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Hello, My name is Amanda Barton and I am your local Publisher. I welcome your feedback and look forward to learning how I may assist you with your search.  Seniors Blue Book is Collier and Lee Counties' most comprehensive and reliable resource for Aging Well.  Click around to compare Senior Housing such as Retirement Communities, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing Communities.  You will also find Health at Home options like Home Health Care, Private Duty Home Care, Hospice and Senior Resources.  

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Jun 14, 2023 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM


Jun 30, 2023 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Bonita Senior Center June Events

You Must Register for All Programs 239-399-4881 or sheila@hopebonita.org


Jul 19, 2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Learn How to Protect Your Assets in 3 Easy Steps

To register, email info@safeharborlawfirm.com or call 239-317-3116 ext. 1.


Jun 28, 2023 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

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Local Aging Options

Aston Gardens At Pelican Marsh, The Inn

Assisted Living 4800 Aston Gardens Way, Naples, Florida, 34109

Aston Gardens at Pelican Marsh offers exceptional retirement programs in Naples with world-class facilities and lifestyle programs which are focused on improving the quality of life of our residents. We have revamped our Sensations dining room which showcases the exhibition kitchen, Legends Bar & Lounge, a brand-new movie theater and our new Grande Lobby, perfect for new social experiences. These amenities are part of our remodeling project that aims to offer a fresh look and feel to our residents. Schedule a complimentary tour of our retirement community today by filling out our online form. 

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Trilogy Home Healthcare

Non-Medical 13774 Plantation Rd.,, Fort Myers, Florida, 33912

Trilogy Home Healthcare is a Medicare-certified home healthcare agency established by experienced industry leaders who have a passion for providing comprehensive in-home clinical care to our patients. Trilogy's staff understands the importance of the relationship between the clinician, the patient, and the physician with the common goal of patient recovery with positive outcomes and functional independence.We strive to provide specialized care to meet the needs of each patient, the way we would our own family. Trilogy Home Healthcare, partnering with community healthcare providers, will develop comprehensive plans of treatment driven by the physician. The care delivered by our experienced clinicians will yield the highest patient outcomes. Trilogy's three-pronged approach depends on the input of our clinical, management, and community liaison teams to provide excellent clinical care to our patients.

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Arden Courts

Assisted Living 6125 Rattlesnake Hammock Rd., Naples, Florida, 34113

Arden Courts provides a safe and pleasing home for individuals with memory loss, including enclosed courtyards and a backyard with walking paths. We are a residential living alternative designed for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and other types of memory impairments. We offer the services traditionally associated with an assisted living residence, while taking into account the special needs of individuals with memory loss including safety, building layout, activities and dietary needs.

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ProMedica Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation at Lely Palms

Memory Care 6135 Rattlesnake Hammock Rd., Naples, Florida, 34113

Your Best Way HomeLocated on Rattlesnake Hammock Road in Naples, FL, ManorCare provides individualized post-hospital skilled nursing care in a comfortable environment. Our clinical and therapy teams are experienced in providing specialized care focused on your needs, interests, and ability. This commitment results in a smoother and safer transition throughout your recuperation.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

Life Happens - Plan For It!

Most of us have had a family member or friend, who as the result of an unforeseen illness or accident needed long term care. For many, that memory is of our parents caring tirelessly for our grandparents, or one of our parents caring lovingly for the other. In these situations, those with a quality long term care plan in place faced the situation with less stress, less anxiety, and less loss of savings.Long term care is an integral part of retirement planning. Having a plan for care is really about protecting your independence and lifestyle, and the peace-of-mind knowing youve taken steps to shield your family from the emotional, physical, and financial challenges needing care can present. The alternative is to self-insure. If you choose to do so, keep in mind that raising the monies required for care may not be as simple as you envision. What bank account would you reach into first? What are the tax ramifications of selling your investments? And what happens if the market is in a downward cycle when you need these funds?The greatest misconception is that long term care insurance is best dealt with later rather sooner. The truth, however, is that the best time to investigate insurance is before you need it. Obtaining coverage can become difficult and costly - perhaps impossible - once an accident or illness has changed your good fortune. None of us know when we might experience a change of health, and studies show that roughly 70% of those over 65 will need care.There are many more insurance options to choose from today versus just a few years ago. Policies now offer the opportunity to have monies deposited directly to your checking account, to be spent as you please, possibly to have a family member or friend care for you. There are also life insurance policies that allow you to spend down the death benefit if a need for care arises, and whatever is unspent can become a legacy for those you care about most.To navigate the multitude of options, talk to someone who specializes in long term care insurance - someone who understands the difference between company offerings, and who represents a variety of insurers. Most important, be sure the agent you select truly has your best interest at the heart of any decision.Editors Note: This article was submitted by Mitchell Dannenberg, CLTC of LTCI Marketplace. For a complimentary review of your current insurance policies, and an assessment of how long term care coverage may help protect your retirement dream, you are invited to call Mitchell at (239) 461-5511, or visit their website at http://ltcimarketplace.com.

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Latest Exercise Research and Its Impact on Dementia

As we move into a new world with outdoor exercise, masks, and less of our go-to exercises, research is giving us new validation on the importance of exercise. Research does not always distinguish a dementia type in a study which allows us to generalize to our lives with dementia. In the case of how exercise impacts dementia, there really are no downsides whether one participates in aerobic and/or strength training. Exercises impact on dementia is a continually growing field of research with a recent study looking specifically at Parkinson's disease and long-term voluntary exercise.1This eight-week study used mice as the subjects. The control group had no running wheel in their cage, the study group had a running wheel. Findings showed the mice who voluntarily exercised daily had reduced significant motor deficits. The results showed voluntary exercise not only reduced motor decline but provided a level of neuroprotection - immediate and longer-term benefits. We could simply sit in our recliner and wait for this study to be validated in humans or take it as a no-lose reason to exercise. A second mouse study revealed similar outcomes for mice with Alzheimer's (AD).2In this study, wild-type mice with AD were housed with intermittent or unlimited access to the running wheel. Regardless of intermittent or continuous access, the exercise resulted in improved brain function (neurogenesis) for both sets of mice. As older adults, a high-risk group for the novel COVID-19 virus, our exercise routine may well have been changed or missing. The second study clarifies, in the case of mice, even intermittent exercise had a positive effect on the brain. Perhaps you and your care partner visited the mall to walk, which might still be doable with appropriate precautions; or perhaps you switch to walking in your neighborhood or even at home with a digital program for walk or movement. Now that summer has returned, swimming or water exercise looks like a safe option. According to the CDC there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people through the water used in pools, hot tubs, or water playgrounds. Proper operation and disinfection of pools, hot tubs and water playgrounds should kill the virus that causes COVID-19.3 Whatever exercise you choose to do, the CDC cautions people to limit close contact with people outside their homes in public spaces, both in and out of the water. Take a page from the mouse research, add some exercise back into your routine, it will improve your brain and your spirits.Footnotes1. Wan-Ling, T., Hsin-Yung, C., Ying-Zu, H., Yuan-Hao, C., Chi-Wei, K., et al., 2019. Long-term voluntary physical exercise exerts neuroprotective effects and motor disturbance alleviation in a rat model of Parkinson's Disease, Behavioral Neurology, do i: 10.1155/2019/4829572. eCollection 2019.2. Ginsberding, A-L., Zampar, S., Stazi, M., Liebetanz, D., & Wirths. O. 2019.Physical activity ameliorates impaired hippocampal neurogenesis in the Tg4-42 mouse model of Alzheimer's Disease, 11:1759091419892692, doi: 10.1177/1759091419892692.3. https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/swimming/index.shtmlSubmitted and Written By: HRC Manorcare - click for more information

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How Senior Living Communities Focus on Nutrition

For more information on Discovery Village, CLICK HERE.A recent Time Magazine article stated that New recommendations for U.S. dietary guidelines included the surprise suggestion that cholesterol should not be a nutrient of special concern but added that sugar and saturated fat are still worth worrying about. Doctors also say that if we cut out processed food and focus on eating whole foods, the instance of disease and chronic health conditions will decrease.With all of the discussion about a healthy lifestyle, the focus tends to be on younger generations to keep them from becoming obese as they age. But, truthfully, it is essential for the elderly to maintain a healthy diet.It is common for this segment of the population to experience a loss of appetite as they age. Not only do they experience a slowing of their metabolism and reduction in physical activity, but they may also take medication that affects their appetite or forget to eat because of dementia and forgetfulness. For some, they may eat very little or even nothing at all for a couple of days if given the opportunity especially when living alone.That is where living in a senior living community can prove to be an enormous help. Most communities offer dining services with excellent, healthy meal options to ensure that those living there get the nourishment they need. Following are some of the ways senior living communities focus on nutrition:Three Balanced Meals. Senior living communities include meals prepared by expert chefs who create delicious, fresh, and healthy options that all the residents enjoy. Many communities create an atmosphere in the dining room where residents can relish the camaraderie of others while each part of the meal is brought to them in a style similar to five-star dining.Proper Nutrition. As people get older they become deficient in vitamins and minerals that are essential to proper health, specifically Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. Not only do they provide three balanced meals, but also dining services at most senior living communities focus on ensuring that residents get the recommended allowances of vitamins and supplements. More often than not, nutritionists review menu plans to give them a stamp of approval from their perspective.Dining is an Experience. Depending on the community, dining is typically done similarly to a high-end restaurant where everyone is seated at tables and residents pick from a prepared menu of several options for a particular meal. Additionally, residents have the choice of sitting where and with whom they would like. Mealtimes are social times for most of the residents, providing a great opportunity for them to get to know their neighbors better.Chefs Participation with Residents. Just like in a restaurant, the chef at most senior living communities comes out before serving to go over the menu and describe each item to entice residents to look forward to their meal. As they eat, the chef also likes to go to each table and talk with residents. Because senior living communities are close-knit, the chef makes every effort to get to know the residents on a personal level. This adds special warmth to the residents, making them feel as special as they are.Chef Accommodates Dietary Restrictions. Overall, most any chefs will prepare meals as healthy as possible by using different seasonings and spices in place of salt and preparing meals that are not laden with fat. But for those who have specific dietary restrictions, the chef is usually able to accommodate each meal to meet those needs.Special Meals and Events. Senior living communities love to host dances, parties, and other events especially special meals around the holidays. Even during these times, great care and preparation go into making sure that the food is healthy and nutritious not to mention tasty.Food and diet are essential to maintain optimum health. Independent living communities understand this and work hard to ensure residents get balanced nutrition. Discovery Village at Naples offers senior living programs that include Sensational Dining .This program makes everyone feel like they are eating at a 5-star restaurant every day. To learn more about our community and programs, contact Discovery Village Naples.

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If youre nearing retirement age, youre probably thinking about what life will look like once youve stopped working full time. There are many benefits to retiringlike more time to spend on your hobbies and with people you lovebut theres also the uncertainty of living on a fixed income. One great way to save money during retirement is by moving to a smaller home. Here are some of the benefits of downsizing. REDUCE YOUR MORTGAGE BURDEN If youre still making mortgage payments after retirement, downsizing may be a good idea to lower your monthly payments, or maybe even eliminate your mortgage completely. Reducing your mortgage burden means youll have more funds to dedicate to other expenses. When thinking about downsizing, be sure to consider how much equity you have in the home, what the housing market looks like at the time and how long you might stay in your new home. If youve already paid off your mortgage, it may make sense to stay where you are, or you may decide to make a profit off of the sale of your home. CUT DOWN ON BILLS  Smaller homes also come with reduced utility costs. Youre paying for every inch of unused space in your home through heating and cooling, electricity, gas, water, and even internet access. The smaller your square footage, the less space you have to heat and power in order to live comfortably. With a smaller living space, you can also cut down on costs like lawn care and cleaning services. Larger homes require more maintenance and general upkeep, so by downsizing you can cut those costs, or even eliminate them altogether. REDUCE SPENDING ON FRIVOLOUS ITEMS Besides the required expenses to keep your home in a livable condition, you may be spending money on expenses like furniture, art or other home decor items. In a larger home, youll have room to fill with unnecessary items, but downsizing will force you to live a simpler life. Youll have less room to decorate and fill with furniture, so youll likely spend less on excess decor. LIVE IN A LESS EXPENSIVE LOCATION  Your job may have been in or near a major metropolitan area but once you retire, you wont be tied to that location for work. Looking for a less expensive location with a less expensive cost of living when you downsize is a great way to maximize the money you spend on a new home. Even if youd like to stay close to family and friends, youll have the flexibility to look for homes that may be a bit farther away now that you dont have to worry about a commute. If youre open to living in a different location entirely, you may want to do some research on locations with low costs of living. Having a smaller home in an area with a low cost of living will leave you with more funds to do the things you love and take advantage of all the free time you have during retirement. IMPROVE HOME ACCESSIBILITY Another important advantage to downsizing is being able to buy a home thats accessible as you get older. You may not have mobility issues now, but you may develop them in the future. Instead of worrying about how to finance a home renovation to fit your accessibility needs down the line, downsizing allows you to buy a home thats already fit for whatever may come in the future. Look for homes with minimal stairs, wide doorways, and open floor plans.  Thinking about moving can be daunting, especially if youve spent many years in your current home. If youre wondering whether downsizing is right for you, talk with a financial professional to make a plan to fit your needs in retirement. 

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Local Business Videos

Be Happy Live Longer

Master the art of positivity and be on your way to joy and happiness! 

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Today's SBB Partner Spotlight is brought to you by BrightStar of Naples/ Fort Myers

BrightStar Care offers a wide variety of high-quality servicesfrom in-home care to medical staffing. If you are looking for a trustworthy care provider or staffing partner in the Naples / Ft.Myers area, please contact us. Were here 24/7 to help you get started.239-396-3025

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The Power of Editorial Optimization

If your target client is the 55+ demographic, you'll want to watch our weekly series called "The Art of Marketing Well". In this series, our Director of Sales, Kelly Wain, brings you quick-tip marketing videos to expand your business reach. For more information, connect with us on Linkedin! https://bit.ly/3av24xLhttps://bit.ly/3av24xL

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Who is Elite Concierge Nursing Services?

At Elite Concierge Nursing Services of Naples LLC, they provide private nursing care to Collier County, and the surrounding areas. Understanding that your surgery is an important life investment, they aim to protect your investment by promoting healing outcomes that enhance your holistic wellness. Call Linda for more information at 401-834-1146! https://elitenursingofnaples.com/

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Program Manager

GENERAL: The Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimers Resource Center, Incs mission is to achieve caregiver health, strength and resilience by providing education, information, hope and compassion. The centers offer a variety of programs aimed at providing health education, information & referrals, counseling, and support for families living with a dementia related concern. The Program Manager must have the ability to effectively represent the Dubin Center to the public and act as a liaison between the Dubin Center and the public, families, volunteers, the Executive Director, and the agencies and institutions working in the area of dementia. The Program Manager is responsible for organizing and overseeing the daily operations of the Center (staff of 5), ensuring the agency is well-coordinated and productive by managing its procedures and directing staff. The Program Manager plays a critical role in keeping the office and staff functioning smoothly, to include but not limited to the recommendation and acquisition of supplies, literature, services, equipment and other facility needs. The Program Manager plays a critical role in supporting the Executive Director, assisting with HR related tasks, and in helping to identify, secure, engage, and supervise volunteers. The area of responsibility requires thorough knowledge of Dubin Center processes, procedures and programs, and an ability to plan various operational activities in the most efficient and effective ways. The purpose of this position is to assist in streamlining, safeguarding, strengthening, and expanding the efficiency of the agencys operations for long-term success. The Program Manager reports directly to the Executive Director and will periodically, and upon request, inform the Executive Director of the status of projects, activities, and other activities that the Program Manager is taking part in on behalf of the Dubin Center. Working hours are generally 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday Friday. The Dubin Alzheimers Resource Center is opened during business hours Monday - Friday and primarily responds to situations only during those hours.QUALIFICATIONS: Strong passion for helping people and interest in working at a nonprofit. Bachelors degree in business, health or public administration or social work with some business training. Proven experience working in operations for nonprofit or equivalent position. Excellent organizational and leadership abilities Attention to detail Outstanding communication and relationship building skills Ability to coordinate and implement assignments to meet deadlines Knowledge of industrys rules and guidelines Working knowledge of data gathering, analysis and performance/operation metrics Must be proficient in PowerPoint, Outlook, MS Word, Quick Books and Excel. Must have a valid driver's license and/or reliable transportation.RESPONSIBILITIES: Liaise with Executive Director to evaluate and make recommendations for operational activities, business procedures, policies and strategic goals with the goal of improving efficiency and effectiveness of the business. Revise and/or formulate policies and promote their implementation. Plan and monitor the day-to-day operations of the business, to include but not limited to, the management of office resources, vendors, technology and supplies. Manage procurement processes and coordinate material and resources allocation. Provide suggestions and assist in the implementation of client support processes to enhance client satisfaction. Posts payables and recievables to accounting software from invoices, cash receipts, vender invoices, and reconciled accounts. Generate reports and financial transactions. Assist in the review of financial information and provide input for improving the operational budget for the purpose of improving profitability and quality of services provided. Responsible for collaborating with the Executive Director to work with offsite financial and accounting services related to budgeting, reporting and financials. Facilitate human resources administration by serving as the internal administrator of health and welfare plans, to include enrollments, changes, and terminations, as well as acting as liaison between employees and insurance providers, and resolving benefits-related issues when/if they arise. Reconcile benefits statements, conduct audits of payroll, benefits, and other HR programs, and providing recommendations for corrective actions when necessary. Coordinate all details related to the recruitment and engagement of volunteers and interns. Manage relationships/agreements with external partners/vendors. Collaborate with the Executive Director to ensure that the Center conforms with established city, county and statewide regulations. Oversee the management of agencys main email and agency's telephone system. Develop and execute marketing strategies and related social media activity., through the publication of newsletters, e-mails, fliers and memos; updating social media or calendars of events; and managing other marketing tools to produce print and digital copies of communication. Assist with all aspects of internal and external event planning, management and logistics, including but not limited to, meeting with vendors and clients, and determining and arranging the location, food, entertainment, volunteers, and staff. Maintain up-to-date donor list. Sends pledge reminders and gift acknowledgement to donors. Support the administrative needs of the Executive Director.BENEFITS:Full health, dental and vision benefits paid for by the center.Life insurance.Generous paid time off.Retirement plan as approved by Board of Directors annually.Salary commensurate with experience.Position classification Exempt

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Senior Companion Program Coordinator & Foster Grandparent Program Coordinator

Dr. Piper Center for Social Services, Inc. does not discriminate based on age, race, national origin, gender, religion, veteran status, or disability in employment, in provision of services or in access to programs. Dr. Piper Center for Social Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Drug Free Workplace. Dr. Piper Center for Social Services, Inc. requires pre-hire background checks. Dr. Piper Center for Social Services, Inc. provides medical, dental, vision, 401K, paid vacation, sick leave, and holidays.Minimum Requirements: Associate degree and/or 3 years with volunteer coordinator experience Training and/or experience in working with individuals over 55 years of age Computer knowledge (Word and Excel) Valid drivers license and a reliable car and willing to travel within a 6-county area Must be Bi-lingual (Spanish speaking)Responsibilities: Create new volunteer files and make sure they are complete as required by the policies and procedures of the Senior Companion Program. Review and calculate volunteer timesheets and mileage and input accurate payroll information in software program. Assist volunteers with documentation requirements including timesheets, sign-in logs, annual income review, physical examinations, care plans, evaluations, affidavits, etc. Act as liaison between the volunteers and volunteer station coordinators to enhance communication and teamwork. Assist Senior Companion Program Director with program monitoring. Regularly visit Lee County volunteer stations for monitoring purposes and to meet with volunteer coordinators to ensure good relationship and communication. Assist in the coordination and preparation of volunteer orientation and monthly in-service meetings to include securing trainers. Assist in recruiting new volunteers by handing out flyers in the community and providing information regarding the program by speaking to individuals or groups regarding the program. Perform comprehensive intake and assessment of client needs to ensure appropriateness of participation in the program. Provides case management of clients to include scheduling of appointments and services and providing information and referral of community resources. Processes client information and progress notes in database. Maintains on-going dialogue with agencies and other community resources in coordinating services for clients.

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Nurses, Dining Servers, Resident Care Assistants, Med Techs

We have several job opportunities here at Canterfield of Fort Myers.We are looking for:Nurses- $29 per hour (lpn preferred)Dining Servers- $15 an hourResident Care Assistant- $15 an hourMedtechs- $16 an hourAll are starting rates but there is room to grow in this family-ownedfacility. We would love to see some new passionate people join ourfamily at Canterfield of Fort Myers.

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Estate Planning and Probate Attorney

If you are looking for an awesome place to go to every day and help people and change people's lives with your work, then you might be our next Estate Planning, Trust Administration and Probate attorney.You will be working with wonderful clients and staff. Check out our reviews as to what our clients say about us.We offer a great benefits package and guess what? No crazy hours like in Big Law.We value life-work balance.Benefits:Bonus compensation packagePaid vacation/holidays/PTOIRA contribution by Firm - whether or not you contributeHealth InsuranceLife InsuranceShort term disabilityCritical IllnessFlexibilityDon't let the starting salary deter you from applying.ResponsibilitiesMeet with clients to design, sign and fund their plansDraftingTake excellent care of the clientsCommunicating with managing attorneyEnsuring the work is completed in a timely mannerQualifications5 years of experience in Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration in FLORIDAFL Bar LicensedIf you have business formation and corporate experience, your salary will be adjusted higher for itCompensation$84,000 Base + Bonus + IRAAbout Kushi Law Firm, P.A.We take excellent care of our clients, help protect people and keep the court system from interfering in our clients' lives!

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