nice on a budget? Its not always about purchasing new things but using what you already have with a twist ... or a roll!Roll your towels like you would find them in a nice hotel. Carefully place them on your shelves or countertop. Its an elegant yet simple touch when it comes to making your bathroom space feel more lavish.15. Ditch the Plastic. Swap it with GlassPhoto by Steven UngermannThis small change makes a massive difference in your bathroom. Ditch the plastic soap bottles and replace them with glass. This way, your hand soap isnt an eye-sore on the countertop, it looks stylish.16. Use Apothecary JarsPhoto by Jen TheodoreYou can use apothecary jars of varying sizes on your shelves or countertop instead of keeping boxes of cotton swabs and other toiletries in the drawer. This simple, stylish hack gives things a fancier appearance, and it isnt expensive. This is one of our bathroom-on-a-budget ideas youll want to try.17. Add a Eucalyptus BundleNothing says luxury quite like the scent of a heavenly spa as soon as you turn on that warm, comforting water. Hang a eucalyptus bundle from your showerhead. It not only looks good, but its also useful.The steam and heat from your shower help to release the soothing aromatherapy qualities of this plant, which can reduce sinus inflammation and help you breathe. Eucalyptus also possesses anti-anxiety properties, which make it an incredible addition after a long day. This is one bathroom-on-a-budget idea that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Wheelchair Ramps vs. Vertical Platform Lifts: Which Is Right for Me?

Our MobilityWorks@home experts are often asked, Should I get a wheelchair ramp or a lift for my home? The answer depends on factors such as the users mobility, staircase height and number of floors, to name a few. While our trained technicians can help you choose which type of mobility solution is right for your needs, the overview below discusses a few key benefits and differences that can help guide your decision.Wheelchair RampsWheelchair ramps are designed for your specific space and include pre-assembled ramps, handrails and platforms. They do require some effort to navigate, unlike vertical platform lifts, and as a result, are better suited for scooter and power wheelchair users. They can be configured for almost any site, and are both cost-effective and low maintenance depending on the amount of ramp needed. Because they come pre-assembled, installing a wheelchair ramp is typically a quick and easy process that doesnt require anchoring into concrete footings or pads. Wheelchair ramps sold through MobilityWorks@home have a built-in anti-slip surface and do not rust or warp, making them a durable mobility solution.Wheelchair Ramp BenefitsBest for low-rise environmentsIdeal for scooter or power wheelchair usersEasy installationLow maintenance750-pound weight capacityCost-effectiveVertical Platform LiftsVertical platform lifts resemble an elevator with a platform that can be raised and lowered to transport a user safely to another floor. While they are often seen in businesses, churches, and schools, they are also often used outside residential homes as a porch lift. These lifts are operated mechanically and require little effort from the user, making them an easy-to-use option for almost anyone in need of mobility assistance. They are more effective than wheelchair ramps in high-rise environments involving a large staircase or multiple levels that need to be accessed. Installing a vertical platform lift does require a concrete pad toanchor the equipment, making the installation process more complex than that of a wheelchair ramp.Vertical Platform Lift BenefitsBest for high-rise environmentsEasy to operateSuitable for almost anyone, including manual wheelchair usersWeather-protected controls and switches750-pound weight capacityRequires less space than a wheelchair rampCustomized to Your Specific NeedsThere is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to accessing your home safely and comfortably. Thats why our MobilityWorks@home technicians are trained to find the wheelchair ramp or lift that fits your home and your needs. Give us a call or contact us today so we can help you stay in the home you love.

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At our state-of-the-art hospital, we provide specialized services and care for patients who require additional time to recover from an injury or illness after their acute care hospital stay. We treat patients requiring intensive care, medically complex care, modified rehabilitation, ventilator/pulmonary care, wound care and more.

Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital

Hospitals 4401 Union St, Johnstown, Colorado, 80534

At our state-of-the-art hospital, we provide specialized services and care for patients who require additional time to recover from an injury or illness after their acute care hospital stay. We treat patients requiring intensive care, medically complex care, modified rehabilitation, ventilator/pulmonary care, wound care and more.