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Senior Transition Services

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Transitional care refers to the care provided following hospitalization or a stay in a rehabilitation center. Leaving the hospital or a skilled nursing facility to go home could lead to critical health and social problems for individuals, but in many cases this can be prevented. Professionally delivered care can help reduce undesirable outcomes like re-hospitalization, medication errors, falls, and it may even reduce long-term healthcare costs by helping to prevent the worsening of health conditions. BrightStar Care offers the services and expertise to help you make a safe and healthy recovery at home and lower the likelihood of a return trip to the hospital.


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BrightStar Care St Paul

Care Management 2785 White Bear Avenue, Ste 415, Ramsey, Maplewood, Minnesota, 55109

When your aging parent begins to need additional support during the day, at night, or around the clock, that doesnt mean he or she needs to leave the home to go to an assisted living facility or nursing home. BrightStar Care of St. Paul offers 24-hour home care services when your loved one needs either continuous assistance in daily tasks or short-term help while recovering from medical procedures. Situations may vary, and no one client care plan fits all, but one thing is certain: our priority is to provide care and support for your loved one with the highest level of care.Is 24-Hour Home Care Right for Us?If your elderly parent or loved one lives alone and you are struggling to keep up with their needs and stressing yourself out, 24-hour home care can be a solution. It can be set up quickly and provides peace of mind and assurance for individuals who are recovering from an illness or injury, or who are experiencing a change in condition that requires someone to be available to provide assistance any time of day. Additionally, not all 24-hour care situations require permanent support. For instance, if youre caring for a loved one but dont want to leave him or her alone while you go out of town, BrightStar Care can provide 24-hour home care to assist with safety needs while living independently. There are many quality of life benefits for seniors who receive 24-hour home care, including:Aging in Place  Seniors can feel fulfilled by living in their own homes longer, and couples dont need to be separated for care. They can feel safe in the comforts of home even when they can no longer manage tasks like housekeeping, grocery shopping, transportation, or personal care.Safety  From chronic health issues to memory loss, some seniors have conditions that put them at risk for falls or other safety concerns. Having a 24-hour care plan in place can assure your loved has the support they need to stay safe at home.Activities & Entertainment  Many seniors have a difficult time continuing to do the things they love without extra help. A caregiver can help your loved one live a life he or she loves by facilitating activity time and helping with special hobbies and interests.Reduce Caregiver Burnout  We know you love your aging parent, but you dont have to do this alone. Let our specialized caregivers be your daily eyes and ears to reduce the risk of family or personal stress.What is a Live-In Caregiver?A live-in caregiver resides in the clients home and provides consistent 1-on-1 help on a daily basis. They are trained in 24-hour care and are able to assist when your loved one has difficulty with daily functions like sleeping, bathing, eating, and bathroom (toileting) assistance. Additionally, they can provide hands-on personal care, manage the household, and assist with special activities. Based on your loved ones needs and location, BrightStar Care can arrange 24-hour live-in care. What 24-Hour Home Care Services Does BrightStar Care Provide?BrightStar Care of St. Paul specializes in providing 24-hour home care and meeting the specific health and personal needs of our clients. Our specially trained team of care professionals provides around-the-clock assistance with anything from assistance with daily tasks to post-procedure care and exercises to support their return to wellness. A BrightStar Care RN Director of Nursing will meet with you and your loved one to tailor a care plan to meet your loved ones specific personal and health-related needs. Our 24-hour home care services support the many facets of everyday life:Personal Care  Our team assists with all aspects of personal life such as bathing, eating, dressing, and toileting.Emotional Care  Our compassionate approach aims for caregivers to build a special trust with clients through meaningful activities, mentally-stimulating conversation, and overall companionship.Household Care  As everyday tasks become more difficult for your loved one, we can assist with cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, and more.Skilled Nursing Care (available in most states) From medication assistance to home infusions to wound care, our experienced RNs and LPNs keep all of our clients health needs top of mind. Our Approach to 24-Hour Home CareOur goal is to provide the highest level of support and care for your loved one and give you and your family greater peace of mind. Whatever your situation may be, a BrightStar Care Registered Nurse will create a customized care plan, oversee our team of care professionals, and coordinate with your medical providers so everyone is always on the same page in regards to your loved ones needs.

BrightStar Care Of Burnsville

Companion Care 12400 Portland Avenue, Dakota, Burnsville, Minnesota, 55337

One of the foundations of BrightStar Home Care Burnsville / South St Paul is our commitment to helping clients maintain independence by delivering personalized companion care services. Our compassionate and experienced professionals are well-equipped to meet your loved one~s specific emotional and practical needs.Whether youre looking for ongoing in-home senior companion care or need occasional respite services, your loved ones care will be overseen by our Director of Nursing, a Registered Nurse (RN) who creates each clients personalized plan of care.Companion Care ServicesAvailable for clients of all ages, our services include around-the-clock care including: In-home support Light housekeeping and help with laundry Meal planning and cooking Respite for family caregivers Help with shopping and errands. Adult and senior transportation to and from doctor appointments and social events Travel companionship Sitter services In-Home Senior Companion CareAs part of BrightStar Home Care Burnsville / South St Pauls commitment to person-centered care, we take the time to get to know each clients history, personality, and goals, as well as overall family circumstances. Our senior companion care services focus on improving the health and well-being of your aging loved ones so they can remain independent and experience dignity throughout their days.Committed to providing services that are stimulating and enjoyable, we offer a variety of in-home companion care services to help you achieve the quality of life you or your loved one desire. We can: Assist with writing letters and other correspondence. Help connect with loved ones through email, texting, video chat and social media. Engage in stimulating activities such as crafts, games, puzzles and reading. Create customized grocery lists to meet dietary needs and preferences. Facilitate visits with friends and neighbors. Plan outings, activities, and trips Facilitate and assist with daily schedule. Provide respite and family relief. Hospital Companion Care for ChildrenWhen a child is hospitalized, it affects the whole family dynamic and energy level. Its important to care for yourself so that youre able to support your hospitalized little one. Our reliable and gentle professionals can provide any variation of the following: In-hospital childcare assistance In-hospital companionship for your child Hourly or around-the-clock companionship Respite care for family or friends Comprehensive Companion Care AssessmentsEach BrightStar Home Care Burnsville / South St Paul client receives a personalized, in-depth assessment conducted by our Director of Nursing to understand the clients health, personality, and needs. This process helps us ensure the right fit between our clients and their caregivers. It also enables us to quickly modify a clients plan of care as needs evolve so we can deliver the highest quality care to the individuals and families we serve.  

BrightStar Care Of Burnsville

Memory & Dementia Care 12400 Portland Avenue, Dakota, Burnsville, Minnesota, 55337

It can be heartbreaking to suspect or learn that your loved one has Alzheimers or dementia. As you begin to think about ways to keep them healthy, safe and happy, it may feel overwhelming, but you can turn to BrightStar Home Care Burnsville / South St Paul for guidance.The First SignsAlzheimers disease is a neurological disorder that often begins slowly with mild symptoms that gradually advance. Although some memory loss or changes in function are normal as we age, if symptoms move quickly or become more frequent, it could potentially indicate the onset of Alzheimers or another form of dementia.Here are some things to watch out for:The inability to remember words, details, directions, people and events.  Difficulty performing simple tasks (such as nutrition, personal hygiene or grooming)Depression or lack of motivationForgetfulness and confusionUncharacteristic irritabilityPoor decision making or judgmentIts also important to note that those who have Alzheimers may be at a greater risk of falling or accidentally injuring themselves.Finding the Help You NeedBrightStar Home Care of Burnsville /South St Paul is here to answer your questions and create a plan that works for your loved one and the rest of the family. We know that most people are happier when theyre able to remain at home, especially since being in familiar surroundings can provide comfort and a sense of stability.Nurse-Led Care Delivers Quality and Peace of Mind.  Our local Director of Nursing, a Registered Nurse (RN), will evaluate your loved one and their needs, as well as discuss your familys goals before putting together a customized plan of care. Our mission is to provide the individualized support needed for your loved one to:Live with dignity and purpose safely and securely in their own home.Maintain connections to the people, places, things, and memories that matter most to them.Enjoy optimal health and emotional well-being.The Director of Nursing provides ongoing oversight of our professional care staff and will periodically meet with you to make sure we are meeting your expectations.  We have experienced dementia care staff who have undergone extensive background and credentials checks.Following our proprietary, science-backed Alzheimers and Dementia Care Path, our team is trained to better understand and manage dementia-specific behaviors, as well as recognize changes in your loved ones condition. Our caregivers are patient, gentle and empathetic, giving you peace of mind that your loved one will be treated with kindness and dignity.  Responsive 24/7 Communication and Support.  The knowledgeable team at BrightStar Home Care of Burnsville / South St Paul collaborates transparently with clients, family and healthcare providers. Our 24/7/30 touchpoints ensure that everyone remains informed and involved with the care of your loved one.Education and Support for Care PartnersWe are your partner in your loved ones care. We offer education for family members, including a wide range of materials that give insight into Alzheimers and dementia, along with self-care and wellness tips for family members.  There is a wide range of effects of Alzheimers or dementia for each person, which means that needs vary greatly. Because BrightStar Home Care Burnsville / South St Paul provides a nurse-led care plan and we offer services across the spectrum of dementia, you can rest assured that our care will adapt to meet your loved ones changing needs.  Our ultimate goal is to provide compassionate care at whatever level is needed so you can spend quality time with your loved one. We are proud to deliver person-centered Alzheimers and dementia care to help people in our community live with dignity in the comfort of their own home.

BrightStar Care Of Burnsville

Rehabilitation Services 12400 Portland Avenue, Dakota, Burnsville, Minnesota, 55337

When you or a loved one are recovering from a hospitalization or are being discharged from a rehabilitation center such as a skilled nursing facility (SNF), you may need short-term transitional home care. Our nurse-led care and team-focused approach are designed to optimize your health and well-being.Even if your loved one is receiving skilled nursing care from another agency (such as a Medicare-approved group), the companion care and personal care services we offer through BrightStar Home Care Burnsville / South St Paul provide a wonderful supplement. These services can help meet basic needs such as light housekeeping, companionship, family respite, dressing, personal hygiene, and ambulation (walking and moving around).  Professionally delivered care can help reduce undesirable outcomes such as re-hospitalization, medication errors and falls; it may even reduce long-term healthcare costs by helping to prevent the health conditions from getting worse.Short-Term Transitional Home Care ServicesA Registered Nurse (RN) from BrightStar Home Care Burnsville / South St Paul oversees the plan of care to help provide a safe transition back home. Our team provides a wide range of services to support a variety of health needs such as: COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease): Well coach proper inhaler use, provide medication reminders and support habits to improve wellness. Diabetes: We will conduct foot inspections and perform blood glucose level checks, as well as provide family education. Heart Attack/AMI (Acute Myocardial Infarction): Well provide education and support to develop new lifestyle habits that promote heart health. Heart Failure: Well help manage medication adherence, diet, and exercise. Pneumonia: Well provide RN-led medication management, help manage oxygen therapy and offer personal care. Post-Operative: We will assist with surgical recovery in the comfort of home. Stroke: We will help with activities of daily living (ADLs) like eating, dressing and mobility, as well as promote fall safety, offer medication reminders and provide transportation to physician appointments or therapy (physical, occupational and/or speech). Therapy for Post-Op or Stroke: We also have physical, occupational and speech therapists who can provide rehabilitation in your home. Care Paths Deliver Superior OutcomesOne of the unique services we offer is Care Paths for Falls and Change of Condition. Although care paths are common, weve taken this approach farther by building person-centered and condition-specific Care Paths based on your loved ones unique needs, current conditions and past medical history.Using our proprietary technology, our caregivers can help predict and prevent a fall or worsening of your family member~s current condition. When a change of condition is identified, we will communicate that information immediately to the supervising nurse at BrightStar Home Care Burnsville / South St Paul and/or your loved ones physician so any needed action can be taken.   

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