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Hello, My name is Amanda Barton and I am your local Publisher. I welcome your feedback and look forward to learning how I may assist you with your search.  Seniors Blue Book is Collier and Lee Counties' most comprehensive and reliable resource for Aging Well.  Click around to compare Senior Housing such as Retirement Communities, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing Communities.  You will also find Health at Home options like Home Health Care, Private Duty Home Care, Hospice and Senior Resources.  

Seniors Blue Book prides itself in being a one-stop shop to find local In-Person Educational Events, Activities, and Entertainment.  Check out our “Educate Yourself” tab to view Educational Articles, Videos, and Definitions. 

Whether you are looking for resources, looking to promote your business or just want to know what's happening around town, the Seniors Blue Book website is your go-to! Our healthcare system is difficult enough to navigate but throw in insurance and legal issues on top, and then manage it all in a crisis… no one should have to do it alone. Let me help you! Call 813-731-6069 or email me at abarton@seniorsbluebook today!

Thank you for using Seniors Blue Book,  Enjoy!

Florida - Southwest

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Activities & Events In Your Area


Feb 09, 2023 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Do I Stay or Do I Go

Registration Required. To Register visit the Collier County Library Events Page https://collierlibrary.evanced.info/signup/Calendar 


Feb 09, 2023 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Veterans Benefits – Ways to Pay for Senior Care

Join for an educational webinar and learn about how US Wartime Heroes and Spouses can receive up to $3,536/mo. towards senior care - Tax Free! Guest Speaker: Emily Perry of Patriot Angels To Register, please call 239-595-0207www.seniorhousingsolutions.net 


Feb 22, 2023 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Come learn about your carefree lifestyle!

239-205-1466or GulfCoastVillage.org/RSVP Both events will be held in our Auditorium 1333 Santa Barbara Blvd. Cape Coral 


Mar 02, 2023 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Seniors Blue Book Preparing for Aging Symposium

Join us for the upcoming 2023 SWFL Seniors Blue Book Symposiums! Our annual events are designed to provide information, education and share community resources focused on the process of aging gracefully and being Pro-Active vs Re-Active. The symposiums are all day interactive events including vendor fair engagement, panel speaking opportunities, audience q&a, and more!Don't miss this annual opportunity to reach QUALIFIED seniors and their adult children.Events will be promoted in the Seniors Blue Book, Naples Daily News, WAVV 101.1, SeniorsBlueBook.com, Mass Social Media Promotion, Events Websites, PR Contacts and other marketing channels.Vendor sponsorship includes 3 levels. 2 events. Advertiser & Multi-Event Discounts.Senior attendance is by RSVP only.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TODAY! SPACE IS LIMITED. 

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Local Aging Options

Hope Hospice

Hospice 9470 Health Park Circle, Fort Myers, Florida, 33908

Hope Hospice cares for people in lifes closing chapter. As a local, not-for-profit organization, Hope provides comfort and compassion for everyone in need. Your family can get help to navigate the practical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of living with serious illness. Hope Hospices expert team members include doctors, nurses, social workers, home health aides, chaplains, bereavement counselors, art, music, and massage therapists, and other caring professionals. A team of volunteers may help with personal errands, transportation, and visits. Caregivers will have the support they need to help their loved one live safely in the place they call home. For those with pain and symptoms that cannot be managed at home, four state-of-the-art Hope Care Centers are conveniently located throughout Southwest Florida. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 239-482-4673 or visit HopeHospice.org for more details.

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Lee Health

Hospitals , , , 00000

Our Hospitals Are SafeIt is safe to come to the hospital or emergency room. Lee Health is well-equipped to provide safe and exceptional care to all patients, and the current staffing and capacity matters are not a reason to delay care. Our Emergency and Urgent Care Locations are Safe and OpenMedical emergencies happen to all of us, usually when we least expect it. Our emergency rooms available at all of our hospital locations - will calm your fears with staff members trained to treat severe and life-threatening conditions. From broken bones to breathing trouble, from chest pain to trauma, Lee Health doctors and nurses assess your needs and quickly spring into action. Comprehensive Health & Wellness ServicesCLICK HERE, to View Our Calendar. We are holding many virtual events. Please check out our event listings and sign up for a class! Lee Health's Healthy Life Centers offer a personal fitness and education experience that will help you reach your goals and make you feel at home. Our facilities include strength and cardio equipment, group fitness, educational seminars, and many other integrated health services. To see which (hospital, urgent care center, outpatient facility, healthy life center, or physician) location is nearest you, CLICK HERE!We have physicians in all specialties:Addiction MedicineAllergy & ImmunologyCardiologyCardiothoracic SurgeryConvenient Care (Urgent Care)Developmental BehaviorEndocrinologyFamily MedicineGastroenterologyGeneral SurgeryGeriatric MedicineInfectious DiseaseInternal MedicineMemory CareNeonatologyNeurologyNeuropsychologyNeurosurgeryObstetrics & GynecologyOccupational MedicineOncology/HematologyOrthopedic SurgeryPain ManagementPalliative MedicinePediatric Adolescent MedicinePediatric Behavioral HealthPediatric CardiologyPediatric Ear, Nose & ThroatPediatric EndocrinologyPediatric GastroenterologyPediatric General SurgeryPediatric Infectious DiseasePediatric NephrologyPediatric NeurologyPediatric Oncology/HematologyPediatric OphthalmologyPediatric PsychologyPediatric Sleep MedicinePediatric Urgent CarePediatric UrologyPediatricsPhysical Medicine & RehabPsychiatryPsychologyPulmonary MedicineRheumatologySleep MedicineUrologyVascular SurgeryWomen's Sexual HealthWound Care & Hyperbaric MedicineCLICK HERE TO VIEW THE DIRECTORY

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Physicians Regional Healthcare System

Hospitals 6101 Pine Ridge Rd., Naples, Florida, 34119

Physicians Regional Healthcare System's two Naples hospitals provide quality care to the Naples and the greater Southwest Florida community with the objective of offering more options and improved access to healthcare for all citizens and visitors. Our two Naples hospitals and more than 300 physicians are recognized within their fields, offering advanced medical care in more than 45 specialties and subspecialties, including programs in 24-hour emergency care, cardiology, vascular disease, digestive diseases, research, orthopedic care, spine care, neurosurgery, and women's services.Physicians Regional - Collier Boulevard and Physicians Regional - Pine Ridge are conveniently located near where you live and work.Service Offerings Include:(Click a service to learn more)Bariatric Weight Loss ServicesCancer CareColorectal CareCritical Care MedicineDermatology ServicesDigestive HealthEmergency ServicesEndocrinologyGastroenterologyHeart CareInfectious Disease CareKidney DisordersLaboratory ServicesNeurologyOrthopedic ServicesPain ManagementPrimary CarePulmonology CareRadiologyRehabilitation ServicesRheumatologyStroke CareSurgical ServicesUrologyVein Care CenterWomen's HealthWound CareTo see which medical center or hospital is closest to you, CLICK HERE, to view all locations!

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Vi at Bentley Village

Housing - Other Types 850 Retreat Drive, Naples, Florida, 34110

At Vi at Bentley Village, wake up every day to your own private golf course, enjoy our property's 156 sprawling acres, entertain in your refined apartment home, and relax in the casual elegance of our exclusive community. Luxury service, dining and amenities are available every day to elevate your experience and make life a breeze.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

Moving Soon? How to “Rightsize” Your Life Like a Pro

A move is a perfect time to sort through your belongings and let go of what you no longer need, use or love. In essence, its the right time to rightsize. If youre like many seniors who are choosing to simplify your life and move to a smaller space, you may be needing to let go of half or more of your things. That can sound a bit overwhelming, but with the right guidance, you can keep your favorite half and surround yourself with the things that truly bring you joy.To get you off to a good start, we turned to subject matter expert Jeannine Bryant. Shes the owner of Changing Spaces SRS and the author of Ready to Rightsize? A Step-by-step Guide to Your Rightsizing Journey: For Older Adults and Their Loved Ones. She literally wrote the book on the topic, and along with her team of certified senior move managers, Jeannine has helped hundreds of seniors and their families through the downsizing and moving process including some of our residents at Resort Lifestyle Communities. We had the privilege of connecting with Jeannine personally, and she shared some of her best advice on rightsizing. Q: Whats the difference between downsizing and rightsizing?A: Rightsizing is about more than just downsizing. Its finding that perfect place between too much and too little. Its striking a balance and having the right amount of house, and stuff, for your needs and your lifestyle.Q: How should someone begin the process of decluttering? A: Start small! This process will take time. If youre planning a move, we always recommend starting with a floorplan of your new space and measuring your current furniture to help you determine what will fit and what will not. Once you have decided on furniture, you can start sorting out the little stuff.Begin with clothing and kitchen items. Remember to respect the limits of your new space. Bring only the amount of kitchen items that will fit in your new kitchen, and only as many clothes as will fit in your new closet. This is where the power of counting can come in handy. Counting the number of coffee cups, sweaters, and pairs of shoes that you plan to keep can help you keep a healthy perspective. Rather than despairing about the number of items you need to let go of, you focus on how many items you have room to keep. Q: What tends to be the most difficult item to let go of, and whats your best advice? A: Sentimental items can be some of the most difficult to let go of. Glassware and china thats passed down from a parent or grandparent can be a challenge. Oftentimes its not being used, so keeping it is not always practical. If younger family members dont want the items (which is often the case), its okay to release them. You can either sell or donate the items. The best advice when tackling sentimental items is to reframe the way you look at them. Remember that memories and love and stuff are not the same things. Simply letting go of an item that belonged to a loved one will not erase memories of them. Your love for family members cannot be contained in a mere crystal bowl or china teacup. Q: Whats your favorite tip for someone moving into a retirement community like RLC? A: Respect the limits of your space. When downsizing, it can be easy to bemoan the lack of storage space (as it compares to your current living situation), but a much more effective tactic is to reframe the transition. This is an opportunity to let go of anything and everything you dont truly need or use or love. How freeing!   And, when you release those items (either by selling or donating), you are blessing others in your community who can utilize those things that were sitting unused in your former home. Its a win-win!Q: How do you know if youve truly rightsized before a move? A: Youll know youve rightsized when youve released the items that you no longer use and no longer love. When you can look around and realize you have everything you need, plus a few things you truly love and want to display, that is what a rightsized life looks like!   ***Special thanks to Jeannine for sharing her professional advice. If youre interested in her book, Ready to Rightsize? A Step-by-step Guide to Your Rightsizing Journey: For Older Adults and Their Loved Ones, you can order it here.   Were also offering a free download of her Power of Counting worksheet below. This simple tool can be extremely eye-opening as you discover just how much stuff you really have.If youd like to see what a rightsized, resort-style life looks like, let us give you a personal tour of an RLC community near you.

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Social & Health Benefits Of Zumba For Seniors

For more information on Aston Gardens at Pelican Marsh, Click Here.Zumba has become one of the most common exercise programs that is available to the masses. More importantly, it has begun to catch the interest of older adults as well. If you are considering signing up for a Zumba program, here is some information that might help you before your session.What Is Zumba?Surprisingly, Zumba is actually not a recent invention. Having been around since the 1990s, it is a dance-based workout program that is heavily based on Latin American dance music and techniques. Its appeal is largely based on the idea that it allows participants to stay active without having to go through the conventional movements associated with workouts and exercise. In other words, it engages the community by creating interest and fun movements.Despite not seeming like a workout routine, it actually works with interval training and resistance training techniques that do help people get fit and stay fit.Benefits of ZumbaThere are many different benefits of Zumba. The most obvious benefit is that it is, at the end of the day, a type of exercise. This helps older adults stay active and get in some physical exercise regularly. More importantly, it can be easily catered towards different physical abilities by matching the moves and effort level to the individuals competence.On top of the workout, Zumba also helps with increasing flexibility and improving cognitive abilities. Maintaining coordination is important to getting better at Zumba and this will help participants maintain optimal levels of brain activity.On top of this, as a dance-based program, music is an essential part of the experience. Moving and interacting with music that appeals to individuals can improve moods and decrease anxiety in the same way that music therapy helps.Zumba is also a social exercise where participants will have to interact with each other. This helps the exercise program to avoid becoming stagnant and will also allow participants to form meaningful friendships with one another. A large number of older adults that live alone will experience social isolation that can affect their mental health. Having accessible Zumba sessions regularly can help to alleviate these concerns and allow people to be part of a community.Some Considerations Before You StartBefore you settle on an instructor, it is important to get a licensed Zumba instructor. This is because regular Zumba can be intense and confusing for first-timers, and it is important to have an instructor that can guide you and modify movements if necessary.Enjoy Senior-Centric Fitness Options at Aston Gardens At Pelican MarshAs we grow older, there is a myth that it is necessary to slow down and become more sedentary. However, just because it is harder to keep up with what we did in our younger days does'nt mean that older adults have to give up on living an active and fulfilling life. This is why it is important to have accessible senior-centric activities and programs to engage older adults.Our team at Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh achieves this by offering various exclusive senior living programs to meet the unique needs of our residents. Whether it is enjoying community activities or special activities, there are many opportunities to look forward to and live each day with purpose.For more information on our senior living options and the programs offered to our residents, contact us today!

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Tips for Managing Arthritis in Older Adults

For more information on Home Instead Venice, CLICK HERE.While arthritis is common among older adults, it is not a normal part of aging. Arthritis impacts 54 million adults today, and that number is expected to grow to 78 million by 2040.Over 100 different types of arthritis might affect an aging adult, with osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) being the two most common ones. Any type of arthritis can affect a persons quality of life and ability to live independently, so it pays to talk to your loved ones healthcare provider about possible treatments to improve your relatives health and wellbeing.Common Types of ArthritisOsteoarthritis is very common and results from wear-and-tear on the joints. OA can occur in any joint, but it most often affects the hands and weight-bearing joints such as the knee, hip and spinal joints. OA symptoms often develop slowly and worsen over time.Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks tissue in the joints, causing inflammation.Any type of arthritis causes pain, stiffness and inflammation of the joints. These effects can make it difficult to move around or perform activities of daily living, such as showering and dressing. Severe arthritis even can contribute to falling.Arthritis of any kind benefits from early diagnosis and treatment. Your loved ones healthcare provider may manage this care themselves or may refer you to a specialist.As a caregiver, you also can take steps to help your loved one live with arthritis.Tips for Family caregivers to help manage an older adults arthritis:Listen and be empathetic.Take their concerns seriously and communicate with them to their healthcare provider, especially if there hasnt been a diagnosis and symptoms are present.Keep a journal of symptoms.Family caregivers can help track when and where pain occurs. They can also help to track medications taken, foods eaten and activity or movement. This information can help identify patterns and provide valuable information to healthcare professionals. The Arthritis Foundation has an app that helps track symptoms and patterns.Communicate with healthcare providers.Often multiple healthcare providers care for older adults. The family caregiver can help keep communication consistent among all of them, which helps ensure everyone is on the same page and the person with arthritis is getting the medical care needed.Encourage movement and regular exercise.Seek out exercise or movement classes. The Arthritis Foundation has several great tools to help with this including the Walk with Ease Program and Your Exercise Solution. Even small amounts of movement throughout the day can add up and significantly improve a persons symptoms. Some ideas include laps around the house (indoors and outdoors), chair exercises and stretching. Be sure to consult the older adults healthcare provider before introducing exercise into the routine.Assist with medication and treatment management.Arthritis is often treatable with medication and other remedies. Family caregivers can help ensure the treatment plans are being followed. Below are additional tips for medication management:Ask the pharmacist for an upside-down cap.Use a pill popper device for over-the-counter medications that come in foil packaging.Look into a prepackaged medication management system that has easy to open packaging such as Simple Meds.Assist with a well-balanced diet.For some people, the food they eat can impact their arthritis. Caregivers can prepare arthritis-friendly foods for their aging loved one and encourage them to eat a well-balanced diet. Learn more about arthritis diets.Encourage weight loss if needed.Family caregivers can assist their loved one in managing their weight. Excess weight can cause additional strain on weight-bearing joints such as hips and knees. Reduce body weight if needed and consult with a doctor about weight loss. Even a ten percent reduction can be helpful.Hire professional help.It is important for family caregivers to help their loved one maintain as much independence as possible. For some, it can be helpful to enlist the assistance of a professional. An Occupational Therapist can offer ideas to remain independent and keep as much functionality as possible. Professional home care can assist with tasks that are more challenging due to arthritis such as meal preparation, light housekeeping and medication management.Remain positive.Arthritis symptoms can sometimes cause an older adult to be discouraged by what they can no longer do. Family caregivers should remain positive and keep the focus on what their loved one can still do.Find creative solutions. There are many arthritis-friendly products that can make life easier. Below are some examples of creative solutions for various parts of the daily routine:CookingFoam handles and arthritis-friendly utensils.Sit while chopping and preparing foods to reduce fatigue.Use adaptive cutting boards to stabilize foods.Utilize a crockpot for easy one pot meals.Hire a home care company to assist with advanced meal preparation.For boiling foods, utilize portion control strainers that can be left in the pot while cooking and that drain the water when the strainer is lifted out. This eliminates the need to carry a boiling pot of water to the sink.Dressing and groomingInstall grab bars in shower, bathtub and around the toilet.Toilet seat risers can help reduce the effort needed to sit down and stand up.Automatic dispensers or pumps for grooming products help reduce the need to squeeze bottles.Seek out adaptive grooming products with special grips and handles.Button hooks can help with small buttons or velcro can be used to replace buttons all together.Sock aids and long-handled shoehorns can help with footwear.RecreationCard and game holders can help reduce fatigue while playing.Gripping tools on small items (ex: tennis ball on paint brush) can help maintain independence.Adaptive gardening tools can help make gardening more accessible.Family caregivers play a vital role in helping their aging loved ones cope with the effects of arthritis and maintain their independence at home. Coordinating the older adults medical care, encouraging physical activity and helping with household tasks can help your relative stay safe and well at home despite the challenges of arthritis.

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Cruise and Adventure Naples

Bringing a one-of-a-kind adventure attraction to Naples this month, Cruise Naples is adding a unique Jet Boat vessel to their line of fleets. Known as ODIN, this jet boat will offer thrill rides that travel up to 50 miles per hour and propels into 360-degree adrenaline turns. More than just speed rides, you can book an eco cruise on ODIN and travel in this smooth and quiet ride along the inner Coastal waterway and Northern 10,000 Islands. Whether you want to ride solo or with a group of up to 23 passengers, ODIN will offer various rides and departure times for a day on the water.Known in the community for their cruises, fishing charters, jet ski & boat rentals, Cruise Naples and their sister company Adventure Naples, has various services that connects visitors to all their outdoor needs! With Cruise Naples, you can enjoy a spectacular sunset, watch dolphins at play and see luxurious waterfront mansions with a sightseeing cruise. Also choose a Wine & Dine Cruise or explore with their weekly Kids Cruise. At Adventure Naples, they book deep sea, calm bay and sunset family fishing trips, party boat charters, wetlands and wildlife watching, boat rentals, Jet Ski rentals and now, jet boat rides.Editors Note: This article was submitted by CRUISE NAPLES, which was founded in 2009 by Captains Lance and Harry Julian, a father and son team. Cruise Naples summarizes five generations of maritime connections. They are located at the corner of 12th Street S. and 6th Avenue S. at Tin City.

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Local Business Videos

Medicare’s Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment Is October 15 - December 7Many people in the hurricane-affected areas may not even realize Medicares Open Enrollment (also called Annual Enrollment) began October 15 and runs until December 7. For patients eligible for Medicare benefits, Open Enrollment is the only time of year you can make changes to your health and drug plans for the following year (with few exceptions). Decisions you make today about your healthcare and coverage can change the rest of your life. We share tips from a Medicare Advisor to help you get the most out of healthcare and get the most out of Medicare.

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Learn About Sandalwood Village

Our community is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy more than just the simple comforts of a home. Offering a real sense of community and an unparalleled level of high-end features and services, our apartments are the ideal place for anyone looking for a senior community to enjoy their golden years.At Sandalwood Village we are more than a place where you rent a one or two-bedroom home, we are a tight-knit community where your well-being is always placed first. Here you can expect around-the-clock emergency maintenance services, maintenance-free living, and complimentary breakfast. Imagine yourself in a place where you truly have it all, from personalized SUN Program events to covered parking, elevators, and free transportation to local retail and grocery stores. Take advantage of the outdoor gated pool and spa with patio area, recreational walking paths, salon, and state-of-the-art recreation and fitness facilities.Our spacious homes have plenty of space for your whole family, furry friends included, as well as all the functionalities you might need such as central air conditioning with individually-controlled thermostats, 24-hour emergency call system in bedrooms and bathrooms, washer and dryer sets, and a fully-equipped kitchen. All our apartments feature cozy, screened-in lanais, while select few also have dens for you to enjoy.Close to Vanderbilt Beach, the Galleria Shoppes at Vanderbilt, the Mercato shopping mall, Whole Foods, North Collier Regional Park, Off the Hook Comedy Club, and the Tiburon Golf Club, our apartment community has easy access to a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment venues. Take a look at our floor plans, browse our pictures, then contact us for a personal tour of the grounds!Call Tony for more information at 239-449-6526!

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Caring for the heart of our community...our residents

At Millennium Physician Group, you can trust that you and your loved ones will receive the very best medical care by their highly skilled physicians and staff members.855-674-7400https://www.millenniumphysician.com

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Millennium Physician Group is Strong With You

Now more than ever taking charge of your health is essential!Weve all been impacted by the storm, and now more than ever its essential to take charge of your healthcare. We realize you may have other things on your mind, but your health is a priority. And staying healthy starts with the right healthcare coverage, which is why we want to help you with this years Medicare Open Enrollment.

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Job Opportunities Near You

Estate Planning and Probate Attorney

If you are looking for an awesome place to go to every day and help people and change people's lives with your work, then you might be our next Estate Planning, Trust Administration and Probate attorney.You will be working with wonderful clients and staff. Check out our reviews as to what our clients say about us.We offer a great benefits package and guess what? No crazy hours like in Big Law.We value life-work balance.Benefits:Bonus compensation packagePaid vacation/holidays/PTOIRA contribution by Firm - whether or not you contributeHealth InsuranceLife InsuranceShort term disabilityCritical IllnessFlexibilityDon't let the starting salary deter you from applying.ResponsibilitiesMeet with clients to design, sign and fund their plansDraftingTake excellent care of the clientsCommunicating with managing attorneyEnsuring the work is completed in a timely mannerQualifications5 years of experience in Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration in FLORIDAFL Bar LicensedIf you have business formation and corporate experience, your salary will be adjusted higher for itCompensation$84,000 Base + Bonus + IRAAbout Kushi Law Firm, P.A.We take excellent care of our clients, help protect people and keep the court system from interfering in our clients' lives!

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Probate & Estate Planning Paralegal

Were hiring an experienced Probate, Guardianship, Estate Planning, and Trust Administration Paralegal with at least 5 years of experience in Florida law. Be able to take a probate case from beginning to end with little supervision. Experience in Collier and Lee County preferred.Doing this job right requires the right combination of empathy, communication skills, attention to detail, and technical skills. You'll play an integral role in creating memorable client experiences and helping grow the firm. Must be kind, have a positive disposition, and enjoy helping people.We offer paid holidays, IRA contributions by the firm whether or not the employee contributes, health insurance, paid vacation, PTO, life insurance, and short disability insurance. We also have awesome Nespresso lattes, cappuccino, and espresso coffee, so you can save your money from having to go to Starbucks every day. We can do flex of in-office and remote work.Top 10 reasons to work at the Firm:An estate plan for you and your spouse/partner at no costA growing list of benefitsThe ability to grow personally, professionally, and financially with a local, development firmThe chance to grow a company from the ground floorYou get to work for a business owner who stresses a healthy work/life balanceWe learn by doing - one on one with the attorney/ownerMultiple opportunities to earn bonusesA private officeEspresso, cappuccinos, and latte in-house (better than Starbucks)Work for a firm that values your input, listens to your ideas, and works with you to help awesome clients achieve their goalsResponsibilitiesTake care of administrative tasks such as answering phones and maintaining an organized filing system for all legal documentsHold client interviews to gather information about their legal problemsPrepare all documents necessary to handle a summary, formal and ancillary probate in FloridaPrepare estate planning documentsBe a witness in signing ceremoniesPrepare estate planning bindersQualificationsTalented communicator and writerCandidates should possess high-level organizational skills, and time-management skillsStrong preference for candidates who have completed a paralegal professional certification or have an advanced paralegal educationAt least 5 years of experience is a must.Please apply if:You have experienceYour professional life doesn't take a backseat to your personal life (we are all about balance!)You weren't distracted by the buzz of your cell phone while you were reading this adYou can set priorities and follow instructionsYou have a sense of humorYou don't think answering the phone is an interruptionYou don't think making coffee is beneath youYou can find the compassion and empathy to want to be helpful to our clients and attorneysCompensation$65,000+ yearlyAbout Kushi Law Firm, P.A.We take excellent care of our clients, help protect people and keep the court system from interfering in our clients' lives!

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