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Welcome to the Seniors Blue Book local home page for Pueblo and Southern Colorado. I'm Lucy Crandall, your local partner at the Seniors Blue Book. Please let me know how I can help you. Whether you are looking for resources,   looking to promote your business, or just want to know what's happening around town, the Seniors Blue Book website is your go-to!    I know from personal experience from taking care of an aging parent in another state that the search is not easy, aging is not easy. Our healthcare system is difficult to navigate, throw in insurance and legal issues on top, and then manage it all in a crisis… no one should have to do it alone. Let me help you. Call or email me today!

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Oct 05, 2022 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Senior Services October Meeting

Join AIS Medicare & More as they host this month's Senior Services Professionals Networking Meeting!REGISTER HERE


Dec 28, 2022 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

IN PERSON Dementia Caregiver Support Group Grand Junction

Contact Woo Bandel for more information:970.714.2875 oremail:


Oct 25, 2022 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Beneficent October Zoom CE Class

Learn how Beneficent connects Seniors and Disabled Adults to funds that pay for the high-quality care Senior Care Industry Professionals provide.Case Managers, Social Workers, & Certified Senior Advisors can EARN 1 CEU CREDITRSVP by scanning the QR code or email Kim at


Nov 28, 2022 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


This is a recurring meeting, occurringthe 4th Monday of each month at 2:00pm MSTJoin Zoom Meeting ID: 848 2548 0293Passcode: 321052FEEL FREE to pass along the meeting invite to anyone who may be interested!

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Belmont Lodge Health Care Center

Skilled Nursing 1601 Constitution Rd, Pueblo, Colorado, 81001

Selecting the right skilled nursing facility can be critical to your speedy recovery. Belmont Lodge Health Care Center located in Pueblo, CO, in Pueblo County, offers a variety of therapies and care services to help you regain your independence. Skilled nurses, therapists and licensed care professionals are available to guide you through your personalized therapy. Whether youre recovering after a hospital visit or in need of on-going medical support, Belmont Lodge Health Care Center will help you achieve your personal goals. We care for the people you love.

Learn More $270.00/day

Articles Written By Local Businesses

Do You Know What to do When Someone Dies

It is surprising that the one thing so certain in life's cycle is death, yet many people don't know what to do when that inevitable event occurs. Following is a short guide of what to do:At the time of death: Look through the decedents personal papers for burial information (i.e. funeral plan or written instructions). Contact a funeral home to arrange the pick up of the decedent and for further arrangements such as services, location, military involvement, club or organization involvement, the obituary, burial plots and headstones. Order death certificates from the funeral home. A good rule of thumb for the number of Death Certificates to order is one each for every financial institution, vehicle, land, life insurance policy or other assets and then two extra.After funeral arrangements have been made, begin contacting the following individuals:Police to check on the decedents home An attorney to obtain information on how to deal with the decedents assets and debts Financial and banking institutions to obtain information on accounts, investments and whether or not the decedent maintained a safe deposit box Insurance agents regarding claim forms Social Security/Veterans Affairs and pension agencies regarding stop payments and possible benefits Utility companies to change or stop services Newspaper(s) to stop services Post Office to forward mailWhat documents to look for:Funeral/Burial plan Will an heir can request a bank to conduct a will search in a safety deposit box. If a will is found, the bank official must keep the will and deposit it with the Court Life insurance policies Financial statements from banks, stock brokerage firms and financial advisors Deed(s) and titles to vehiclesEditors Note: This article was submitted by Jolene DeVries, Attorney at Law. For further information she can be reached at 719-275-4424

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Sleep Disorders are Common as We Age

Disordered sleep is common. Chronic insomnia (insomnia for more than 5 nights a week for more than 6 months) affects 14% of the worlds population. Sleep Apnea, the most physiologically disruptive and dangerous of sleep disorders, affects 9% of women and 24% of men. Apnea induces daytime sleepiness in some individuals and leads to a higher frequency of automobile and occupational accidents. High blood pressure is present in 80% of individuals with significant sleep apnea. Heart attacks and strokes sometimes resulting in death are significantly more common in individuals with sleep apnea. New data suggests that sleep apnea is associated with hearth rhythm disturbances and diabetes. Our sleep does not improve with age. Insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome all become more common as we get older. The only sleep variable that increases for the elderly is time awake in bed.With ageing, we are more likely to require medications and more likely to suffer side effects from those medications. Daytime sleepiness is perhaps the most common side effect of both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Many medications used to treat insomnia are long-acting and induce next day sleepiness after nighttime use. Such medications include long-acting benzodiazepines like valium, sedating anti-depressants, and over-the-counter sleeping medications with sedating anti-histamines as an active ingredient, such as Benadryl and Tylenol-PM. In seniors, these over-the-counter medications have been shown to induce confusion as well as an increased risk of accidents and falls. They can also be more dangerous than newer prescription medications for sleep.The safest option for the treatment of insomnia is cognitive-behavioral therapy, an approach available through most sleep physicians that has been shown to have excellent and long-term results. Sleep apnea is best treated with a C-pap system which blows air into the nostrils to hold the airway open during sleep. When tolerated, this treatment has almost no negative side effects. When regularly using C-pap, individuals with sleep apnea live longer and function better.Editors note: This article was submitted by J.F. Pagel, MD at the Sleep Center of Southern Colorado at Parkview Medical Center. For more information he can be reached at (719) 584-4976

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Why is it Important to Have a Quarterback on Your Healthcare Team

Primary care providers (PCP) are the foundation for your medical care. As such, we lead the team of healthcare professionals and other specialists that provide you comprehensive care. So, we like to think of ourselves as the quarterback of your team.A PCP can be a MD, Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.), Physician Assistant (PA) or Nurse Practitioner (NP). Your PCP will diagnose and treat common illnesses and medical conditions while teaching you about safe health behaviors, treatment options, preventative and self care skill as well as provide necessary screening tests and immunizations.PCPs detect undiagnosed health issues and start treatment promptly, ultimately resulting in better outcomes. We manage chronic disease, utilizing evidence based guidelines in order to achieve mutually agreed upon health goals. Evaluating the urgency of your medical condition and directing you to the best place for care, which may be referring to other medical specialists, is a key role your PCP plays as quarterback of your team.Communication is the key to success on any team. You need to take an active role with your healthcare team. Keep your quarterback PCP up to date on immunizations, surgeries, visits with specialists, family history and active medical illnesses. Schedule regular appointments and keep them. Keep a list of all current medications you take, including over the counter medications and vitamins. Share that information with your quarterback PCP and include why you take the medication, how often you take it and what the dosage is.If you have any concerns about your health, contact your PCP initially, they are the main healthcare provider in any non-emergency case. Regular visits to your quarterback PCP will reduce costly emergency room visits by catching problems early.Don't have a PCP? Parkview Adult Medicine Clinic serves patients ages 15 and above. We are staffed by four board-certified Internal Medicine Physicians, 21 Resident Physicians, one board certified Family Nurse Practitioner, and one board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. In addition to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to our patients in our state of the art clinic, we offer sports physicals, CDL medical exams, and Assisted Living Facility visits. To make an appointment, call 719.595.7585.Editors Note: This article was submitted by: Marian Heesaker, Family Nurse Practitioner at Parkview Adult Medicine Clinic

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Rhonda, her caregiver, her daughter

Rhonda told me, desperately searching for a way to fight off the tears that were filling her endlessly deep, blue, ocean-like, eyes, Todays the one-year anniversary, but I know shes much better now, referring to the death of her mother.Rhonda Pepper was her mother, Vera Ruth Goodrichs caregiver. She was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). This is due to progressive nerve cell loss in the brains frontal lobes; it is the area behind the forehead or just behind the eyes.Mrs. Goodrich, who went by Ruth to all who knew her, was a respected, long-time banker in Rocky Ford and La Junta. She had lived in her home with her son Richard after the passing of her husband, Rhondas father, but about six years ago, Rhonda started noticing some behavior changes in her mother. She started getting up in the middle of the night and getting dressed. She would set the table for the entire family. She was doing things out of nature, financially, Rhonda said.This was the first of many cues in a succession, including, to Rhondas dismay, Ruth, who was still driving, got completely lost during a blizzard, ending all the way up in Limon. This was in the early spring of 2009. I didnt think wed find her, said Rhonda, whose husband Tracy, son Dylan and brother Richard made the drive, picking Ruth up from a diner.She was already living with Rhonda and her husband at that point. She moved in with us in January of 2009 but we didnt get the diagnosis of Frontotemporal Dementia until May. Finally, everything we had been experiencing, it pulled it all together, said Rhonda, with a look that can only be described as bittersweet. They finally had the answers to the why? but now what? Caregivers are so often put in this role or a position of a role reversal.Rhonda said in the beginning her mother could stay home alone. Friends came in to take her to do things. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they would take her to the Senior Center in La Junta and Swink. Rhonda, who is a poised person, said she tried to maintain a level of organization as a caregiver, she kept things structured. Mom would get up and get herself dressed in the morning and then I would leave her lists of little jobs to do while I was at work. She would take care of the dogs for example. Rhonda said the fear of her wondering off was ever-looming.In the fall of 2010 doctors confirmed that an auto accident that Ruth had been involved in during the summer excelled the progression of her FTD, compounding her dementia. Rhonda quit her job to stay at home with her mother full time. She said, with love and compassion, That was my job. Prior to the accident Ruth was able to talk and walk, with assistance, but Rhonda said all of that faded. Even though she didnt speak, I could tell her disposition through her eyes. I could tell if she liked someone or a situation, said Rhonda, her daughter, her caregiver.As a full-time caregiver, Rhonda sought outside help a few hours a week, bringing in respite care. This allowed me some down-time. I could go sit at the park and read a book; go to my own doctor appointments; attend group meetings for caregivers; it just allowed me to remove myself from the environment and recharge my batteries.Until or unless someone is in the position of being a caregiver, people dont realize the effects, physically and emotionally, it has on them. The term respite literally translates to a time of rest.Rhonda shared with me how blessed she felt to be able to quit her job and stay at home with her mother. She made my life better, she said. She also shared the realistic views behind closed doors and what its really like to care for an ailing adult. Its like taking care of an adult infant. Every two hours I would take her to the bathroom; I would shower her; I dressed her; I would change her wet and soiled pants; I would feed her. Rhonda also said she was never fully rested, only sleeping lightly at night because she always had one ear on her mother.As a dutiful and loving caregiver, Rhonda remained loyal to her mothers lifelong regiments and to the things that made her life quality, making sure her hair was properly set, lips were adorned with lipstick each and every day and her favorite food was prepared and fed to her. Rhonda said, I think its important, even for the CareProvider coming in to know the schedule, to know what she likes, what her favorite foods are.Ruth passed away on November 30, 2014. Rhonda said that while she was able to spend time with her mother during her final months, she really misses the conversation that they once shared, which is the sad part of dementia.Gina (Paradiso) Cathcart is the director of CareCorner, Ltd., Colorado Respite Care. She is a healthcare educator, passionate about service to others and quality of life. She can be reached at 719-691-5206

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Local Business Videos

Gym Memberships and Medicare

This month with KKTV we discussed gym memberships and Medicare. Lyndsey Pouncey of the YMCA joined us in discussing what the YMCA and the Senior Center of Colorado Springs have to offer to Seniors and how to gain access at no cost with your Medicare plan.Medicare plans with gym membershipsA lot of Medicare plans now offer free gym memberships as a part of their benefits package. These free gym memberships come in a variety of names, but if your plan offers a free gym membership the end result is the same. you get to go to a gym at no cost, such as the YMCA and the Senior Center of Colorado Springs.Medicare plans such as Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) or Medicare Supplement plans provide these gym memberships. If you are unsure if your current Medicare plan is providing the free gym membership benefit, give our office a call and we can let you know if you have access or let you know how to get access. Many beneficiaries on Medicare do not even realize what benefits actually are a part of the plan they chose, let alone if there is a free gym membership included. So, do not feel alone if you are unsure what benefits your Medicare plan is providing to you.That is what our offices in Southern Colorado are here for. With our local offices you can schedule reviews of your plan options and benefit reviews to ensure you take advantage of everything that is available in your area at no cost. We can also let you know what gyms are near you that will allow you to utilize your no cost membership benefit.YMCA and the Senior CenterThe YMCA and the Senior Center of Colorado Springs were able to join us this month for KKTV to go over some of the great benefits their buildings provide. If you have not been to a YMCA recently it is definitely worth the trip. The YMCA is providing daily Silver Sneaker programs, group exercises, pool therapy, racquetball games, cycling, and much more. They are very involved with the community and try to provide as much resources as possible to the senior community.There are several YMCA buildings around Southern Colorado that provide a ton of senior oriented services. Take a look at the local YMCA locations and join one today at no cost with your free gym membership!Veterans and Free Gym MembershipsVeterans with VA access or Tricare for Life do not get a gym membership (unless you want to go to the base with all the trainees) included with their coverage benefits when they get Medicare. HealthCare coverage with Tricare and service-connected veterans can be top-notch, but when it comes to some of the ancillary benefits such as a free gym membership the government is not providing it.The great thing is there are plans available for Veterans that provide the gym membership benefits, along with many other benefits. If you have not had a chance to review your Medicare & Tricare or VA access coverage, then you should reach out to us because you are missing out on benefits that you are eligible for. We know it can seem daunting and seem too good to be true, but there are plans available for Veterans that do not affect the government provided HealthCare to enhance the benefits provided.Thank you to KKTV 11 ConnectsWe are very happy to be a part of the KKTV 11 connects family and to be able to provide these valuable interviews with them. If you have not had a chance to take a look at what KKTV 11 connects is doing in the community, take a look at KKTV 11 connects page. We look forward to next months interview and hope you will enjoy it. (Get excited: we will be joined by a great person, helping an organization do great things for those with Alzheimers- can you guess who it is, or what organization?)As always if you have any more questions, you are more than welcome to reach out to our office and talk with one of your local Medicare Brokers. We have several offices throughout Southern Colorado.You can call us directly at 719-404-3202Or navigate to our contact page and we can reach out to you.

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Part-Time Cook

Summary/Objective:The Cook will support the day-to-day operations within the dietary department for our Assisted Living facilities. Role and responsibilities: To prepare and serve appealing, appetizing and nourishing food to residents while maintaining a safe and sanitary dining experience in compliance with Assisted Living regulations and SHO policies.Essential Functions: Prepares and cooks meals in accordance with the dietary menu, and documents any required substitutions Prepare and serve meals that are palatable and appetizing in appearance May prepare alternate menu selections for residents who require special accommodations May assist in the preparation, set-up and cleaning for all meals and snacks including special meals, meetings and parties Clear dining room, wash and put away dishes and cookware following each meal and snack Complete daily and periodic cleaning duties per schedule ensuring the kitchen is clean in accordance with regulations and SHO policies As feasible fulfill resident requests for special food/snacks during and between meals Serve food to residents in accordance with portion control procedures Assists in inventory, receiving and storage food supplies Consistently acts to promote teamwork in providing the best possible dietary service to our residents with a focus on health and wellness May provide on the job training and orientation programs for new dietary employees Always follows dietary policies and procedures All staff in food services must be trained in the following within 30 days: Safe Food Preparation and Storage Food and Culture Promoting Successful Nutrition Proper Handwashing Promotes a safe working environment by inspecting all equipment before use Reports any accident/incident or hazards for employees or residents that occur in the kitchen or dining, no matter how insignificant Follow established infection control and universal precaution policies and procedures, as needed Adhere to all resident rights, including, privacy, confidentiality, and treating residents with dignity and respect at all times Perform other duties as assignedRequirements Work Environment: May be exposed to heat/cold temperatures in kitchen/storage area May be required to lift, push, pull and move equipment, supplies in excess of fifty pounds. Standing for long periods, sitting and walking intermittently Subject to falls, burns, odors, throughout the workday and the risk of injury from physical requirements of the job Is subject to exposure to infectious waste, diseases, conditions including HIV and Hepatitis B virusesCompetencies: Commitment to fulfilling the mission of Senior Housing Options, Inc. to provide safe, comfortable housing for seniors and people with disabilities Maintain a professional demeanor and respond with urgency Understanding of discretion needed in handling confidential information Self-directed, accountable for results and proactive; independent problem solver Ability to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing, including the ability to provide non-technical assistance in a simple, straightforward manner Demonstrate sensitivity to the concerns of residents and a commitment to dealing fairly with all Friendly, professional demeanor, positive disposition, tactful, patience and high ethical character even while dealing with difficult or upset residents Strong organizational and interpersonal skills; attention to detail Driving is not permitted nor required of this position Medication administration to residents is strictly prohibitedEducation and Experience: High school diploma or equivalent required; culinary training preferred 2-3 years prior working experience in a kitchen environment required Prior working experience cooking and serving meals to an elderly and/or disabled population preferred Ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language fluently, and communicate verbally and in writing at a professional levelExpected Hours of Work:This role may be full-time, part-time or on-call. Shifts are available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days per week. May be called during off hours to respond to emergency or unusual situations.Salary Description$16.00 an hourAPPLY HERE

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CNA (Client Care Aide II) at Bruce McCandless Veterans Home

This position is open only to Colorado state residents.Please note: This recruitment may be used to fill multiple vacancies.Client Care Aide II - Bruce McCandless Veterans Home$500 sign-on bonusBruce McCandless State Veterans Community Living Center is a State-owned and operated skilled-nursing facility dedicated to serving those who have served us. We strive to provide excellent customer service and to respect and honor resident choices regarding bathing, rising, bedtimes, and other personal decisions. Our philosophy is to provide residents a home where life and love abound. Opt in below to receive text message updates on CDHS recruiting events! CDHSCareersDescription of JobThis is a full-time, in-person, essential services designated position which requires a CNA licensure through the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. Must be able to work various shiftsincluding day, evening, and graveyard (night) shifts, as well as weekends, and holidays, as needed.Please note: These working arrangements are subject to change.This position exists to provide direct hands-on nursing care to facility residents to include assistance with activities of daily living, documentation of care provided, awareness of psychosocial and physical needs/safety of residents, all performed in a manner consistent with the standards of the profession, legal and regulatory requirements.Primary Job Duties Include:Resident CareProvide direct resident care by hands on performance or assistance as needed with activities of daily living.  Provide environmental needs by arranging and adapting personal care items such as food or clothing and/or physical environment needs, e.g. wheelchair, walker, etc.  Gently guide and instruct residents as needed in self-care activities.Assists, orients and serves as preceptor to new CNAs to the facility, residents, policies and procedures and routines.  The CCA II is a resource to the CCA I for suggestions and guidance in dealing with care for resistive residents.Determine changes in resident's type of care required; i.e., variance in resident's individualized routine care due to change in resident's condition or observation in health status.  Nutrition and Hydration CareWhen required for specific resident, provides assistance with eating and drinking by cutting up food and feeding the resident, adding thickening agents to liquids, cue residents and remind them of the proper swallowing techniques and strategies suggested by therapist. Documents percentages of food and fluids taken by residents on the hydration flow sheets. Recommends observation of specific residents who may need dietary changes, e.g. from regular diet to pureed or regular liquid to thickened liquid. Organize daily work so required care is provided despite unexpected occurrences to provide quality nursing care.SafetyMonitor safety needs by supervising residents' whereabouts, interactions and conditions and refer to charge nurse if necessaryHygiene CareCollaborate with charge nurse and other nursing personnel to provide and exchange information regarding resident care status, and to evaluate effectiveness and appropriateness of Treatment Care Plan, inform charge nurse of refusals of hygiene care. Document observations and care provided on various residents records.Psychosocial, Transport, Educational RequirementsProvide psychosocial needs of residents and their significant others by direct personal contact. This position will be required to deliver lab specimens, drive a resident to a doctor's appointment, or to the hospital (if not transported by ambulance) utilizing a State vehicle.  Maintain education by attending mandatory and non-mandatory in-services and workshops to keep current as mandated by state law and VA regulations and facility policy and procedures.Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal RightsMINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:Education and Experience:A high school diploma or GED  AND 1 year of experience as a licensed CNAAPPLY HERE

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Certified Nursing Assistant FT CNA $50K Annually! $5k Hiring Incentive!

Full Job Description The Center at Park West is looking for: Certified Nursing Assistants Days and Alt Weekends or Nights and Alt Weekends (pays and additional shift differential!) About Us: The Center at Park West is a new, skilled nursing facility that serves patients needing physical rehabilitation and/or complex nursing care. Our highly qualified, caring staff provides care in a beautiful, hotel like atmosphere to help our patients achieve strength and functionality. Skilled-nursing care, family involvement, psychological care and discharge planning complement a well-rounded, individualized program and encourages each patients transition to their highest functional level. With state of the art equipment and unparalleled comfort and amenities, our physician-driven care plan is designed to maximize the quality of our care. CNA- Why Join Our Team? We offer beautiful, new, state of the art facilities Physician driven care plans designed to maximize the quality of care We offer an environment that encourages team involvement and fosters new ideas Excellent pay Sign On Bonus available to qualified candidates; must work four 12 hour shifts per week to qualify for signon bonus of up to $5,000 dependent on agreed upon rate of pay and levels of experience and skill Tuition Reimbursement Programs available to qualified candidates PTO 401K Health, dental, vision and other ancillary benefits CNA - Job Summary: The Certified Nursing Assistant is responsible for providing direct care to the residents. Such care must be delivered in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations that govern our facility, and as may be required by the Director of Nursing Services designee. CNA- Essential Job Functions: Prepares for new admissions by ensuring rooms are ready and welcome packets are prepared Greets new admissions and makes them and their family members feel welcome and comfortable. Gets patient settled and follows new admit protocol. Communicates with nursing staff and care team effectively, both verbally and in writing Prepares resident for therapy services, appointments and meals Keeps residents room tidy and free of clutter Assists with ADLs Takes vitals and record them according to protocol Carries out restorative and rehabilitative programs, to include self-help and care. Answers call lights and assists residents in a timely manner Administers services within the applicable scope of practice Ensures resident is following dietary allowances. Report problem areas to the Nurse Supervisor Assists in arranging transportation for residents as appropriate Compliant with the rights of residents in a skilled nursing facility and act in a manner consistent with and respectful of those rights Maintains Relias training and in-service requirements Performs charting duties as required and in accordance with established charting and documentation policies and procedures and applicable state and federal regulations Charts notes in professional and appropriate manner that timely, accurately and thoroughly reflects the care provided to the resident, as well as the residents response to the care Takes direction from charge staff CNA - Education Must possess, as a minimum, a Nursing Assistant certification for the applicable state. CNA - Specific Requirements Must possess a current, unencumbered, active certification to practice as a C.N.A in the applicable state-must report any situations that may arise in which the certification could be effected Requires 4 shifts per week - 12 hour shifts Must pass a pre-employment background check and drug test APPLY HERE

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Social Service Assistant

Full Job DescriptionThe social services assistant acts as a resource person to other staff and residents. The social services assistant reports directly to the Social Services Director.Conduct psychosocial history to determine pre-injury issues which need to be addressedEstablishes and carries out individualized plan upon completion of psychosocial history if applicableParticipates in team round and family conferences as scheduled through case managerMaintains records and prepare reports according to facility proceduresParticipates in and documents internal and external profession education activities to enhance personal and professional growthPerforms public relations task as directed by supervisorCoordinates client's schedule with physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, speech therapy and other disciplines as neededParticipate as an integral member of the interdisciplinary teamAssists in patient discharge planningConduct post discharge follow-up as neededOther tasks as assignedJob Related Experience:Minimum of 1 year in a healthcare setting, preferably long-term care and/or skilled nursingAPPLY HERE

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